Hilltop Youth cause Arabs to leave Israel; DeSantis causes illegals to leave Florida (video)


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  • you know dear guys i knew suddenly truth about jenin but namely that thing what true hebraic name of jenin
    is ganim but in english gardens and that arabs occupied that hebraic city and changed it jewish name to jenin and
    in reality it hebraic name is namely ganim and it city belong to us jews and arabs are aliens there and that operation such now bring in ganim our israelite generals are pity attempts although because our israelite jewish army killed there many islamic terrorists but however our target our jewish target must be in order to will return that hebraic city ganim under our jewish control that is must be our target dear guys

  • All Arabs in the land of Israel should be deported to Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt. Those that refuse will have to be moved out by force, or if absolutely necessary, with a bullet to the head.

  • ah dear yaacov you are in some points but you forgot only one point but namely is in order to our true israel of sooth must be from nile to efrat and from tiger to black sea and those are true frontiers of our true zion dear yaacov and namely because i citate here song of shlomo ben yosef we have two sides of river jordan and both of them are ours dear yaacov

  • More about the Fakestinians
    townhall.com has an article headlined
    “Let’s Talk About the Palestinians”
    by Alan Joseph Bauer
    July 06, 2023

  • yes there is not such people as Palestinian people because Palestinian people was thought by emperor Adrian
    and namely he changed name of our judah and samaria to palestine and modern russia like follower of emperor adrian and ancient rome gave to it name forces to their lubyanka yet on times of six days war when russia gave to arabs arms and weapons and also money but and now on our days christian and orthodox russia and her orthodox church give money to arabs and give weapons to arabs like and america give them money and weapons too those two states like russia and america are sponsors of arabic terrorism like and armenia too sponsor of arabic terrorism too because those three states like america, armenia and russia are ancient judeophobes and their governments give money to arabs for in order to they kill us jews

    • and more about armenia like greece they helped to hiltlerists kill us jews on second worldly war in krim of ukraine their armenian legion of wafen ss and gestapo like and estonia came into synagoues of krim and cutted their off heads of jews so like and greece in Salonica’s armenia did the same thing in krim so armenia like and greece like and russia with america have jewish blood on their elbows

  • Did anyone hear the news story that a bag of cocaine was found in the West Wing of the White House near the Situation Room , will the
    Saturday Night Live
    “Weekend Update” portion of the show be making Jokes about this ?
    But seriously Most Americans are Against the insane unjust failed
    “War on Drugs” and other forms of Prohibition in America in 2023
    Adults in America cannot even do what they want with their own lives and bodies

  • Both Jews and Arabs are circumcised. So why can’t they just get along like Rodney King said.

    • Everything is the fault of the Fakestinians and other Arabs, I’ve read that
      The Vast Majority of Non-Jewish and Christian Males in America and many other Nations are Circumcised and many of them still Hate Jews

      • Circumcision leads to death like in Metzitzah B’Peh. I can’t imagine a rabbi ripping my foreskin off with his teeth.

  • look those things about suchs you wrote here not have any connection with those things about suchs i wrote here because war on drugs and circumcision or other our jewish commandments suchs gave to us jews our omnipotent are other commandments suchs we must fulfil in our jewish life and suchs can’t fulfil other peoples into this mad and fucking crazy world but like that how i told here already many times that fighting for our jewish kingdom from nile to efrat and from tigre to black sea that is not less important commandment that our circucision or brith mila in hebrew and we jews must help to our omnipotent in that commandment we don’t must cancel that nice commandment of fighting for our holy jewish fatherland such our omnipotent gave to us namely from nile to efrat and from tigre to black sea of course that fighting is not easy but we jews must help to our omnipotent to that commandment and also you look for in order to i did circumcision or brith mila by another reason i did it because i had phimosis but like that or another way i had circumcision because here in israel i did fixing of my circumcision with drop of blood in chabad house but that is already another theme such don’t have connection to everything what i told here of course we must fulfil brith mila too because that important commandment too like and war against drugs and our omnipotent never ask us if we want or don’t want fulfil these or other commandments but he ordered to us fulfil those commandments and that is the point

  • Anyone else worried about the safety of these Israeli
    Video Gamers , a leopard never changes it’s spots , Jeremiah 13:23
    Saudi Arabia is Still an Evil, Wicked Nation , Saudi Arabia is to blame for 9/11
    Anyone else deeply concerned

  • The Jerusalem Post , jpost.com in July 2023 had an article about Israeli Gamers going to Saudi Arabia later this month

  • The David Jeremiah Blog
    davidjeremiah.blog has an article headlined
    “Russia’s Role in End-Times Prophecy” Does the Israeli Government take Bible Prophecy Seriously ? Many People claim that the Bible teaches Russia will Invade Israel in the Future

    • Would not surprise me. Russia has technically already invaded Israel with all the immigrants. Not to mention how many Israelis use their Bolchevik stupidity in running the government.

  • Bahrain Minister of Industry and Commerce ,
    H.E. Abdulla bin Adel Fakhro is one UGLY looking Arab ,
    Holy Crap , can
    Bahrain or the UAE ever be trusted

  • look i don’t think that our modern israelite government know torah and talmud as well because in government
    of benjamin netaniyahu still sitting many leftists like moshe gafrni from party israel of torah whose told that leftists like neturei karta and yeda charedi whose burn israelite jewish flags and hang in jerusalem palestinian flags are to him near that kahanists like hilltop youth and ari ishag too and moshe gafni is not one leftist whose seatting into government of benjamin netaniyahu there also still sitting arie dery whose registed oslo agreements together with labor party and meretz party and not benjamin netaniyahu and neither arie dery still didn’t trapped in garbage oslo agreements so i’am sure in order to they all don’t know torah and Talmud prophesies as well if they knew those thing they never stayed continue by the road of oslo agreements but they still continue by oslo agreements and even ben gvir told that baruch goldstein and nathan zada are not heroes to him anymore because ben gvir now got knesset and dance tango of benjamin netaniyahu

  • Is Larry Nassar a Sephardic Jew?

    • Hello No , Larry Nassar is a perverted Lebanese Arab who used his Catholicism to Sexually Abuse young girls
      freethoughttoday.com has an article about this headlined
      “Nassar hid behind religion during decades of abuse”
      Mar 2, 2018 by Bill Dunn
      See also the Wikipedia entry for
      Nassar that describes his Evil and Wickedness

  • Typo, My Bad , Hell No , Hell No
    Larry Nassar is a perverted Lebanese Arab

  • besacenter.org has an article headlined
    “Confirmation Bias and Antisemitism”
    By Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld February 9, 2020 Anyone see it ?

  • The New York Post , nypost.com has an article headlined
    “Israel, like the US, has good reason to not return terrorist corpses”
    By Stephen M. Flatow
    June 30, 2023

  • The Hill top youth are being like Daniel.

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