Arab Man Says He Murdered Pregnant Jewish Girlfriend to Free Muslim Terrorists

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The body of a missing Jewish woman from the Binyamin region of the West Bank was found by police last week after her Arab boyfriend confessed to strangling her and bashing her head with rocks in Holon to “release Palestinian prisoners.”

Police first received a report that Michal Halimi, 29, who was pregnant and married to another man, was missing at the end of May and launched an investigation to find her. A gag order, lifted Wednesday, was implemented for the duration of the search.

It remains unclear who the father of the child was.

“In the course of the investigation, it emerged that the missing woman had voluntarily left Binyamin, and apparently was staying at the home of a young Palestinian man from Nablus with whom she was in a relationship,” police said Wednesday.

“Based on preliminary findings, including images and posts the two shared on Facebook, they intended to become engaged. As the investigation unfolded, the suspect was arrested and in the first stage of his interrogation contradictions arose regarding the whereabouts of the missing person, a fact that raised the suspicion of his involvement in her absence.”

As the investigation intensified, associates who were in regular contact with the suspect, identified as Muhammad Harouf, were detained and questioned. During their interrogations they confirmed that Halimi was in a relationship with Harouf, and that she went missing the day the two last met in Holon.

As evidence mounted that Halimi was dead, the boyfriend eventually confessed to killing her in Holon and reconstructed the murder for police. Her corpse was located on July 24.

“According to his version, he met the deceased in the Holon area, choked her, threw stones at her head, covered her body, and left the scene in her car in order to ‘release Palestinian prisoners,’” police said.

Following Harouf’s arrest, the Yad L’Achim organization accused the police of negligence in their handling of the investigation for taking too long to solve the murder, and for lifting the gag order without contacting the victim’s family.

The organization said Halimi’s husband asked it for aid in finding his wife shortly after her disappearance.

“The family discovered this morning that the gag order in the case was lifted and the murder was published in the media a few hours before Michal’s funeral,” the organization said in a statement.

“The conduct of the police in this case [mirrors] the conduct of other cases that we have accompanied them on in the past, when they are slow and do not understand the gravity of things.”

The organization added that Halimi’s murder is “part of the long statistics of Jewish women who find themselves in romantic relationships with Arabs, and then find themselves in a violent and suffocating situation.”

“In Yad L’Achim, we encounter such cases on a regular basis and try to help and support these women in finding a way to build a new life,” the organization said.

The suspect was arraigned on first-degree murder charges at the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court.


  • These women are not “victims”. It is amazing to me. Many of them likely think very badly of Judaism to do this in the first place. Of course that doesn’t meant they deserve to be murdered as in this case and this guy should be charged with murder but if a woman is twisted to want to marry someone who thinks nothing of Judaism and puts it down all the time we don’t have the right to kidnap her of the children from the man if they have children. I find the compassion misplaced to women who do care their own people. This is organized religion at it’s worse and people who used similar tactics to kidnap Jewish children who they claim according to their rules are not Jewish. God gave women (unlike men) they can decide to marry to another group and get rid of their own identity. It is twisted and disturbing but religious people themselves look like control freaks if they think the women is just a brainwash piece of meat that they have to “save”. If they like a man who puts down Jews and Judaism (bcause they hate their own people so much) that is awful but stop this nonsense that their just brainwashed against their will and that they should be “saved”. A marriage is a marriage. YOu don’t like it that is too bad and no one would like this is someone did this to us.

    Sadly I work in a job where my boss has a number of clients who are intermarried. One is a Syrian Christian who is family is very religious and is married to a Jewish woman who doesn’t care for her own religion and thinks Judaism treats men badly. They have two children. And no, they aren’t gong to consider themselves Jewish with their last name. I think it is disgusting but this idea that these “women” are victims is misplaced and shows contempt for women that sadly they have made their decisions and rationalized them.

  • I mean it is one thing if they are kidnapped then they absolutely deserve help. But certainly if they are married and have children it is not our problem sadly other then the fact that their own group allows it.

    And if they are in a romantic relationship that could lead to children even if not married I have to ask the level of denial of so called Ahavat A’Achim (love or our brothers). Start a new life??? What planet is Ahavat A’Achim on? Sadly if it is situation where they like the other men because they put Jews down suddenly they are going to change and a self respected man is going to love them. It is absurd.

    The torah holds women responsible for behavior that is within their control and yet Ahavat A’Achim acts like it is no big deal. Their own arrogance is incredible and shouldn’t we be spending our funds helping those who are trying to do the right thing and truly need our help. Many times bad things happen simply because those who want to do what is right but have no support to help them which they could easily have.

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