Even Trump-Worshipping Ann Coulter is Angry With Trump’s “Softening” on Illegal Immigration

Chris Matthews really pressed a desiccated pterodactyl identifying itself as “Ann Coulter” on what it thought about Trump’s softening. The desiccated pterodactyl said it was very upset at Trump’s softening, as she’s just launched a new book based on his not being soft at all.

Watch below [and try not to get sick]:

The desiccated pterodactyl even joked that it might cancel her book tour of the worship book she composed for her demi-god Trump if it turned out that he’s actually softened.

In one funny interaction, the winged dinosaur said that she offers Trump “constructive criticism” when he errs, but wouldn’t answer if he actually takes any of her criticism to heart. LOL! We know he doesn’t. This is the colossal idiot who says he knows more about ISIS than all the U.S. generals, including the one who’s supporting him for president.

But it most be noted – even Ann Coulter “softened” on amnesty. If you listen really closely, she also seems to say she’s OK with illegals having a legal path to stay in America. Are they ALL in on the same con game?!



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