• Chaim, I do feel your pain due to the loss of your beautiful honorable and moral mother. I was fortunate to know her and she was a true Honey Bun which is what we often referred her as.

    Whenever you wish to get off your chest and speak to someone who can listen and perhaps help you in your time of bereavement please feel free to speak to me and I will at least listen and maybe give some consolation. It’s a tough period you are going thru and I feel it with your words and overall expression.

  • I looked through several articles to see if Anat Kimche were a Kunstler-Kuby-Durshewitz- Goodman -Schwerner Jew and I couldn’t find it. Give a reference please

  • thanks again

  • Chaim ben Mordechai

    I have never forgotten that Dr. Larry Z. Leslie of the University of South Florida (and a *White* covert to Islam) told me I had to stand aside so a schvartze with a lower test score could take my Grad School spot. Because I am a Jew, I was considered by Leslie to be “privileged and advantaged.” And once these apes get admitted, they get away with things because when caught, they will scream “racism,” when it is THEM who are the racists.

    Anat Kirsche was a self-hating Jew who brought her demise upon herself. I shed no tears for her.

  • Now that is clear who the candidates for NYC mayor are, JTFers have no no choice but to vote for Eric Adams. We can hold our noses through 4 or 8 years of this schmuck, but Curtis Sliwa is a philandering, thieving, “crime fighting (lol)”, lying clown 🤡. Do not count on the fact that NYC is overwhelmingly Democratic. There are a lot of new voters due to immigration who will be fooled by his TV and radio ads; both Sliwa and Adams are equally inarticulate. Vote for Adams and stick your finger down your throat

  • Adams is low iq moron.

    • I agree. I changed my mind. When Adams won the primary, he got his left ear pierced. Even Edwina Koch never did that. I now suggest that JTFers sit this one out

    • Sliwa is NOT a low IQ moron. That makes him even more dangerous than Adams. How did we get into this shitpile

  • Never sit it out.

    • OK. Both major party candidates are equally retarded and equally make me puke. What do you recommend JTFers do?

  • She’s an idiot. Its sad and tragic but she had it coming. I remember her now. She used to write anti-white anti-racist articles on twitter and on other forums. She claimed that only whites were racist that blacks like Al Sharpton, Farrakhan and so on could never be racist. Well… She learned the hard way. She’s as stupid and evil as she is ugly.

    Tony Robinson is a black supremacist who admitted to killing her because she was Jewish. He belongs to Jeremiah Wright’s church and is a Farrakhan supporter. Its poetic that he was the one to do it to her.

    Also, none of Anat’s communist journalist pals have reported or hyped this like they did with that neo nazi shooting in Massachusetts. where two blacks got killed.

    For the love of me, what is wrong with these stupid black christian racists? Do they know that Jesus was Christ was really an aryan white supremacist who owned slaves, the son of a Roman Centurion? That the popes, the Southern Baptists, Mormons Watchtower society ETC. Didn’t recognize them as equal human beings and that slavery was good until recently as late as the 1970s? (And they just did that to keep their tax exemption status)and that most of them grudgingly tolerate them? (Mainly because they want them to kill more Jews ETC)

    Jeremiah Wright, Calypso Louie and Al Sharpton ETC. are a joke according to these people. They’d just as easily get killed as Anat did if they had their way. Either that or be picking cotton in chains. Tony Robinson in the eyes of their idols and saints are no better off than Anat or anyone. in fact many denominations of Christianity view blacks and Jews as being on the bottom level.

    Just stupid! Both of them!

    • Oh! Guess what? Chicago wont charge Robinson with hate crimes! Robinson will be out in 20 years to kill again, free at last to kill Whitey and Jews!! WHERE ARE ANAT’S LEFTIST FRIENDS PROTESTING? WHY IS THIS NOT BEING REPORTED OUTSIDE OF THE CHICAGO AREA??!?!?!?

  • The chickens 🐓 have come home 🏡 to roost

  • She was a self hating Jew. She got what she deserved!!

  • This story just goes to show that we must NEVER help our enemies.
    Now, I must clarify, and make Crystal clear, Not all Black people are bad, some are and some aren’t, same with Whites, Asians, Irish, etc. We must Not and Never help anyone who would backstab and betray us. That’s Insanity , the respect and help must be Mutual, if we help others, they must respect and help us back in return. If not, we should give them Nothing

    • While Not All Blacks are bad people, still we must Never Forget that the Vast Majority of Blacks backstabbed and betrayed the Jews who helped them so much during the Civil Rights Movement in America. Never Forgive, Never Forget… We Must Not Help Blacks or Anyone else that would backstab or betray us.
      That’s Insanity, we Must Stop Helping those who would backstab and betray us.
      We Cannot make the same mistakes over and over.
      It’s truly disgusting how Many Blacks are Vile Loser Anti-Semites & Jew-Haters, Anti-Israel Bigots who should just Get a Life Already

      • Plus, it’s important to point out that if there are any Jews that hate Blacks. At least those Jews that hate Blacks have the decency to keep the hate to themselves and not Express it in Public, like many Blacks do. You Never see Jews committing any hate crimes against Blacks, Never. Yet often Blacks commit Hate Crimes against Whites, Jews, Asians, etc.
        Now, Not all Black people are bad, but some are, especially the Black Hebrew Israelite Cult that you see in Public Places. They are Pathetic Losers and Clowns , poorly educated .
        Never Forgive and Never Forget the 1991 Crown Heights Riots and other incidents of how Blacks backstabbed and betrayed the Jews that helped them so Much during the Civil Rights Movement.

  • Sadly in the New York City Homeless Shelter System, Some of the Black & Latino male residents are definitely lowlife Stalkers and Criminals who Stalk, Harass, Threaten, Intimidate people and beg for Money on a Daily basis, Not only in the Homeless Shelter Buildings, But in the areas around the Shelter System. They are two legged cockroaches, Criminal Psychopaths, Sociopaths, With no Morals, Conscience, Or Empathy within them. They stalk and harass Peaceful Homeless Residents in the Shelter Buildings on a daily basis, Asking to borrow money, Promising to pay it back, Yet these pieces of human excrement never pay it back.
    Now, It isn’t “Racist” to say this, It’s a Fact, A sad fact, And while many, Most of the Black & Latino Homeless male Shelter Residents are decent people, The fact remains some of them are indeed lowlife Stalkers and criminal thugs, Dirtbags as described here. That’s the honest truth, And if you doubt that, Just ask people who used to be in the New York City Homeless Shelter System, They will confirm it.

  • The Fox News Channel tells the truth about Black Nationalist Terrorism in America , the numerous tragic Black Nationalist terror attacks in America. and big surprise the suspect
    Frank James arrested in the Subway shooting in Brooklyn on
    April 12, 2022 was a Anti-White,
    Anti-Semite Bigot .
    Big Surprise, never saw that one coming .

  • Even more disturbing is that the certain
    Black and Latino male Homeless Shelter Residents described above in the comment of March 29, 2022 these certain Black and Latino Shelter Residents would deliberately and intentionally target White Shelter Residents,
    They would prey on White Shelter Residents, Big Surprise, Big Surprise ,
    Now many of the Black and Latino Male Homeless Shelter Residents were decent people, however some of them were indeed two legged cockroaches who would Stalk, Harass and Intimidate White Shelter Residents, begging for money, giving people PTSD, many of the White Victims hope that in 2020 those lowlife Stalkers became infected with Covid-19 and died painful deaths .

  • Also disturbing is how Back around April or May of 1994, two Black Male Students in the 8th grade of Public Junior High School in New York City came up to this male Jewish student and said to him “Are you Jewish ?” Which made the student very fearful and uncomfortable, the Jewish student sensed danger and denied being Jewish saying “No” but the Two male Black Students who couldn’t mind their own damn business kept asking questions about his Ethnicity, he said
    “Irish and Scottish” the two Black males then went away .
    However if the Jewish student admitted to being Jewish, it’s possible that the two Black Male Students would have then violently assaulted the Jewish student, maybe even killed the Jewish student. That was the gut feeling of the Jewish student and of myself who witnessed this disturbing incident. Not to sound
    “Racist” and many Black people are Decent people . However that day in 1994 described above, a tragedy was averted, the Jewish student was still severely emotionally traumatized by those two Black Male Students who couldn’t mind their own damn business

    • Sadly at other times in that
      Junior High School other Black male students couldn’t mind their own damn business and asked other students “Are you Jewish?”

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