• I would prefer to read an article rather than watch a video.

    • I prefer both. Chaim has interesting videos. His reaction is classic drama. But no one even Fox will dare give him a show on TV.

  • Could’ve had Ted Cruz instead we have the fat oompah loompah.

    I blame the GOP for this. They attacked him so much it polarized the campaign so that he got more support and popularity. When they illegally blocked him from running in Colorado that really did more to promote him than anything!

    And… this farce about the Russia probes and the media’s attacks on him are making him more and more popular so that a 2nd term of this nonsense is now more possible.

    In the end it’ll be just like the last election and the ones before that…

    We can either have an open borders leftist who will allow more third worlds, or another leftist who will flood us with more third worlders.

    A client was telling me the other day at lunch about this travesty, you keep flooding the country with more third world aliens you’re going to have the whole country become third world. America and Europe and to some extent South Africa are the only places that allow themselves to inundate with third world migration.

    The statistics you mentioned BTW are much worse than you imagine… The census workers wont go into a lot of these neighborhoods because its dangerous and a lot of them don’t want to publish, many of them are illegals and are homeless in tent cities in california and others just dodge it.

    California, I’d say its really 80%. non-white. Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Georgia, Oklahoma are also close to that situation. Colorado, Louisiana, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia aren’t that far behind.

    Even the black population is declining. Soon it’ll be nothing but Asians arabs and Latinos. Hardly any white people. You’ll have no choice but to learn spanish and chinese fluently, Russia, Israel and Hungary don’t have this instanity. You have to speak the native language. In Mexico you have to speak Spanish, You can’t speak English but they can come up here and do whatever they want and get away with it. and if you speak up you’re now a racist nazi. Phooey!

    Unite the familes, send them back.

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