• Jonathan: I was hoping we would never hear a peep out of you forever. You kissed Bibi’s tuchus to get you out. Now you stab him in the back.

    • …Bibi sucks!

    • israellycool.com has a Superb article headlined
      “Celebrities In Support of Israel At Our Darkest Time” by
      David Lange on
      Oct 8, 2023
      It’s Good that some celebrities Support Israel

    • salon.com has an article headlined
      “Israel declares “complete siege” on Gaza: No electricity, food or drinking water”

      Senior News Editor
      It’s About Time

    • Wikipedia says about the
      October 7, 2023 Attacks
      “It has been compared to the 1973 Yom Kippur War, the 2001 September 11 attacks, the 2003 Ramadan Offensive, the 1941 Attack on Pearl Harbor, and the 1968 Tet Offensive.[230][231][232][233][234] Like the Vietnamese Tet Offensive, Hamas’ offensive came on the morning of a holiday, seemed to be “everywhere at once”, and demonstrated capabilities not thought possible in a guerrilla force.[235]” others online have pointed out that the
      Fakestinian Hamas Terrorists are actually a Ugly Arab Gorilla Force

    • British Prime Minister
      Rishi Sunak says UK is ‘poised’ to offer Israel military help if required

    • bmj.com has an article headlined
      “The Palestinians are not totally innocent” on
      Oct 14, 2004

    • What do we at JTF think about the late Pope John Paul II and his relations with Jews and Israel ?

    • nationalpost.com has an article headlined
      “Avi Benlolo: The campaign to justify Hamas’ mass murder of innocent civilians is well underway”

      by Avi Benlolo
      Published Oct 08, 2023

    • telegraph.co.uk has an article headlined
      “Hamas avoided detection by ‘going back to the Stone Age’ ”
      James Crisp, on
      9 October 2023 The article is a Must Read , why didn’t Israel have those High Tech Military Surveillance Satellites in Orbit around Earth that are Capable of Zooming in and reading license plate numbers from Space ,
      Why ?

    • intelnews.org has an article headlined
      “How Did Israel Miss This Attack? Some Likely Explanations”
      Posted by Joseph Fitsanakis
      on October 9, 2023

    • We will Never Forgive,
      Never Forget for the Hideous Arab Fakestinian, Iranian Attack of
      October 7, 2023
      We Will NEVER let this go
      Iran & The Iranian people are Eternally Guilty
      There is No Forgiveness

    • Jewish Model
      Elizabeth Pipko of
      the “Lest People Forget Project” on
      Fox News is telling the Truth about how Israel is Morally Right
      Did anyone see it ?

    • On the website
      blogs.timesofisrael.com has an article headlined
      “We were fools to support the Palestinian cause” on
      OCT 9, 2023 by Fred Maroun , who is a Rare , Very Rare decent
      Arab , did anyone read it

    • If Donald Trump was still
      President would the Hamas Attacks of
      October 7, 2023 still have happened ?

    • This very own jtf.org website
      has an article headlined
      March 27, 2015
      by Shlomo , with one comment , it tells the sad Ugly truth about Fakestinian

      • The jtf.org article
        March 27, 2015
        by Shlomo and comment exposes the Lie of
        “innocent civilians”
        JTF is the Real Deal

    • virtualjerusalem.com has an article headlined
      Oct 9, 2023 A Must Read Article about how their Ultimate Goal is to Take Over the Entire World

    • Did anyone see articles online
      Crying about Fakestinian
      “journalists” that were killed in this conflict after the
      October 7, 2023 Attacks

    • The satire website
      preoccupiedterritory.com has a
      Article headlined
      “Study: Genghis Khan Bad, But At Least Didn’t Have Pic Of Kahane On Wall” on
      February 25, 2019 Anyone see it
      Meir Kahane is mentioned in it ?
      But seriously even Genghis Khan would be shocked and horrified by the Cruelty of the Hamas Fakestinian, Iranian Attack of October 7, 2023

    • A person typed online about the
      October 7, 2023 Attacks on Israel
      “The Hamas members who stormed into Israel, shot men and women where they stood, then kidnapped grandmothers and young girls are not “militants,” as The Times refers to them. They are terrorists.

      It is baffling why The Times will not refer to them as terrorists. They have murdered civilians in their homes, terrorized a nation with indiscriminate rockets and taken hostages all to further a political goal.

      That is the very definition of a terrorist. If they are not terrorists, then no one is a terrorist.”

    • Did anyone see the article from
      “ADL director asks if Hamas is writing MSNBC’s scripts in coverage of attack on Israel”
      BY DOMINICK MASTRANGELO 10/09/23 A Must Read Article , did anyone read it

    • thepeoplesvoice.tv has a Superb article headlined
      “Ted Nugent Just Ticked Off Every Islamic Terrorist In The World” by
      Baxter Dmitry it’s a Must Read &
      Makes an Excellent Point ,
      There is No Moral Equivalency between Israel and the Fakestinians, Hamas, Arabs & Iran
      Israel is sadly the Victim once Again ,
      In this latest Mideast Conflict it’s only sad and tragic when a
      Jewish Israeli Life is Lost , Many people have pointed out the Facts that
      Jewish Israelis want to live, while the Enemies of Israel don’t value human life and don’t care if they live or die , they want to Die in Battle and become “Martyrs”
      These are Facts ,
      We Must Never have any
      Compassion, Sympathy or Empathy for the Enemies of Israel and the Jewish people , we Must Never Help or Give any Medical or
      “Humanitarian Assistance” to them , since they view any act of
      Compassion and kindness as weakness that they Always Exploit and use to Attack ,Backstab and Murder those who Help Them. They will Never Change . They are Incapable of Changing , These are Facts, and Not “Racist” The Enemies of Israel and the Jewish people are the REAL Racists . Did anyone hear the News that Arab Terrorists on
      October 7, 2023 even beheaded innocent Jewish infants , cut the heads off innocent Jewish infants
      Pray for Israel
      & For the Entire World

    • Arab, Fakestinian, Islamic, & Iranian Terrorist attacks are sadly becoming so Endless and Infinite , how the hell does Israel keep coming up with new names for it’s Military Operations

    • Did anyone hear that
      40 innocent Jewish Israeli babies were beheaded by the
      Fakestinian Attack of
      October 7, 2023
      Jewish Israelis would NEVER do the same thing to an
      Ugly Fakestinian or Ugly Arab
      birth defect baby even though it would just grow up to be a
      Cold Blooded Terrorist

    • In the first 20 years after Israel was established in 1948 , Arab Citizens of Israel
      were subject to martial law ,
      Does anyone else at
      JTF think Israel Needs to bring back Martial law for Arab
      “citizens” of Israel to make sure that they don’t exploit the
      October 7, 2023 Terrorist Attacks to carry out additional Attacks against Jewish Israelis

    • firstpost.com has an article headlined
      “Israeli couple die while saving children from Hamas, killed 7 terrorists before dying”
      Last Updated: October 10, 2023 Now many people are asking of the over 1,000 Israelis tragically killed , why weren’t More Jewish Israeli Civilians legally carrying guns with themselves in case something like this would happen , Countless Jewish Israeli Lives could have been saved with higher Jewish Israeli rates of Legal Gun Ownership for Israeli Civilians

    • The Events of October 7, 2023 sadly once again proved the truth of the Bible verse
      Genesis 16:12
      “He will be a wild donkey of a man;
      his hand will be against everyone
      and everyone’s hand against him,
      and he will live in hostility
      toward all his brothers”

      • Also note that the donkey is the political symbol of the
        Democrat party in America
        Very Revealing
        More than coincidental

    • reuters.com has an article headlined
      “How Hamas duped Israel as it planned devastating attack”
      By Samia Nakhoul and Jonathan Saul on
      October 10, 2023

    • A person typed yesterday online about the October 7, 2023 tragedy
      “”Ben Gvir who is supposed to be the Minister of National Security is no where to be found. He’s hiding from the public. Hopefully he’s been locked out of any key decisions. He was rejected by the IDF as a domestic threat. He’s clueless. The f..ker should be dismissed from the gov’t”

    • About the Mortal Arab Danger posed to Israel
      jewishpress.com has an article headlined
      “Through Unity Government Machinations the Right is Doing to Ben Gvir What They Did to Rabbi Kahane”
      By David Israel on
      October 10, 2023 
      It’s a Must Read

    • People often say things like
      “God is in Control” so why did the events of October 7, 2023
      Happen ?

    • The UN was crying that
      9 of it’s “staffers” were killed in Israeli Airstrikes on Gaza
      Boo Hoo

    • A person once said “Rabbi Kahane , of Blessed Memory never bowed to Esau. Not easy since Edom is the fourth and final exile. He also understood that Ishmael was not an inheritor of Biblical Israel with or without coloured lines.”

    • Joel Osteen Supports
      Israel , in a 2011 Interview
      Joel Osteen stated that he
      Supports Israel
      Many have condemned Joel Osteen for his prosperity gospel, but at least he Knows to
      Support Israel

    • The New York Post
      nypost.com has an article headlined
      “Israel isn’t a colonial power — and it has every right to exist”
      By Rich Lowry

      Published Oct. 10, 2023

    • The Shit has really hit the fan this time
      Watching Fox News Coverage of this War that started on
      October 7, 2023
      You can tell from the Scary Ominous Sounding Music on
      Fox News that the situation is serious
      Fox News doesn’t use that type of Music for any old run of the mill story , that’s for True
      Anyone else agree ?

  • Elliot Kaufman from the Wall Street Journal on Twitter said
    “The three American immigrants who have left the biggest mark on Israel are Golda Meir, Meir Kahane and Moshe Koppel.”
    2:23 PM · Sep 29, 2023

  • Did anyone read the book
    “Protocols: Exposing Modern Antisemitism”
    By Elder Of Ziyon , Published in

    Would Jonathan Pollard support Libertarian Freedom for America ?
    Because the “Freedom” in America is a Joke

  • Sarah Silverman actually supported the release of Ugly as Hell Fakestinian Female Teen
    Ahed Tamini
    Another person typed online about Tamini
    “Tamimi”s whole family are terrorist who have no problem killing innocent Jewish children!”

  • Did anyone see the
    G.I. Joe Biden T-shirts that appear on some websites
    If Biden was 50 or 60 years of age do we think he would be a somewhat Better , more effective President ?

  • Chaim, a Hamas Fakestinian surprise attack sadly killed 100 Israelis, and around 200 Fakestinians were killed in Israeli Retaliatory Airstrikes ,
    We All Know, that it’s only sad and tragic when a Jewish Israeli Life is Lost
    Everyone still Unjustly Hates the Jews and Israel as Always
    How did the Israeli Military and Intelligence Fail to Thwart this Surprise Attack ?

    • cufi.org.uk said about the
      Arab Fakestinian Hamas attack

      We must pray for Israel. We must pray for Israel’s civilians. We must pray for those who have been kidnapped and those currently held hostage in Israel. We must pray for the IDF and for Israel’s leaders.

      This attack is unprecedented. We have no words for what is happening. It is horrific and if this does not wake the world up to the evils of Hamas, we don’t know what will.

      Unfortunately, much of what we are seeing on social media and you have read in this article may never see the light of day in mainstream media outlets. We have already seen pundits on the BBC saying that Israel will “use this as an excuse to attack Gaza”. It is despicable. Israel only wants peace, but they are dealing with terrorists who are akin to ISIS and other Islamist groups. The world must wake up and see the true face of Hamas.

      Israel is good. Palestinian terrorism is evil.

      Pray, pray and pray some more for Israel today.”
      They also pointed out that God is on Israel’s side ,
      Israel Always Remains Morally, Legally , Intellectually & Spiritually Superior in Every Way to it’s Enemies

    • Israelis were busy fasting for Yom Kippur and it dulled their brain. Now wake up and bring out the tactical nukes. Or at least the highest yield non-nuclear weapons at least a dozen and don’t give 30 minutes warning. Turn Gaza into a beautiful golf course and bring in Jack Nicklaus and lease it to Trump. It is time for Pipi to go.

      • People have called this a
        Pearl Harbor Moment for Israel, this tragic attack shows that
        Everything, literally Everything is the Fault of the Arabs and Fakestinians

        • There is No
          “Cycle of Violence”

        • Who gives a shit what people call it?

          Meantime, tomorrow they’ll still blame the Jews for half of their problems and will not dare to call the Fakestinians their true name: Rejected Arabs!

      • After this Horrible Attack , The Arabist New York Times cries about about the Fakestinians, the Precious Palestinians in Gaza and how they allegedly

        • There was an interview, forgot the channel, I think it was a former US government official who said that Israel created a blockade in Gaza in 2007. Was that when it gave the land to them?

          To me it sounded as if he was saying Israel brought this onto itself. I hope I am wrong.

        • We Must Never Weep for the Fakestinians, all of their alleged “sufferings” are their own Fault

      • Egypt and Israel both have a Blockade on Gaza , could it be that Egypt knew that this Hamas attack was coming ?
        Is Egypt partially to blame ,
        Israel Needs to Investigate This

      • These Arab Attacks on Israel of October 7, 2023 are worse than the 2004 Madrid Train Attacks, the 2005 London Attacks and the
        Attacks in Paris, France of
        Friday November 13, 2015 COMBINED, all of these Horrific European Terror Attacks were done by Arab Islamic Extremists

        • Bottom line is they were done by Arabs! If the lame stream media would stop calling them Palestinians and start calling them by their real names it would definitely change the landscape.

          And the attacks in London and Paris were brought on by their own governments. Didn’t they permit all those disgusting, filthy dirty Arabs to emigrate to their country?

          • You forgot to mention how Arabs are Ugly as Hell and have horrible body odor

          • Everyplace in the World that is infested with Arabs, Arabs brings strong hate upon themselves
            Nobody likes Arabs,

  • In other news the New York Post website nypost.com
    has an article headlined
    “Lawyer claims US tourist accused of smashing two 2nd-century statues was suffering from ‘Jerusalem syndrome’ ”
    By Olivia Land

    Published Oct. 6, 2023,

  • Sending strength

  • How many Satanic, Demonic Public Celebrations are taking place across the Entire Arab & Islamic World for their Genocidal Attacks of October 7, 2023 against Israel, their Genocidal Aggression against Peaceful and Democratic Israel.

    • How Many ?
      But on the bright side
      More than 2,000 people have died after a powerful earthquake struck western Afghanistan

      • Unfortunately, it should have been in Gaza and Iran!

        • If Earthquakes really did strike Gaza and Iran and if thousands died, it would be a Real Blessing, but it would be Wrong and Evil of Israel to Help Them, to give them any assistance, they deserve Nothing and Must be Given Nothing, Arabs, Fakestinians, Iranians and Islam will Never Change, they are Incapable of Changing their Satanic, Demonic nature, they would only backstab and betray anyone who helps them, they deserve No Love or Respect from Anyone

  • Israel made a terrible decision, a terrible mistake by sharing the
    COVID-19 vaccine with the Fakestinians in Gaza and the
    “West Bank”
    Israel has No Moral or Legal Obligation to Help it’s Enemies
    Israel only gets rewarded with More Terrorism, War, Violence, Hatred

    • I wonder how many liberals were killed so far. Kahane said: “The one thing that Jews learn is they never learn”.

      It is going to be very interesting – may we all live to 120 – if it comes out during our lifetime, to find out who knew about this and why it was concealed from the public.

  • Big Surprise, Hamas admits that
    Iran helped back the Attacks of
    October 7, 2023

  • The December 2015 the late comedian Jerry Lewis stated how he was against letting Syrian
    “Refugees” into America

  • There was an interview, forgot the channel, I think it was a former US government official who said that Israel created a blockade in Gaza in 2007. Was that when it gave the land to them?

    To me it sounded as if he was saying Israel brought this onto itself. I hope I am wrong.

  • Never Forget that
    There is a Huge Difference between Israeli Jewish Civilians and Fakestinian
    Plus if there is a
    World War III , it will be because of the Fakestinians, Islam and other Arabs , they are placing the entire planet in danger

  • Interestingly, Chaim said the same thing years ago indirectly.

    Here is a question: Didn’t Obama send plane loads of cash
    to Iran when he was in office?

    • What exactly did Chaim say about the Fakestinian and other
      Arab “civilians”
      Arab & Fakestinian Christians are No Better, even Atheist Arabs are hideous in their Jew-Hatred
      How many people in Israel and the Israeli Government and Intelligence read this jtf.org website and comments , even they know that we are Right

      • Chaim said many years ago on his cable TV show, at that time, that the bulk of the wars around the world were primarily involving Muslims.

        • Did Chaim expose the Myth of the Fakestinian
          Jon Scott on Fox News, while Supporting Israel mentions Fakestinian
          “innocent civilians” such BS
          Jon Scott
          While Speaking with an Israeli Politician

        • Chaim pointed out the sad fact that Many Arabs and Muslims are destabilizing the entire Planet ,
          It’s Horrifying

    • Did you see the
      Wikipedia entry
      “ATF gunwalking scandal” about the Obama “administration” and it was called “Operation Fast and Furious”

  • Their Bible, as I understand it, doesn’t contain the word: “love” in it.

  • Chaim:

    When you can, MSNBC shows a rally in Chicago (unsure if it was today or yesterday) with people carrying huge banners displaying: Free To The Sea?

    I’m unsure of the exact phrase. Regardless, this shows their true colors. Why aren’t they all in Gaza if they feel that way?

  • The Jerusalem Post , jpost.com
    has an article headlined
    “Will Israel hold Iran responsible for Hamas’ surprise assault, massacre? ” By HERB KEIN OCTOBER 8, 2023
    People have said it’s terrible how Israel has lost it’s balls in recent decades

  • Iran lusts to be the New Nazi Germany , how many European Christians are gleefully Celebrating the Hamas Attack of October 7, 2023 , How Many ?

    • How many Europeans are celebrating the Murder of over
      700 Innocent Israeli Civilians
      How many European Christians are celebrating the killing of Innocent Jews

  • Lee Zeldin is speaking the truth about Arab, Fakestinian & Islamic Evil & Wickedness

  • He is? Please upload the link
    Thanks in advance

    • Saw it on Fox News
      Robert O’Brien the Former National Security Advisor also on Fox News said that the Iranians are
      Barbaric people

  • Fox News is commenting on how
    Hamas is Eerily Following ISIS
    Florida Congressman Brian Mast is also speaking on Fox News the Truth about Fakestinian & Arab Pure Evil and Wickedness

    • Never Forgive & Never Forget, the
      Fakestinians & entire Arab Race is Eternally Guilty for the Hideous Crime of October 7, 2023
      Their Guilt is Eternal and Transcends Time & Space itself
      There is No Forgiveness

  • Another person on Fox News mentioned the
    “sheer absolute savagery” of Hamas ,
    The Arab, Fakestinian & Islamic Propaganda Machine of Lies is Proof of the famous saying
    The Devil is a Liar

  • Fox News said Qatar helped fund these Attacks,
    Hamas even raped Jewish women
    Jews would never rape Arab women for obvious reasons

    • If Qatar AND Iran funded this atrocity, then Israel needs to wipe them both off the planet

      • Well many have said that sadly in
        Recent Decades Israel has no
        balls in dealing with it’s Enemies
        Former Speaker of the House
        Kevin McCarthy has commented on the Unspeakable Diabolical Satanic Demonic Nature of the Fakestinian Hamas Attacks and in Support of Israel, he also said to Vote Out Tlaib and other Squad Members

  • Holy Crap, did anyone see how
    Ayanna Pressley is with her
    Bald head

  • Rabbi Meir Kahane z”l said decades ago how its either them or us. How many times did he scream at the top of his lungs to rid of the Arab scum?

    Can you imagine what kind of world it would be if he did become Prime Minister?

    • Let’s All Remember that Ultimately in the Future
      Meir Kahane will be Returning to Earth !!
      Meir Kahane is Coming Back !!
      Anyone Else Excited !

    • Look at it this way, in the Future when Rabbi Meir Kahane
      Returns to Earth
      Imagine if God himself appoints
      Meir Kahane as Prime Minister of Israel , the Enlarged Israel on the New Earth with it’s Enlarged
      Biblical Borders
      Meir Kahane will finally get his Dream come True

      • The Bible says Jesus will Rule from Jerusalem and sit
        on David’s throne. The world will soon be ruled by a Jewish King from Jerusalem.
        But that would Not Negate
        God himself from Appointing
        Meir Kahane as
        Prime Minister of Israel on the New Earth. Jesus would still rule the World from Jerusalem and be the #1 in Charge, while God could still Appoint
        Meir Kahane as Prime Minister of Israel on the New Earth
        God can do anything and when
        Meir Kahane and Countless other decent people in Human History Return to Earth in the Future , God could make
        Kahane the Prime Minister of Israel on the New Earth for All Eternity
        If some of my beliefs are offensive, please don’t take it personally, I’m just repeating what the Bible teaches

        • Imagine
          Meir Kahane as
          Prime Minister of Israel on the New Earth
          Why You Ask ?
          Because he’s Meir Kahane !
          We want the Face of
          Meir Kahane on
          Mount Rushmore ,
          But Also All of the comments people typed on this jtf.org website going back to October 2014 Are
          When will Chaim do a
          Special JTF update on
          The October 7, 2023 tragedy

        • When Meir Kahane is made
          Prime Minister of Israel on the New Earth
          The Whole World will Know that
          Death Cannot Stop the Great Meir Kahane
          Nothing can Stop the Great Meir Kahane

          • Nothing can Stop the larger than life
            Rabbi Meir Kahane .
            Why You Ask ?
            Because he’s Meir Kahane !

        • See the book
          “When A Jew Rules the World: What the Bible Really Says about Israel in the Plan of God”
          by Joel Richardson

      • Rabbi Meir Kahane deserves to be the Forever
        Prime Minister of Israel , the
        Greater Biblical Enlarged Israel on the New Earth.
        Meir Kahane will indeed be the Forever Prime Minister of Israel on the New Earth
        Meir Kahane Earned the
        Right to be Prime Minister of Israel on the New Earth !!
        Why You Ask ?
        Because he’s Meir Kahane

  • Oil Prices have jumped 4% thanks to the Hamas Attacks , yet another reason to Hate Fakestinians and other Arabs

    • yes of course yes of course i hate arabs too but not only them but also russians and armenians whose gives weapons and money to arabs and pocking arabs against our israel because like that how talmud write esav hate
      our jacob evrything what is happened in history happening again because already many russians and armenians wrote into internet that israel is not exist and freedom to fake palestine and not only them but also and fans of celtic and fans of ajax did the same things so our talmud is right esav hate our righteouness jacob

  • zionism-israel.com has a Superb article headlined
    “Racism in the Middle East – Zionism or Arabism?”

  • Where’s the retaliation? Did I sleep through it?

  • Many have pointed out that Sadly the Israeli Government and Military Talks Tough in times like this, but is all Talk and Talk and Talk and that’s it
    Mark Levin on Fox News said we should Not be concerned about
    Fakestinian “civilians”

  • We Cannot be Deceived by Arab and Fakestinian Lies
    Iran and the Iranian people are Eternally Guilty
    Never Forgive, Never Forget

  • Mark Levin explained why
    Jewish Israeli civilians are the
    True civilians in this conflict and compared this conflict to America fighting Germany, Italy & Japan during World War II
    Mark Levin is Brilliant

  • A Superb article from nypost.com “The horror of Hamas and why we Israelis will finally defeat it”
    By David Hazony
    Published Oct. 8, 2023
    Did anyone read it ? Hello

  • More about the Criminal Arab Race
    nypost.com has an article headlined
    “OnlyFans star Mia Khalifa celebrates Israel attacks, urges Hamas to film ‘horizontal’ on phones”
    By Isabel Keane
    Published Oct. 9, 2023 This is
    More Scientific Proof that Arabs are the Worst people in the World

    • Even Before the October 7, 2023 attacks , Countless people
      Many of them Non-Jews have stated that Arabs ,Fakestinians & Iranians are the lowest form of Life on the planet, Very Revealing

  • Also from the New York Post
    nypost.com an article is headlined
    “The only way to deter terrorist attacks on Israel is to punish who’s responsible: Iran”

    By Alan Dershowitz and Andrew Stein
    on  Oct. 8, 2023
    We Need to All Ask how Many Fakestinians Voluntarily Choose to be Human Shields for Hamas

  • Jonathan: Get your fat tuchus down to Sderot, pick up a gun and really accomplish something besides stealing American secrets like a goniff.

  • do we at JTF agree that if Various Hateful Bigots say
    Public Hateful & Online Comments against Jews and/or Israel and even if it doesn’t lead to Discrimination or hate crimes against Jews or their property
    Because it Causes deep offense, hurts the feelings of Jews and makes Jews very angry . That when those certain Bigots say Hateful Things against Jews and/or Israel that even if it doesn’t lead to Discrimination, Hate Crimes against Jews and/or their Property, it should still cause God to send the Hateful Bigots to Eternal Conscious Torment, with weeping & gnashing of teeth Eternal Damnation in Hell and the Lake of Fire when they ultimately pass away. They Must be Held Fully Accountable For the Intense Psychological Harm, Pain and Anger they caused Jews
    That when these Hateful Nasty Bigots ultimately pass away, they Must Suffer Forever , that they Absolutely Must Suffer Forever when they ultimately pass away
    That their “Free Speech” means Nothing to God and won’t save them from Eternal Damnation

    • Anyone else agree that these
      Anti-Semite Bigots, Jew-Haters, Anti-Israel Bigots Must Suffer Forever when they ultimately pass away , that they Absolutely Must Suffer Forever when they ultimately Pass Away
      It would be so Freakin Cool
      If God would Allow us to have the pleasure and sweet satisfaction of watching the Bigots and Heartless Haters Suffer Eternal Conscious Torment in Hell and the
      Lake of Fire

      • How many of us at JTF want God to allow us to Watch the Suffering and
        Eternal Conscious Torment of the Fakestinian Terrorists and other Jew-Haters and Anti-Semites, Anti-Israel Bigots

        • How many people here at JTF want to see the
          Heartless Insensitive Bigots, Jew-Haters, Anti-Semites and Anti-Israel Losers Suffer
          Eternal Conscious Torment when they ultimately pass away !!

    • Make No Mistake , on the topic of
      Gender and Jew-Hatred,
      Anti-Israel Hatred, Anti-Semitism ,
      God Hates Female Jew-Haters
      Anti-Semites & Anti-Israel Bigots, Terror Supporters Much More
      Much More than their Male
      Counterparts . God himself
      The God of Israel Hates the
      Female Haters and Bigots
      Much More than their Male Counterparts, thus when these
      Female Haters ultimately pass away, they will Suffer Much More in Hell & The Lake of Fire
      Because They are Female .
      These Female Haters are Not
      Lady Like at all , Definitely Not
      Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

  • Sean Hannity on Fox News mentioned how the Hamas Terrorists on October 7, 2023
    Murdered in cold blood even the pets , even the innocent animals that belonged to Jewish Israelis
    Sean Hannity is speaking the Truth about how Israel is Morally Right

  • Mike Pompeo is also on Fox News
    Speaking out in Defense of Israel
    Saudi Arabia is Still blaming Israel

  • Recent Articles report that
    Mia Khalifa is getting her Various
    Contracts canceled because of her Disgusting comments
    We All wish her Mother had
    canceled her pregnancy with
    Mia and gotten that Abortion

    • Because of the Fakestinian Attack of October 7, 2023
      How many More Jews and people who are part-Jewish will become
      Even More Sick with
      Jewish Self-Hatred , wishing that they were Not born Jewish , Not liking looking Jewish or sounding Jewish ? Trying to hide their Jewishness , which is often impossible
      What do we think ? Would anyone else like to comment
      JTF is a Great website , jtf.org is the Real Deal

  • Anyone else agree , what other positive things would we like to say about
    Kahane , Plus some have said that when Israel begins it’s
    Ground Invasion of Gaza , it will be Israel’s D-Day, June 6, 1944
    Operation Overlord , the Normandy landings

  • Many people are asking if
    Iran will be held accountable and if Israel will Attack Iran ?
    Did anyone see the articles on
    nytimes.com explaining why Israeli
    “intelligence” failed
    Is this the beginning of a
    Third Intifada or Third World War
    Any Insight ?

  • Those Fakestinian Terrorists of
    October 7, 2023 are so sick and Evil, before they committed the massacre they probably chanted in
    “Let’s Get This Party Started” like the famous
    Song by Korn
    It’s a “party” and “fun” to those people

  • After the events of October 7, 2023
    Many Self-hating Secular Jews in Israel, who still do Not like being Jewish, or looking Jewish or sounding Jewish, at the same time they are Proud
    VERY Proud that they are Not
    Fakestinian, Arab, Iranian or Islamic. They are VERY Proud

    • That they still wish that they were Not born Jewish , but at the same time they are VERY Proud and Happy that they are Not
      Fakestinian, Arab or Iranian

  • After October 7, 2023 a person typed online “Things which need to be said:

    1) There is no “Palestine”. There never was. “Palestine” was an incorrect translation of Philistine into Latin by the Roman-Jewish writer and historian, Josephus (Flavious Josephus).
    2) The people who call themselves “Palestinians” are the descendants of people who chose to leave their homes at the orders of the surrounding Arab countries in 1948. No one was displaced. They were offered Israeli citizenship and refused to accept. Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan convinced these people that the reestablished State of Israel would be gone in short order.
    3) Israel has not had a secure border since 1948: Only Cease-Fire Lines which have been regularly violated by several Countries and Factions for the last 75 years. “

  • The comment also proudly stated
    “The only Democratic Nation in the entire region is Israel. All others are Monarchies, Theocracies or Dictatorships.”

  • Why aren’t More people replying to the comments here ? Why ?

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