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General Discussion / Re: Rabbi breaks 1,000 TV sets
« Last post by angryChineseKahanist on Today at 08:28:12 PM »
I threw away my TV 30 years ago.

Am Ha'Aretz laments the end of what Israel "used to be" and how the Right is taking over. But when the Left was in power, Israel was never so immoral. On the contrary, back in the day when Mapai and Labor were in power, homosexuality was illegal and there was certainly no public display of homosexuality forced everywhere in Tel Aviv. The homosexual agenda has hijacked Tel Aviv in the past 20 years. Before that it was just a regular Israel city that leaned Lefty and even had Likud mayors in the past.

The Mapai governments as part of their Socialist agenda actually censored some types of music in Israel. Am Ha'Aretz is delusional if they think they are loosing what once was.

It's good that this garbage did not desecrate Jerusalem. The Leftists that wanted it out of Jerusalem helped out even if their intention was to boycott Jerusalem.

Israel patriotically won Eurovision twice in the late 1970's. Israel also "won" Eurovision in 1998 when Dana International, the De-Kohenized Kohen "won" as he embarrassed Israel. What a Chilul Hashem. In 1999, it was held in Jerusalem and two Hebros performed with two Israeli Jews. The European songs were okay. But just like everything else, music in general has disintegrated in the last 20 years. The pop music of the late 1990's and early 2000's has mostly been replaced by people imitating rap noise and other garbage.

I still like to watch old YouTube videos of old Eurovision songs but the current ones are garbage. The Israeli contestant this year looks like a fag.

ZAGREB, May 19, 2019 - Addressing the main campaign rally of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) in Zagreb on Saturday evening, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the European People's Party's (EPP) lead candidate for European Commission President, Manfred Weber, said that nationalism was an enemy that wanted to destroy the European Union, whereas patriotism was not against European values.

Our values are that we can be proud of our country - patriotism and the EU do not clash with each other. On the other hand, nationalism is an adversary that wants to destroy Europe and we must say that clearly, said Merkel at the rally which brought together 6,000 HDZ members and supporters in the Dražen Petrović Sports Hall.

Merkel said that the European Union was a project of peace, freedom and prosperity. "We in Germany now have 74 years of peace. You (in Croatia) had a war in the 1990s and you are aware what it means and why it is important to preserve this peace," she said.

And that can be accomplished only if the national cause is advocated on the one hand, while on the other hand we need to be able to put ourselves in other people's shoes and build bridges, the German chancellor said.

She wrapped up her speech in Croatian calling on voters to go to the polls for the EP elections and support the Europe of peace, freedom and prosperity. "Support the EPP and the HDZ, support Manfred Weber and Karlo Ressler," she said. Ressler is the top candidate of the HDZ slate in the 26 May elections for the new EP.

Weber said in his speech that "we love our countries, we are patriots, but we also believe in unity at the European level." Weber called for a response to nationalists and promised that nationalists would not be part of his majority in the future EP.

In his comment on a rally held in Milan earlier on Saturday, at which Matteo Salvini and Marine Le Pen addressed their supporters, Weber said that nationalist ideology in the past had caused a lot of tragedies and should be resisted.

Weber said that the EU was not only an economic alliance but also a community which shares values, underscoring that Christianity is a pillar of Europe. He said that while travelling across Europe he saw diversities of the continent, however he also noticed that in the centre of each town, city or village there was a church which, he added, signifies the Christian faith as a European foundation.

As for illegal migration, Weber said that each country had the right to decide who could pass through its territory and that such a decision should not be made by smugglers.

He also noted that after Athens he visited Zagreb which he described as an obvious and reasonable decision as Croatia was the newest EU member, describing Prime Minister and HDZ leader Andrej Plenković as a close friend.

Weber, who has served as leader of the European People's Party in the European Parliament since 2014 and who is an official of the Christian Social Union in Bavaria, congratulated Croatian football coach Niko Kovač for the success of Bayern Munich which won the Bundesliga championship under his leadership this season.

The HDZ's lead candidate for the European Parliament elections, Karlo Ressler, said he was confident that his party would score yet another convincing victory in the forthcoming elections. "The list of candidates that I lead is an alliance of several generations of the HDZ and several generations of Croatia. But we all work together and breathe as one," Ressler said.

He said that the HDZ's programme was forward-looking, aimed at growth, employment and security, and was promoting a safe and strong Croatia within a strong European Union. He said that young generations in Croatia today had the honour to fight for a better Croatia and prepare it for technological, social and political challenges.

Ressler said that patriotism today was proved with dedicated work and knowledge, citing the construction of the Pelješac Bridge, the construction and reconstruction of over 500 kindergartens, and the creation of over 96,000 jobs in the last three years. "That's what we do today and what we insist on," he said.

At the end, the rally was addressed by Prime Minister and HDZ leader Andrej Plenković. He called on all those present to support Weber as the EPP spitzenkandidat for President of the European Commission.

Plenković also mentioned successes of his government, including the budget surplus, better absorption of EU funding, and EU-funded projects such as the Pelješac Bridge and other infrastructure projects.

More news about the European elections can be found in the Politics section.

I blame Merkel and Plenković for flooding Europe and Croatia with Muslims. My family owns an estate in northern Croatia. If I visit it, I might find Muslim vandals and "refugees" in my house, G-d forbid. That's how bad the situation is.   
Me too, although when we were kids the Eurovision was less liberal and less LGBT.
The McBLT's are controlling the media nowadays every TV show,movie & even comic books is pushing their agenda no media source is free of the fag agenda!!!!
General Discussion / Rabbi breaks 1,000 TV sets
« Last post by Hrvatski Noahid on Today at 01:53:26 PM »

Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak held a protest against television and its products on Tuesday evening, during which 1,000 (relatively old-fashioned) TV sets were thrown into large garbage bins. Strict Rules. The modern "Tashlich" ceremony was held outside the Israel Broadcasting Authority's building in Jerusalem. Rabbi Yitzhak is famous for his activities which are centered on helping Jews to become more religious or observant. Many of the participants expressed their solidarity with the act, explaining that the television is a device which must never enter an ultra-Orthodox home.
As a kid I liked to watch Eurovision, but now I hate it. There is too much liberalism and LGBT.

Me too, although when we were kids the Eurovision was less liberal and less LGBT.
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