• I believe the guards were bribed. Either that or they were as you say a fifth column.

    Ironic they’d want to escape since they treat them like kings in prison. They can even order takeout in prison!! Its like a club med vacation! Its better than a luxury 5 star hotel.

    And of course they dont stay long anyway they get pardoned to kiss up to Biden and Merkel or they are exchanged for dead bodies or hostages.

    America is not far from doing this too. In fact even though America’s jails are hell on earth, for a lot of these felons and hardened criminals its just a set up. 20 to life, 3 hots and a cot and a sissy. Spend your days lifting weights playing chess or dominos, having sex with gay inmates or raping a punk, no having to work for the man anymore. You can work but its menial and you can buy wam wams cigarettes twinkies and soups. Dollar tree stuff.

    • Kyle, Arabs are the Worst, yet they get the best conditions in Israeli Jails and Prisons from the Insane Self-hating Jewish Government in Israel, it’s so disgusting

    • Kyle, the late Arab Nazi Terrorist
      Yasser Arafat aka Arab-Rat , who died of AIDS in 2004, certainly
      Arafat must have heard of
      Rabbi Meir Kahane and his Movement before Kahane was killed in 1990. Do you know if
      Arafat ever mentioned Kahane ?
      What did Arafat think of Kahane, ?
      I’ve seen videos of Meir Kahane in Action, if there was ever a one on
      one fight, no weapons, between
      Kahane and Arafat .
      Kahane would have easily have beaten Arafat , no contest.

      • Yasser Arafat aka Arab-Fat ,
        Arab-Fart, Arab-Rat was the Worst Terrorist in World History, Arafat was the Quintessential Arab, typical Arab Monster

    • Big Surprise, Disgusting Arab
      Desert Sand Rats in Yemen celebrate the Fakestinian Terrorist Attack in Elad, Israel that killed 3 innocent Israelis.
      Arabs being Arabs as usual
      The Jerusalem Post website
      jpost.com has an article documenting this headlined
      “Yemen’s Houthis celebrate terror attack in Israel”
      By SETH J. FRANTZMAN Published: MAY 7, 2022
      Everyone Knows Arabs are the Worst people in the World

  • Why didn’t they pour a layer of reinforced concrete. Answer: They thought all they had to do was daven and that would keep the Arab Nazis in.

  • If I ever said anything that mattered to you Chaim, watch this video. Maybe you’ll understand why I should be more angry than this: https://rumble.com/vloe0w-dr.-bryan-ardis-grand-rapids-mi-reawaken-america-tour.html

  • dont dont watch the ads that are the entire thing after he stops

  • 2 out of 6 Fakistinians recaptured fri. near Nazareth.

  • 2 additional camel jockeys caught- total 4-2 still out in the weeds

  • thanks again- hope you are OK

  • The last 2 will not be caught. Does anyone want to place a wager.

  • Speaking of Arab Nazis, I really need to know why didn’t the
    Israeli Mossad track down the
    “Grand Mufti” of Jerusalem,
    Hajj Amin Al-husseini after the State of Israel was created.
    The Mossad tracked down Nazi War Criminal Adolf Eichmann and put him on Trial.
    Why didn’t the Mossad Track down the Mufti and make him Stand Trial. The Mufti was largely to blame for the Nazi Holocaust along with Hitler and the German people. It was a horrible Mistake to let the Mufti get away Scott-Free .
    The Israeli Government should have made an Example Out of The Mufti by tracking him down and making him stand trial

    • Why wasn’t the Mufti tracked down by the Mossad…?

    • Seriously it was a Horrible Sin
      for Israel Not to track down the
      So-called “Grand Mufti”
      Hajj Amin Al-husseini , make him stand trial, find him Guilty and turn his Arab Ass into Dog Food ,

  • More about Arab Nazis, a Very Disturbing Thing about Arabs is their Creepy Obsessiveness.
    In Public Schools, Elementary, Junior High and High Schools, often Ugly Arab Students would Hatefully ask other students if they were Jewish. These Arabs Never Stopped, the Arab Students Never Stopped, it was literally every single day that these Arab Students would hatefully ask other students if they were Jewish, it was literally every single day that these Arabs would ask if the students were Jewish. These Loser Arabs never stopped.
    I can see why even before 9/11 many people said The Arabs are Satan’s Spawn.
    Not only that I read that Arabs from Syria are being recruited by Putin to fight for Russia against Ukraine. Arabs are Nothing but a Plague of Evil & Suffering upon Humanity. Arabs deserve no Love or Respect from the Civilized World. Arabs & Islam are Nobody’s Friend.

    • Plus one of the Ugly Loser Arabs who couldn’t stop hatefully asking other students if they were Jewish, his name was Hussein, it was so disturbing how one day Hussein was speaking to one of his friends in Gym class saying that he wanted to get Married to his Family’s Pet Goat , truly disgusting and disturbing . Hussein wasn’t joking , he was serious

  • Dennis Prager wrote articles online explaining how Arab & Muslim Anti-Semites are actually Far Worse than the Nazis in World War II.
    Plus Edwin Black wrote a superb article online about Arab Evil, & Arab Wickedness titled
    “The Arab Legacy of Hate” Google it

    • The Dennis Prager article is from jewishworldreview.com
      “Why Arab/Muslim anti-Semites are worse than the Nazis” on
      October 30, 2001

    • The Edwin Black article is from the website Clevelandjewishnews.com on October 8, 2010 headlined
      “An Arab legacy of hate”

  • More proof about the Evil and Wickedness of Arabs & Islam
    the website csmonitor.com
    Has an article headlined
    “Why Middle East Muslims are taught to hate Jews”

    on January 24, 2013
    By Ayaan Hirsi Ali ,

  • A serious Question are the Arabs trying to Terrorize & Weaponize Space, Anyone can do an Online search about how the UAE, United Arab Emirates is trying to
    launch a probe to the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter in 2028, Is their a Sinister Arab Motive behind this UAE Plan to launch a probe to the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter in 2028?
    Are America, Israel and the entire Western World in Danger from this Arab probe? Not to sound paranoid, But are the Arabs trying to Terrorize & Weaponize Space, Remember when President Ronald Reagan tried to have a Weapons system in Space, Google it, The Strategic Defense Initiative program, Which some nicknamed the “Star Wars Program” what are those Sneaky Arabs up to this time? Are the Arabs planning Terrorist Attacks in Space ?

  • Saeb Erekat died of
    Covid-19 in 2020 at the age of 65.
    Fakestinian Negotiator
    Seab Erekat was a monster
    Arab Terrorist Nazi Murderer and War Criminal who deserved to suffer and die from Covid-19.
    Good that he’s dead .
    It was wrong of Israel to allow to receive Medical treatment in an Israeli Hospital. It’s impossible to dehumanize Arabs and Fakestinians, they dehumanize themselves..

  • As said before, It was truly disgusting and evil of Israel to allow Erekat to be treated in an Israeli Hospital. Erekat was a two legged virus years before he became infected with Covid-19 .

  • pjmedia.com has an article about Fakestinians headlined
    “The Dirty Little Secret About the ‘Palestinians’ ”

    BY MOSHE DANN OCT 02, 2009

  • en.mida.org.il has an article headlined

    “Arab Historian Admits there is No Palestinian People”

    by Judith Bergman  on  09/11/2017 

  • Brigitte Gabriel a Lebanese Arab Christian tells the truth about Arab Evil and Wickedness, even some Muslim activists have admitted that “Arabism is Racism”
    Jenna Jameson, the former Adult Movie Star who converted to Judaism has told the truth about
    Arab and Islamic Evil & Wickedness.
    Plus One Ugly F–Ked Up Arab who is thankfully gone was named Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi aka “Hajji Abdullah” , From cnn.com an article is headlined

    “White House coordinator for Middle East and North Africa warns next ISIS leader “is sure to meet the same fate” ” on February 3, 2022
    From CNN’s Sam Fossum, This article says
    “Brett McGurck, The White House coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa, Described last night’s raid that led to the death of ISIS leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi aka “Hajji Abdullah” as going “almost exactly according to plan, ” and said that the US would continue to conduct further operations to contain ISIS.” The full article is online, Hajji Abdullah should have been made into
    Dog Food after America took him out, he was one ugly F–ked up Arab

  • We can Never underestimate the Arab, Muslim and Fakestinian ability to Commit Evil and Wickedness, they cannot be trusted , they will never change.

    • The Whole World has always hated Jews, but thanks to the
      Fakestinians and their Second Intifada they started in the year 2000, the Anti-Semitism and Jew-Hatred is Skyrocketing Worldwide .
      The Europeans still are Vile
      Anti-Semites and Jew-Haters, but at the same time they can’t stand the Arabs and Muslims

  • Also Many People are Very Ashamed that they saw and liked the 1992 Disney Film Aladdin . . . Because of the Ugly Evil Wicked ways that many Arab people have, Many people who viewed the 1992 Disney Movie Aladdin are deeply ashamed of the fact that they saw and liked that Movie, When they were young and they watched that Movie, They were only children and were uneducated and unaware about the Evil Hateful Criminal Terrorist Nature that many Arab people have, But as they grew older and became aware of what many Arab people sadly are, They deeply regret watching Aladdin,

  • Businessinsider.com has an article headlined
    “Declassified FBI memo ‘confirms’ direct connection between Saudi government and 9/11” Look it up

    by Mattathias Schwartz on
    May 5, 2022 Big Surprise,
    Big Surprise ,
    Plus many people have been saying years before 9/11 that
    Arabs and the Arab Nations are the Spawn of Satan ,
    Saudi Arabia needs to pay America Tens of Trillions of Dollars in Reparations and Restitution for

  • Various editions of the book
    “The Arab Mind”
    by Raphael Patai are good at
    Explaining Arab Evil & Wickedness

  • A good book to read is titled
    “The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed The Jewish People” by
    John Loftus and Mark Aarons
    About how Everyone Unjustly Hates the Jews and Israel, how the Whole World unjustly Hates the Jews and Israel.

    • The War Against the Jews and Israel isn’t so Secret, it’s so Out in the Open and Public that a person would have to be Completely Blind, Deaf and Retarded to Not See it Immediately, it’s no “Conspiracy” that the Entire World is United against the Jews and Israel , it’s the sad ugly truth

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