• Chaim you’re shows about the torah and Jewish traditions like what you expounded in this video are among your best work ever!!

    I think you should do two shows each week like you used to when you were on public access, one which deals with current events affecting Israel and America and another on Jewish theology and tradition! Its better than the rubbish on TV and the net about supposed ancient aliens, Lines in deserts and legends or someone who lived thousands of years ago that no one really is interested in.

    This is way Way better!

    Could you do a video on why there can only be one G-d and how he doesn’t have a multiple personality disorder? As someone who has dabbled in Xtianity and Polytheistic neo-paganism I would be very interested in the logical arguments supporting how there could only be one G-d and not multiple gods.

  • Chaim what is your opinion on the covid vaccine???

  • Shlomo sucked way overrated.

  • D’var Torah Reb Chaim

  • There can never be a jewish monarchy again after solomon acted this way.

    I actually think christianity has some merits.

    Forget the temple and the davidic monarchy it will never happen.

    There can never be a living messiah absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    The hope of a religious torah state governed by a modest halacha observant jewish king is a vanity that will never ever come to pass.

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