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Missa is the celebration of the Eucharist.

My Croatian genes make me the perfect grammar Nazi.
OJ:Missa Cochran I wants to go to Cancun. Johhny Cochran:Youse already in the can coon!!!

Muslim see, Muslim, do. UMM HMM!

The shooting was at Clara Mohammad Park. I wonder she be. UMM HMM!

I just looked it up and it said she be da wife of Elijah Mohammad, UMM HMM!

General Discussion / Do you think that Iran will attack Israel?
« Last post by ChabadKahanist on Today at 10:42:51 AM »
My wife does & she stocked up on food & bottled water
LMFAO!! Baboon coon!!!
You’re the best, Chaim.
General Discussion / O.J. Simpson literally got away with murder
« Last post by ChabadKahanist on Today at 05:34:22 AM »
I say he did  because he had a team of high priced lawyers & had he been represented by a public defender he would have eitherbeen gassed or in jail until he died my daughter says that the judge & jury feared that all thr scvartzers would riot all over Los Angeles,any thoughts?
General Discussion / Re: Blackpillblack is out of the Daily Wire
« Last post by Rubystars on Today at 04:22:03 AM »
I can see the argument that she was their token negro but I am fairly certain they hired her because they saw media star potential in her and they didn't think she was going to come out as full blow nazi.

BTW Matt Walsh is also a Jew-hating Israel hating Christian libertarian conservative or whatever. But he avoids the issues of Israel and Jews.

Not wanting to given foreign aid money to Israel is not the same thing as being an anti-Semite. I don't know what his position is now but I know in the past that Chaim has said that giving money to Israel actually hurts Israel more than it helps because Israel isn't able to act as independently as it needs to if it's taking money from the USA.

I disagree with a lot of things Matt Walsh says but the one topic he is really good on is the protection of children from transitions and the whole trans topic in general. He has been fighting really hard to get laws passed to protect children from being mutilated chemically or physically and to expose hospitals performing these procedures.
Torah and Jewish Idea / Re: Ticket to Heaven Daily Dose
« Last post by Hrvatski Noahid on Today at 03:41:04 AM »
After a hunger strike yielded a meeting with an elusive hospital bioethicist, the author discovered his concerns were “powerful” but that the situation involved tremendous bureaucratic pressures. This, in combination with the dozens of pages of documented failure to provide further information upon request, may well constitute a violation of Ontario’s informed consent legislation as well as established medical ethics in the province. However, the fact that there is only one way to practice medicine in Canada, and that way is through government-backed and government-funded institutions, leaves many professionals caught between their desire to help and the harmful realities of the high modernist policies they comply with.

The high modernist ideas and values that drove the West’s COVID-19 response are outlined in a publicly-available book by World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab, who enjoys close relationships with many of the most aggressive pandemic bureaucrats – Jacinda Ahern of New Zealand, Justin Trudeau of Canada, and Emmanuel Macron of France. In his book, ominously called The Great Reset, Schwab essentially proposes taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to instantiate a form of techno-communism on a global scale.

Schwab’s ideology, broadly speaking, is predicated on three core pillars. The first is a recognition that industrial society has had many negative impacts on the natural world as well as the socio-economic situations of many countries. The second is a high modernist assumption that a better-managed and more efficient society can overcome its own structural flaws and achieve sustainability. The third, final, and most Machiavellian pillar is a belief that a global emergency like a pandemic represents the perfect opportunity to make large-scale societal changes in service of this vision.

Although this new global system, which is already being assembled before the eyes of a crisis-weary populace, will never be called communism, it will have all the salient features of the modern Chinese iteration. Specifically, this will include strict ideological conformity, extensive government interference in economic affairs, the concentration of wealth and power into a selective elite, and significantly reduced personal freedoms facilitated by surveillance technology. Elements of this can be seen in the differential treatment for legislators and elites, who enjoy private jet flights to environmental conferences where they eat the finest foods and discuss the necessities of introducing crickets and soy into the diet of the masses. The many pictures of politicians enjoying mask-free social lives while their assistants remain muzzled are similar testaments to the kind of caste system that has assembled itself as a result of systemic policies and Marxist ideas. (Ticket to Heaven by Zachary R.J. Strong, PDF version, p 89)
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  Interesting and well done!
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