• Shalom Chaim and Hag Sameah,
    We always learn something new from your videos that give us much-needed inspiration every week.

  • The traitor Jews who are still in Germany are mostly the ones you can thank. They want multi-culturalism and other filth for Germany and demand more and more and they encourage more nazism and endanger All Jews and Israel. Its sick. If only G-d did another plague of darkness to wipe out these Judenrat traitors like he did in Egypt.

  • It is amazing how people use this “Rabbinic claim” that God killed 80% of his own people in secret when nothing in the text suggests this for Sinat Chinum of Jews who have a different view then their own. Israel shouldn’t be the place for ghetto style Rabbinic dogma that is everything about hatred of your own people and rationalizing it when many don’t agree with you using this absurd Rabbinic claim that God killed 80% of his own anyway.

    • Have you think about something different ? that eventually they would have prevented the Jews to leave Egypt and certainly pharao was successful to make use of them against their brethren , no choice then than a divine action which could explain why God did it!although you are right about the rabbis who mislead the observants to obscure paths!

      • But that is not the way the God of Israel in the torah works Esther. Jews have sinned and God can’t punish them beforehand. That isn’t justice and create an environment of consequences for your actions and if such an action took place the torah would mention it. Furthermore, Moses would have cried out to God as to why this happened and yet nothing in the torah suggest something so dramatic happened in the 9th plague. The reasoning as I said is based on a mentality where Rabbis push views that the majority of Jews “rightfully” don’t agree with by using nonexistence events like this that I have no reason to think ever happened. In Israel today about 85% of Israeli’s dont’ like the Rabbinate. The Rabbis based on their dogma likely would think they should all be killed in secret like the plague of darkness and that is part of our history. I disagree. At the same time though the majority keep major holidays like Passover. That is close to the percent here that they claimed were killed. It clearly promotes Sinat Chinim and intolerance towards legitimate grievances.

        • Replace jewish american org. With Rabbinate and american jews with Jewish Israeli and your explanation resembles to that of the galut not those living in Israel David. I don t know that is the impression i got when i read your last phrase it sounds to me that you are describing the Galut!

  • I don’t know what you are talking about Esther. Most Israeli’s don’t like the Rabbinic system in Israel. Despite this they celebrate Jewish holidays. Which suggests their dislike really has little to do with disliking the obligations God gave them. This has nothing to do with the diaspora but I guess you already have your set ideas to rationalize the hatred of 80% of your people which is the whole problem with this Rabbinic claim in the plague of darkness that doesn’t have a shred of evidence and is illogical to believe that nobody would find out.

    Also do you really think Jews because they have developed some Galot mentality they deserve to be killed for that. You want to talk about hatred and Sinat Chinam. You are there if you think that FOR THIS REASON Jews deserve to be killed.

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