Author Topic: JTF This Week: Only Feiglin defended Chaim Ben Pesach's right to make aliyah  (Read 610 times)

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Please promote this important video everywhere possible.

The program is 29 minutes this week.

Video version on YouTube:

Usual audio format:

For those who would like to download the file for their MP3 players or iPods, the link is provided below:

Please join and comment on our great news sites:

In English:

In Hebrew:

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Kol hakavod Chaim on a superb video. This reconfirms the
fact that Moshe Feiglin is a rare and truly righteous Jew.
 We must all hope and pray that he succeeds!

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Chaim you forget to mention the smegm a infested uncircumcised Russian Goyim who are either married to Jews or have a dubious paternal link via some obscure male relative who are given automatic citizenship at NATBAG while you & others are denied!!!!!
Also Kan is channel 11 not channel 1
PS Now that after 14 years of fighting I am finally an Israeli citizen you convinced me to vote for Feiglin as I was going stay home rather than vote Otzma who did nothing for me also.
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G-d bless you and Moshe Feiglin.

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Good Luck Chaim,  Its your right to make Aliyah back to your country as millions of Jews have been doing.   

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Good Luck Chaim,  Its your right to make Aliyah back to your country as millions of Jews have been doing.
He certainly has more right than the thousands of Russian smegm azoids who are by dubious claims to being Jewish  who became citizens here but who are in fact not Jews at all!!!!!
And he has more right than all these Philapina &  Thai hos who marry Jews & get citizenship or the fags who marry Israeli fags  in Europe or  North America & get Israeli citizenship.
He as bonafide Jew is entitled not like the gold diggers & frauds I mentioned above.
I have been screaming about this for years but nobody listens!!!!