• thanks for a most honest accurate assessment of the black American and the slimy politicians that intend to embrace them for political power.

  • …but rand is such a great guy? Just like his father, except he’s tricky.

  • He wants to release these apes from their prison cell. He is not a great guy.

  • Rand Paul is a low amoral degenerate who will turn America into an anarchist zoo.

  • What a piece of garbage this jacka$$ is. I would love to see this stain having the black racist dregs for his neighbors. Once upon a time St.Louis was a great city. Along with all the other cities throughout the U.S. blacks have laid waste to it. When are people going to wake up and use their eyes and common sense ? Look around, it’s just a matter of fact that the blacks destroy everywhere they inhabit and nothing is ever better from their presence. They contribute nothing and destroy much. I’ve written them off and don’t see much hope for them. They just don’t get it. they have made no progress as a race for last last 50 years despite receiving free education, lodgings, food, job and schools tests dumbed down in order for them to succeed, but instead of making progress they have actually gone backwards. No hope for most of them.

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