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General Discussion / Re: Hamas claims el yahud sent killer dolphins
« Last post by Joe Gutfeld on Today at 12:00:54 PM »
Didn't they do that bit in an episode of The Simpsons?
I remember years ago how some Arabs said birds were sent to spy on Arab countries.

Dear Chaim:

B'H I am writing to you from our holy capital, Jerusalem. What a most beautiful and bountiful country that Hashem has given us as our eternal inheritance.  Too bad most Jews don't recognize this fact. I can't wait to move here or at least get an apartment so that I have one foot in my country.  I am ready to trade up to living here.  The issue is my wife.  But I am slowly working on her. lol.

(1) Have you noticed that besides the epidemic of Arabs killing each other over here, there seems to be an extreme amount of vehicular accidents in which many Arabs are seriously injured and also die.  Is the land of Israel trying to vomit the Arabs out? 

(2) Please discuss Alvin Bragg - the so called Manhattan District Attorney and an affirmative action baboon m-m-m

All the best.

It says he went on a pilgrimage to Germany and saw the German Nazis' treatment of the Jews and saw a similarity between Hitler and white segregationists in the US. He was inspired to fight racism but invoked the name of Martin Luther who was fighting the Catholic Church. I guess he didn't do enough research because Martin Luther was also Anti-Semitic like the Nazis.

Dear Chaim;
I am aware of the fact that you did not like Donald – still, do you believe, as I do, that the election was stolen from him? Why did the Supreme Court throw out the election case on the grounds of “no standing”? 3 judges Donald appointed, but what disastrous choices he made.
Would he be better than the ”EVA BOTTLE - Over Baattel” in Delaware?
And finally – who, in your opinion - is running the president and this country?
General Discussion / Re: Hamas claims el yahud sent killer dolphins
« Last post by Zelhar on Today at 03:05:29 AM »
We also send birds and rats to spy on them.
This is part of the trend of sexualizing children.
Is this about that Law and Order episode that aired last week?  I watch that show all the time.  I thought it was the worst moment in the show's 30 plus year history on TV.  What gets me mad is that the mother is "proud" of her son.  Give me a break!!
I feel exactly the same way what has become of the media in the US? It seems that every TV show,movie,newspaper.magazine & even comic book is trying to shove this Sodomite agenda down our throats!!!! B"H I now live in Israel where for now the only time you hear about rump rangers & carpet munchers is once a year when they make their abomination pride parades!!!!
General Discussion / Shaul Magid is a detestable worm!
« Last post by Judah Katz on January 17, 2022, 09:13:25 PM »
Leftest liberal SHJ Shaul Magid wrote a book about the Rav Meir Kahane ZT"L H"YD.   

Zev Brenner interviews him and takes calls... 

A detestable worm if iv ever seen one!
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