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How to save Israel from national suicide explained in 21 seconds

בס”ד This 21 second video says it all. Please publicize the video as much as possible. On YouTube: On Twitter: Attention! Warning! The UN, the European Union and the "Palestinian" Authority warn us that if we don't stop the Hilltop Youth, they will prevent the creation of a "Palestinian" terrorist state in Judea and Samaria. — כוח משימה יהודי […]

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Millions of Israeli Jews see Hilltop Youth documentary (video)

בס”ד This Hebrew documentary has English subtitles. The documentary aired prime time on Channel 12, Israel’s largest television station. The documentary had huge ratings. Despite the fact that the reporter and the television station are notorious leftists who sought to portray the heroic Hilltop Youth in a negative light, the documentary actually caused most Israelis to admire and respect these […]

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