2.5 Million Illegal Immigrants Came to US Since 2009

illegal-immigrants-to-USAbout 2.5 million illegal immigrants, 400,000 per year on average, have come to the United States since 2009 when President Barack Obama took office, according to a new report.

The numbers are based on data from the Center for Migration Studies, Pew Research Center and the U.S. Census Bureau, which were compiled into a study by the Center for Immigration Studies released Monday.

Following Obama’s controversial executive order in June 2012, in which he allowed some young illegal immigrants to stay in the country under certain conditions, the immigration numbers started to spike from mid-2013 to about May 2015 when 790,000 came into the country.

Typically, the number of immigrants that leave the country offsets the number of people entering the country, but the Center for Immigration Studies suggests that Obama’s change in immigration policy kept the nation from reducing the number of illegal immigrants in the country.

“Had the United States not allowed so many new illegal immigrants to settle in the country since 2009, the total number of illegal immigrants would have fallen by 2.5 million. But the arrival of so many new illegal immigrants offset this attrition in the illegal population,” the report says.

Obama enacted another executive action in 2014, in which temporary legal status was given to 4 million illegal immigrants who live in the country. The Obama administration has been in a legal battle with 26 states over the move.

The immigration debate has already been at the center of the debate among the presidential candidates, especially after Donald Trump drew criticism for comments he made about illegal immigrants when he launched his campaign.

Hillary Clinton said in May that she would go even further than Obama and work toward giving illegal immigrants “full and equal citizenship.”



  • Thats all fixing to change. The Ministry, (www.theministry.one) began receiving reports on the whereabouts of illegal immigrants three days ago. On their first day of operation they received more than 10,000 reports from the general public. The Ministry is offering rewards of $500 to $1000 for info leading to arrest, conviction and/or deportation. The Ministry began this program because of the radical and terrorist Muslim/Islamics that are crossing the Mexican border.

  • No matter what the dictator Obama says, it is still illegal to enter this country by by-passing due process. He wants the border open so his terrorist friends can more easily enter.

  • At some point, we can expect true citizens to take up arms against anyone deemed “illegal immigrant”. History proves that and its in the citizens best interest, security-wise, to do so.

  • This issue has hit critical mass. We have had politician after politician repeat the double-talk with telling us that immigrants “need to come in the right way” while contradicting themselves by saying–to quote G.W. Bush “They do the work Americans simply won’t do”. Nonsense. Americans have always done the work illegal immigrants do but unscrupulous business people take advantage of the fact that Mexico’s corrupt, inept political system has left millions of their citizens in such a horrible situation that they are willing to risk their lives to come into the U.S. and work in conditions that are unsafe, and for dirt-poor wages. Meanwhile, the Billionaire Boys Club that runs Mexico, some of them Ivy-League educated, sit back and laugh with their buddies who run the U.S.

    Most of the politicians here are whores, they simultaneously kiss up to “Latino” interests, while “talking tough” on immigration, in order to get our votes, convincing people that the U.S. economy will fall apart if we don’t have our endless supply of cheap labor coming from south of the border. (Who knows, China or some other country may undercut the Mexican cheap labor supply) What these politicians are either too dumb, or unwilling , to face is that before this mass migration of unassimilated people took place, is that the U.S. did just fine and the work got done, but those on top are so greedy that they don’t care if by allowing this mass of people in they undo all the work labor reformers worked so hard to achieve. (Fair wages, good work conditions) Meanwhile, people on the political Left say that putting any restrictions on immigration is “racist”, “xenophobic”, and bad for the economy while they complain about overpopulation, our depletion of our water reserves, and most of all, the fact that by giving the Green Light to illegal immigration, they are actually making things *worse* for the Mexican people because after all, why should those in Mexico have any incentive to make life livable for the people down there when they know they can dump their poor, unwanted masses onto the U.S.?

    On the political Right, the Big Business interests love illegal immigration because these elitists couldn’t care less about the common worker. Their attitude is that those who want fair wages and good work conditions are lazy, uppity, and should shut up and do their back-breaking jobs. These people hate unions, and they know they can exploit the illegal immigrant worker because they fear they, and/or their families, will be sent back to Mexico. Add to this the underlying resentment on the part of Americans that many of these immigrants do not assimilate and learn English, but the truth is, the vested interests of the powers-that-be here in the U.S. do not want these people to learn English, because if they did, they would then have the power of literacy. This is no different from the slaveowners passing laws making it illegal to teach slaves how to read and write, yet curiously, many white “progressives”, as well as “Latino leaders”, make sure that everything is provided in Spanish while apparently failing to see how this is hurting the very people they claim to represent, and failing to realize the wisdom of the Spanish saying “saber es poder”. (Knowledge is power) As a side note, last year I noticed in one of the voting precincts, the bilingual signs were poorly translated. When I say “poorly”, I’m being generous. Whoever translated the signs into Spanish must have had a third-grade education, and I actually called the elections committee to point this out. They corrected it by the November election but my point is, this is how Mexican immigrants are perceived: As so unimportant, that it doesn’t matter if the signs get properly translated, and of course, the obvious question is this: Why is it that everyone else from around the world is expected to learn the common language we use to communicate in the U.S.? How did Jews and Asians, facing much worse bigotry back in the day than Hispanics do today, manage to excel against the odds with no government help?

    With all this in mind, is it any wonder there is so much problem with crime, poverty, and overcrowding? Is it any wonder there is so much tension on both sides? Why are schools are failing? Why the term “at-risk youth” has become such a common euphemism to describe gang members in training?

    What is the solution to all this? My take on this, is that the U.S. needs to stop being an A.T.M machine for Mexico’s corrupt elite. Send THEM the bill when their people commit crimes here. Let THEM deal with it when their angry masses of impoverished people can no longer get free services in the U.S. Many times I’ve read that the U.S. is simply a “safety valve” for the Mexican elite which keeps them from having to face the wrath of angry people starting a revolution. Where does this all end? 1,000,000,000 people from India? Another billion coming in from China? When do these countries take responsibility for their own?

    If I could be face-to-face with any of our leading politicians I’d ask them “Why not simply do away with ALL immigration laws?” Predictably they’d say “Because we don’t want overcrowding and chaos, and there is only so much our infrastructure can support”, to which I’d say “This is already happening, and this is why Americans are getting angry and restless, including many who came in “the right way”.

    If a ship is sinking because the captain and crew refuse to fix it, and the lifeboat (in this case the lifeboat being the U.S.) is sinking under the ever-increasing weight of those swimming away from the ship (and sometimes drowning) wouldn’t it make more sense to put the heat on the captain and crew of the ship to fix their ship?

  • Treason on an unforeseen scale.

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