Author Topic: Delusional Muslim Nonsense  (Read 1774 times)

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Delusional Muslim Nonsense
« on: October 07, 2020, 05:23:01 PM »
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Re: Delusional Muslim Nonsense
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2020, 09:09:10 AM »
The guy is totally likable, but how happy he sounds when he puts the semi-tough voice is multiplied because at around 40 seconds in and a few other times you see him settle into his normal voice and it's really clear. He should go the professional route and save all that energy for profound emotions at key points in the speech or just stream it out of your eyes when you pause for dramatic effect. Then he might be a truly great speaker. It's getting at a voice you can use to workout to some Torah with because it's kinda different so it grabs your attention, but it's not authentically just bad English like Rabbi Mizrachi so the humor factor gets killed when you know it's forced. There are a couple tones he could put on consistently and get rid of the "um"s and pauses and it'll be workout Torah. I discourage that route, the guy's face is easy to look at for most population groups around the world, and he has a clear voice. If he spoke professionally I think it could be his element, or maybe he needs to take it 100% hard and talk really thugged out if he does naturally. The point is when you are connecting with people as a speaker it needs to be authentic, the humor in Rabbi Mizrachi you are supposed to be embarrassed to admit is there. If he's trying to sing with it like Jews when we read gemarra, technically you are allowed to use any singning tune but it should be consistent, maybe so the knowledge comes in waves you mind accustoms to, who knows why the Sages of Gemarra said to do that.

That's not the order I would say things to him if I talked to him, what I really wanted to say the whole time is how awesome that Noachides are coming out and giving their chiddushim (original ideas). Even if they're not 100% right or provide all the surrounding information in everything, which I'm not saying about this video, if it's a death sentence for you to not give the Torah over you were given to your fellow Jew because we have no leader of the generation and therefore you might be him and the world might need your Torah, it's a crime not to share for you, so for him it's at least a really nice thing to do.

It felt like my eyes teleported while I was watching this and I saw a secular Jew that never considered frumkeit because all he sees is goyim saying it means we control the banks and world, and here it's kinda like outside confirmation for him. If I can get one idea I can think of a hundred, meaning many ways something like this could be extremely good for Jews on specific points in their missions.

As for the content, since I started saying that a few imams started to decide that satan is more limited than the majority of muslims say to debate me. They're really only pointing out that any imam can say almost anything and that's the religion for some, so there's really as many Islams as imams if they really believed themselves, but in reality there's the one Islam that allows for lots of leeway in religious interpretation when useful for some sort of conflict with the mefidel. One challenge I can make myself is many muslims worship Mohammed as the son of Al, because they're like Catholics, so long as you say you're muslim they basically let you rename all your old practices. So if you just accept the koran, which means you don't do 5 muslim prayers and any muslim country would execute you as a kuffar, then you can say in the west (where you're safe), "well authentic islam doesn't believe that, you have to go to [anything besides the teeny koran that is just a dumb annoying book and not a religion on its own] haddith for that". Everyone's upset when they find something and the opposite for virtually everything there is in Islam, but it doesn't function as a spiritual experience where you go for spiritual clarity, there can be all the contradictions in the world because Islam functions as a death machine and its purpose is not to be anything else beyond appearances for improved death machine efficiency.

One thing though at the end of understand correctly that Islam is trash and Ishmael brings unthinkable sexual immodesty and murder, Hashem creates the universe like a light makes rays (not that anything can exist outside Him). So he's making them every second because flies stick their faces in feces and eat until they die, but if they're eating specks and getting swatted they survive longer and are stronger, and they are the tool to deal with a decadent society where the abundance is the threat to them and the only people who thrive are those that said they smoked crack on the street or were crippled in 10 places from birth and actually had to try, so they bothered spending a minute or two developing some self discipline. Even Rabbi Mizrachi already answered the question, "will someone destroy Islam already?" as "the names Ishmael gave to his sons are how you defeat him", which are all moral traits everyone wants to develop.
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