Obamacare program costs $50,000 in taxpayer money for every American who gets health insurance, says bombshell budget report

It will cost the federal government – taxpayers, that is – $50,000 for every person who gets health insurance under the Obamacare law, the Congressional Budget Office revealed on Monday. The number comes from figures buried in a 15-page section of the nonpartisan organization´s new ten-year budget outlook. The best-case scenario described by the CBO would result in ´between 24 million and 27 million´ fewer Americans being uninsured in 2025, compared to the year before the Affordable Care Act took effect. Pulling that off will cost Uncle Sam about $1.35 trillion – or $50,000 per head. The numbers are daunting…
Ah yes, isn´t this the same CBO that told us long ago that Obamacare would cut premiums and save money? I´m so very tired of being lied to all the time. I guess it´s too much to expect them ever to tell us the truth about anything. I will repeat myself by saying, the trillion dollar figure is being thrown around like it is nothing. Billions of dollars now look like pocket change. How terribly depressing.


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