• Chaim, you should honestly be running Desantis’s campaign in NY or even nationally. I was die hard Trump till you woke me up. You can get the trumpeters off of the trance they are in.

  • Nikki Haley is the prettiest Indian since Priyanka Chopra.

  • America Needs a Viable
    Third Party , Libertarian Party to Advocate for Libertarian Freedom
    As it is, the “Freedom” in America is a Joke , Adults cannot even do what they want with their own lives and bodies , no wonder why Many Americans are Not Patriotic
    Adults cannot even do what they want with their own lives and bodies , that is Truly Sickening

    • Incel Americans are Suffering Unbearably , Countless Americans are unable to Get Sex for Various Reasons , America won’t Legalize Prostitution , America has Disgusting Pro-Life
      “Suicide Prevention” and
      Forced Living Extremism, and the insane Unjust Failed
      “War on Drugs” that Everyone Hates
      America Needs a Libertarian President
      America Needs Real Freedom

      • America Needs Real Libertarian Freedom

      • How can Incel Americans possibly like America ?
        America is Making Incels Suffer Even More
        America Sucks in Many Ways
        Americans Know it
        The Whole World Knows it

        • America Needs REAL Freedom
          Libertarian Freedom for All Adults
          Countless Americans Hate America with a Passion because of it’s horrible Crimes against it’s own Suffering people, Mentally ill, Terminally ill, Incels and other Suffering people , making them suffer even More
          Such “Freedom” that America has when Adults cannot even do what they want with their own lives and bodies

        • The so-called “Freedom” in America is a Joke , Adults cannot even do what they want with their own lives and bodies
          Americans want Bodily Autonomy
          Incels and other Suffering people want Sex , they want SEX
          Just like Everyone Else

    • In 2019 a person typed on the Internet
      “America isn’t a free country by any means; anyone who is skeptical can drive to a law library and delve into the U. S. Statutes at Large and the Code of Federal Regulations. When one has finished that impossible task, Do the same for the state, The county, And the city. Politicians at all levels of government are all in the business of suppressing your natural rights. There are very few freedoms that Americans retain, But these freedoms are only allowed because they’re beneficial to the state.
      We have the freedom to shop, The freedom to vote, And the freedom to criticize the government, Of course. A functioning economy is necessary in order to have wealth to plunder. Very few will admit that taxes collected are used at least as often against the taxpayer as they are for the taxpayer. We pay taxes to the rulers who in turn use the taxes to harass us when we travel (e. G. Random checkpoints, TSA), To knock down our doors and shoot us if we try to defend ourselves, To surreptitiously monitor our activities (e. G. En masse surveillance), And give children the ultimatum of killing in war or being thrown in a cage.
      Of course, Freedom to vote is important to preserve. After all, It’s a placebo that’s administered to give the masses the illusion that they have some control over what government does. If voting really upset the power structure, It would be prohibited.
      As for speech, Robert Higgs notes in “Neither Liberty Nor Safety, “, “Our government usually allows people the freedom of speech. . . Almost as if the rulers had the wit to follow the advice Vilfredo Pareto once gave to Mussolini: “Let the crows caw, But be indefatigable in repressing [rebellious] deeds! Experience demonstrates that leaders who embark upon this path of censorship find headaches, Rather than benefits.”

  • Abortion needs to be banned.

    • Why do you say Abortion needs to be banned ?

      • Would you have liked being aborted?

        • Well Countless Americans Hate Life and Hate their Lives and definitely wish they were Never Born
          Life is Horrible for Most People

          • Life is sadly Horrible for Most People , Many people wish that they were Aborted
            America with it’s
            “Freedom” makes Incels and other Suffering People Suffer Even More
            America is unjustly making Suffering people Suffer even More

          • Its not God Will that evil happens. God’s Will and what God allows are not one and same.
            God did not create robots God allows people their own self physical (fleshly) will and most people they bring on themselves suffering and much is allowed by anti-God people.

      • Because its Murder. Life begins at conception and conception would not and could not happen unless God allowed. See RUTH 4:13 God said “You will conceive and have a son”

        • Janet, are you a
          Calvinist ? What about the
          Predestination vs Free Will Debate ,
          God’s Perfect Will vs. Permissive Will, what if the whole Universe is a Giant Computer Simulation as some people claim, and we are All living in a situation similar to the 1999 Movie
          “The Matrix”

  • It’s Impossible for Many Americans to be Patriotic
    Incels are Human Beings with Feelings and Needs like Everyone Else

    • The “Freedom” in America is a Joke , Adults don’t even have
      Bodily Autonomy, Self-Ownership, Self-Determination
      Incels and people with
      Involuntary Celibacy, Incel Problems are Human Beings with Feelings and Needs just like Everyone Else

  • There is no sound on the video .

  • CBP says all Jews should make Aliyah to Israel. Would he like to change his mind after Oct 7th?

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