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Obama’s Advisor - The Creator of Al-Qaeda and Islamic terrorism

Translated By  Mohammad Tamizifar

10 Sep 2008

Iran - Fars News - Original Article (Farsi)

Barack Obama, the Democrat nominee in the next U.S. election, is profiting from Zbigniew Brzezinski the old American politician, who is known as the creator of Al-Qaeda, as his foreign policy advisor.

Fars reports that in the approach to the anniversary of the September 11th, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington, the public is blaming the terrorist attacks on Al-Qaeda, while fewer people are paying attention to the close involvement of America in the creation of this terrorist organization.

The presence of Zbigniew Brzezinski amongst the foreign policy advisors of Barack Obama, who is preparing to face the republican John McCain in the November elections, has attracted attention to his team.

Brzezinski is known as the creator of Al-Qaeda. He participated in Jimmy Carter’s plan for the financial, training and equipment support of the Afghan Mojahedins. He has himself confessed that he was trying to get the Russians into a Vietnam like conflict and has said also that ending the Soviet Empire was far more important than creating Islamic Jihadists.

Carter’s government, to which Brzezinski was a foreign policy advisor, also approved the sale of fighter and bomber aircrafts to Suharto’s government in Indonesia which were later used by the Indonesian army to bomb east Timor with napalm. These bombings were later named by the Australian Parliament Commission as the cruellest killing since WWII.

Mark Lippert was Obamas’ only foreign policy advisor prior to the presidential election contest. Lippert is a moderate conservative who was responsible for Obama’s right wing policies towards Iran and the Middle east. He was one of the supporters of the raising of the U.S. military budget to over 500 billion dollars. He pursues a more aggressive policy against Iran than does Obama.

Ivo Daalder is a member of the America’s New Century project and is another of Obama’s foreign policy advisors. He, with the support of Rebert Keegan has stated that intervention in international affairs should be with the collaboration of America's allies.

Anthony Lake, another advisor who heads the Prington National Security Project, was a behind the curtain supporter of America’s attack on Haiti during Bill Clinton’s presidency, and is the creator of “Harmony between democracies in the world”, very different of course to what McCain has in mind. Keegan and Daalder were the foreign policy theoreticians who thouht up this idea.

Dennis Ross was the observer of Israeli-Palestinian conflict during Bill Clinton’s period. He believed that the rights given to the Palestinians by international law should be in harmony with the Israeli interest. He has a record of criticizing Carter, because Carter went so far to agree with Desmond Tutu the South African cleric to liken the Israeli invasion of Palestine to that of the South African Apartheid.

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Re: Obama’s Advisor - The Creator of Al-Qaeda and Islamic terrorism
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I posted that every where but it is so suspicious it never made even the Foxnews!
I certainly believe that Obama is a planted plot by the CIA in order to gain support and coalition among the world!
he is a made up president and is playing his role!
I am certain at this moment!