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General Discussion / Re: What remains of Edith Finch
« Last post by Ulli on Today at 12:43:19 PM »

This house looks so interesting. :)

I could never abandon it.
General Discussion / Re: What remains of Edith Finch
« Last post by Noachide on Today at 04:33:37 AM »
I love adventure games. This one looks interesting.
I didn't see this.  I thought she was alive for some reason.
Or do you mean HCL.  I was given that and it worked.  That's all I know. I'm not a doctor.
Uh oh watch out you said the h word they're gonna lock the post now. There's other drugs to treat it. It's actually so easy to treat it, you can do it with freeking steam, tea and food. The medical doctors say we are quacks and the sensible thing is to stick a large inflammation-causing tube down your throat asap. I am so very blessed to know people in chiropractic, sophrology, facia ( and so many other wonderful people that make life better for patients with brilliant natural methods. I think in the same way that making Israeli schools teach real Torah would do more than kiruv to a single Jew could (not that it would make that any less in any conceivable way), teaching doctors the things about the body and natural fixes that will make cheaper and effective treatments than drugs and machines can will make life better for all patients, and the doctors can be forced to learn less Latin and more healing.

OK. I don't know what you are talking about.  I don't know who is supposed to hate who on this forum.  I don't pay attention to who hates who here so I talk to everyone.  I don't know why saying 'hospital' would get this thread locked. So far it has not been locked.

Saudi Arabia? Didn't they plan and carried out 911?
Weren't those hijackers from Saudi Arabia?
So now those murderers are our "allies"?
The Great Britain, actually the England. The historical enemy of the Serbs. Not the best friends with the Jews either, from what I heard. They made you give Sinai back to Egypt.

Do you mean in 1956? Israel, England, and France together went to war against Egypt. The US and USSR pressured Israel to end the war at the same time the US was ignoring Soviet atrocities in Eastern Europe that was happening at the same time.

If you are referring to when we gave back Sinai the second time, that was because of the peanut farmer and the fat pig Sharon, who pressured Begin.

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