Author Topic: 135,000 Israelis visit United Arab Emirates; Reform converts validated (video)  (Read 501 times)

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Please promote this important video everywhere possible.

The program is 36 minutes this week.

Video version on BitChute:

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It signals the end of Israel in a generation of two. No one will know who a Jew is unless he or she is ultra orthodox. Even traditional and secular Jews or less observant Jews will be suspect of not being halachically Jewish.

It’s a very sad state and I wonder if anyone knows of a time in Jewish history something similar took place.
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Yet another superb segment abundant in chokhmah that
urgently brings to light the absolute paramount importance
of genuine Orthodox Judaism and how the horrific problem of
legitimizing ‘reform’ and other non-Halachic conversions is
unholy, wreaking havoc upon Jewish identity and authentic
Judaism in general.