Author Topic: Black Nazi NFL player quotes Hitler and Farrakhan; Israel strikes deep in Iran  (Read 819 times)

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Please promote this important video everywhere possible.

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Chaim was first!

Our deaf, blind and dumb Jewish leaders by Alan Bergstein written at 15/07/20

Why did we hold an elaborate and expensive Nuremberg trial of the Nazis after WWII? We could have just asked for their apologies.Op-ed.

A genetic malady afflicts most of our current Jewish leaders, characterized by the lack of a backbone at birth, bears the common names of "coward-itis," and "appease-itis" but in reality, it's simply stupidity -

"Who is wise? He that can predict the future.(Ethics of the Fathers)," referring to a future that is a predictable result of present behavior.

They've got to take these thugs at their word. Believe them.
Amidst the Jew hating that has simmered within the black community for years, hatred that has now blossomed into everyday, suddenly acceptable behavior, our spokespeople are either supportive of this open anti-Semitism or mumbling words of shameless apology that merely energize our haters to ramp up their violence against us.

Black Lives Matter (BLM), now a major group in this field, is a Communist-dominated domestic terrorist group that has advocated the killing of cops and Jews. Read their signs and the graffiti posted on synagogues in LA and listen to their chants of "Kill the Jews." But our leaders are deaf, blind and mostly dumb to this situation.

They've got to take these thugs at their word. Believe them.
Take the case of Philadelphia football player DeSean Jackson, a BLM supporter, who last week posted an Instagram attributed to Adolph Hitler, saying, "[white Jews] will blackmail America. Their plan for world domination won't work if the Negroes know who they were."

He also quoted Louis Farrakhan, also a rabid Hitler fan, who referred to Jews as "termites." And just what do you do to termites?

Furious and up in arms, the ADL of Philadelphia fiercely called on him to....."immediately apologize." and to study up on anti-Semitism. They offered him a private tour of the Holocaust Museum. No such treatment on the part of the ADL when they called for the immediate resignation of Stephen Miller, a Jewish senior adviser to President Trump, for Miller's support of the Zero Tolerance policy regarding illegal immigration to this country.

Jackson, who earns over 9 million $ per year for catching footballs, but who is black, merely must apologize for supporting a Holocaust, while a Jew who backs the President, has to lose his job.

Not to be outdone for stupidity, the whole bunch of Jewish groups, the Federations of Greater Philadelphia and of Southern New Jersey, the Philadelphia Holocaust Remembrance Foundation and the Pennsylvania Jewish Coalition also all called for, you got it.... an apology on the part of Jackson.

Hey, come to think of it, why did we hold such an elaborate and expensive Nuremberg trial of the Nazis after WWII? We could have just asked for their apologies.

Our Federations and most other groups funded by Jewish $$$ are supposed to focus on supporting and protecting the Jewish community from falling victim to another Holocaust. They are failing big time.

The South Florida Jewish Federation hosted such Jew hating Jews as Jason Alexander, who speaks out for the anti-Israel group One Voice, and Mandy Patinkin who represents Americans for Peace Now, also vitriolically anti-Israel. With this mentality, it's no wonder then, that the BLM movement has the support of such groups.

We must treat all Jew haters alike. Stop them in their tracks by alerting the Jewish community to the dangers espoused by them. Why do our leaders cow-tow down to and ignore the words of hate uttered by blacks? What special immunity do they have against being repudiated and called out for their hatred toward us?

Ask these Jewish agencies just that when they come begging to your communities or when their letters for contributions flow into your mail boxes. Their concerns seem to rest solely on the checks you send them. Our future, our lives and our safety are last on their list of "Do's." They have to go.
"Cities run by progressives don't know how to police. ... Thirty cities went up last night, I went and looked at every one of them. Every one of them has a progressive Democratic mayor." Rudolph Giuliani

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Superb video as always. What can you really expect from these ignorant fools most
of which are illiterate jackals and evil to boot?!

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This is how dumb the player is because he misquoted Hitler.  He's dumb already because he's a football player, now he's really dumb.

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Now the National Association for the Annihilation of Caucasian People's Philadelphia chapter head who is also in the Nation of Islam, joined in. Establishment Jews are surprised by this. If he is in NOI, why should they be?