Author Topic: JTF This Week: 6.6% of soldiers voted Zehut; Democrats demand aid to PLO  (Read 666 times)

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Please promote this important video everywhere possible.

The program is 35 minutes this week.

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I agree that leftists are hypocritical scum when it comes to free speech. I am tired of people being fired from their jobs for cracking the wrong joke or having a different opinion.

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Assuming you are correct that the JTF Hebrew movement's videos had a big impact on soldiers (I haven't kept up with the site, how is it going over there these days?), couldn't you make the argument that with JTF spearheading the effort to convince rightwing voters, Zehut's effort was best spent trying to pull in centrists and leftists from Tel Aviv to complement that?  Maybe they are just unable to do so, but maybe it wasn't such a bad idea?  Since they already had you doing a grass roots effort and because of Moshe's history from that sector, it could have been argued they don't need to focus there.    Granted, that did not work.