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  Interesting commentary in which Rav Tovia
  respectfully focuses on various nuances of
  doctrine and, among other things, expresses
  why there was and is a necessity of having a
  ‘leader,” a King to guide the Jewish people
  properly in a Biblically “sound,” proper manner
  in accordance with Torah law.
General Discussion / Donate the Hilltop Youth in Crypto
« Last post by Betar on July 16, 2024, 12:53:57 AM »
Is it a good idea to create a JTF Crypto wallet so people can donate to support the Hilltop Youth anonymous in Crypto? It’s a pretty common thing these days as many people switch to Crypto because they no longer trust their banks and it’s getting harder and harder these days to transfer money
General Discussion / Re: No Comment From Chaim
« Last post by Betar on July 16, 2024, 12:48:32 AM »
That they want to get rid of him is a fact but a gunman shooting 8 times and misses 8 times is odd
Torah and Jewish Idea / Re: Ticket to Heaven Daily Dose
« Last post by Hrvatski Noahid on July 15, 2024, 05:22:41 PM »
Their efforts, along with the hard work of other researchers like Karl J. Friston and Jordan B. Peterson, will form the foundations of a consilience-based paradigm in the social sciences and the beginning strokes of a sustainable utopian blueprint.

Once the existence of the universe and a set of laws that governs its activities have been accepted, attention can be devoted to one of the most enduring human preoccupations – the passage of time, which was likely the inspiration for tools like the prehistoric Ishango Bone and is still considered one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of physics. Indeed, the time has proven to be one of the most fundamental and indescribable aspects of our universe, and the fact that living creatures only have a limited amount of it has been the cause of great concern and study throughout the ages.

Although many animals will follow seasonal migration patterns and have been generally observed to have some sense of time, only humans have developed mechanisms for tracking time, only humans have developed explicit schedules for how their days will be structured, and only humans take great care in marking beginnings and conclusions. From new year celebrations to elaborate burial and grieving rituals, and from calendars to clocks, humans very much live in a world of time, especially since industrialization. Indeed, the introduction of global time zones around the time of the First World War, and quartz oscillator clocks installed at the United States Bureau of Standards in 1929, proved to be hidden systemic influences that standardized the world.

But what is time? The physicists, and scientists more generally, would describe time as an independent variable by which everything else is measured. Given the unique properties of time, especially its predictable and inexorable progression “forward”, it serves as the perfect foundation by which to measure changes in physical systems on Earth and in the skies. Indeed, there are cause-and-effect relationships between past states of systems and present states – for example, a teacup shatters on a concrete floor because it was dropped by accident, and it was the interaction between the floor and the teacup that caused the shattering – preceded by the gravitational acceleration between the teacup and Earth.

An example of these changes happening in a living context would be the growing seasons in agriculture, where light energy and chemicals are photosynthesized into plant matter – a slow but beautiful process. These mechanisms, although similar in many ways to non-living processes like erosion and gravity, represent a very different kind of cause-and-effect relationship that cascades into new life over time. This general relationship between past organisms and their descendants is rather special in that Earth is the only planet in the known universe to have it, a source of great wonder and speculation since our species gained interstellar awareness. (Ticket to Heaven by Zachary R.J. Strong, PDF version, p 100-102)
I thought it would be about men that can breastfeed babies like some type of transgender nonsense. Islam is insane.

General Discussion / No Comment From Chaim
« Last post by chicagojew on July 15, 2024, 12:02:10 PM »
No comment yet from Chaim on the attempted assignation attempt of Donald Trump.  His silence is deafening.
Now that’s just weird😂
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