If today’s Jewish leaders had been in charge in 1948, Israel would never have been created (video)


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  • Chaim: do you think this video will help you get your Aliyah?

  • Countless Supporters of Israel feel that it’s truly Sick & Evil how the Whole World unjustly hates the Jews and Israel. And Obsessively focus on Jews and Israel, while Ignoring the many Nations that have truly horrible human rights violations
    We feel that all Individual Anti-Semites , Jew-Haters and Anti-Israel Losers in
    Human History, Past , Present and Future deserve to Suffer in Hell, the
    Lake of Fire for all Eternity when they ultimately pass away, for the Psychlogical harm and distress they caused the Jewish people. Even if they never did anything illegal or violent, even if they only think Anti-Semitic, Anti-Israel thoughts , that by itself is a Horrible Sin that should cause God to Condemn them to Suffer for all Eternity when they pass away.
    Anti-Semitism is Satanic. It would make God look weak if he were to Not punish the Anti-Semites and Jew Haters , Anti-Israel Losers when they pass away
    Replacement Theology is False, the Jews are Still God’s Chosen people, where is the Justice, Divine Justice for the Jewish people and Israel,
    Where is the Justice ?

    • Where is the Justice ? Where ?

      • Again, Where is the Justice
        Where ? Where ? Where ? Since sadly many
        Anti-Semite Criminals escape Justice in their Pathetic Earthly Lives , all the more Reason why when they ultimately pass away that they should Face
        God’s Wrath to the uttermost, they should Suffer Forever in Hell & The Lake of Fire .
        It would make God look weak and Soft on Sin , if these
        Worthless Loser Anti-Semites & Jew-Haters, Anti-Israel Losers weren’t sentenced to Eternal Damnation when they ultimately pass away

    • God Hates Anti-Semitism.
      See the Bible verse
      Genesis 12:3

  • When will God End all
    Anti-Semitism & Jew-Hatred, Anti-Israel Hatred once and for all
    Forever ? Will God allow this
    Hatred to Continue Forever ?
    For all Eternity ? Why would God allow the Hatred to Continue Forever ? Why ? Why ?
    We pray that all the Worthless Loser Anti-Semites, Jew-Haters, Anti-Israel Losers in all of Human History, Past, Present and Future, when they ultimately pass away, that they Suffer God’s Wrath

  • That they Suffer God’s Divine Wrath for All Eternity, that they Suffer Forever, they can’t cry
    “Free Speech” when they stand before God, it won’t save their sorry asses , their
    “Free Speech” won’t save them from Hell

    • All groups of people in Human History have suffered, but Jews have always suffered more than all other groups of people combined
      Jews have always unjustly suffered and been hated more than all other groups of people combined, thousands of years BC , Before Christ in pagan times
      Jews were always hated the Most

      • Do the Vile Anti-Semites ,
        Jew-Haters , Anti-Israel Losers ever stop to think and realize that many Jews and
        people who are part Jewish don’t like being Jewish either, are the Jew-Haters, Anti-Semites and Anti-Israel Losers realize that many Jews are
        Self-hating Jews and that
        Jewish Self-Hatred is very common

  • Anyone read the 2021 book titled
    “People Love Dead Jews: Reports from a Haunted Present”
    by Dara Horn , about how Everyone unjustly hates the Jews and the State of Israel

  • About the first name
    Alexandria , as in
    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, AOC from “The Squad” of Ugly Stupid Losers
    A Fact from History , According to the Wikipedia article about Anti-Semitism , it says
    “The first clear examples of anti-Jewish sentiment can be traced to the 3rd century BCE to Alexandria,[72]” referring to the City of Alexandria, Egypt
    The same name
    Alexandria, the A in AOC , and the name of the city in
    Ancient Egypt, Alexandria where Jew-Hatred was first traced to in the 3rd Century BC
    Make sure to Vote Out The Squad next Election day

    • Seriously what good have the
      4 ugly females in
      “The Squad” ever done for America, or for anyone ?

      • AOC is running for POTUS the next vacancy she has with Bernie Sanders on the ticket in the VP slot and they will win

        • Some have said that in
          2024 ,
          Ron DeSantis or
          Donald Trump would be
          Elected President
          Notice with
          Bernie Sanders, his
          initials spell BS

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