• I believe the guards were bribed. Either that or they were as you say a fifth column.

    Ironic they’d want to escape since they treat them like kings in prison. They can even order takeout in prison!! Its like a club med vacation! Its better than a luxury 5 star hotel.

    And of course they dont stay long anyway they get pardoned to kiss up to Biden and Merkel or they are exchanged for dead bodies or hostages.

    America is not far from doing this too. In fact even though America’s jails are hell on earth, for a lot of these felons and hardened criminals its just a set up. 20 to life, 3 hots and a cot and a sissy. Spend your days lifting weights playing chess or dominos, having sex with gay inmates or raping a punk, no having to work for the man anymore. You can work but its menial and you can buy wam wams cigarettes twinkies and soups. Dollar tree stuff.

  • Why didn’t they pour a layer of reinforced concrete. Answer: They thought all they had to do was daven and that would keep the Arab Nazis in.

  • If I ever said anything that mattered to you Chaim, watch this video. Maybe you’ll understand why I should be more angry than this: https://rumble.com/vloe0w-dr.-bryan-ardis-grand-rapids-mi-reawaken-america-tour.html

  • dont dont watch the ads that are the entire thing after he stops

  • 2 out of 6 Fakistinians recaptured fri. near Nazareth.

  • 2 additional camel jockeys caught- total 4-2 still out in the weeds

  • thanks again- hope you are OK

  • The last 2 will not be caught. Does anyone want to place a wager.

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