Rigged rules in Trump-Biden debates; JTF donors literally save Jewish lives (video)


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  • A person typed online today
    “First the Jew transmitted the moral code to the world and then he revolutionized the world with his high-tech genius.

    A people such as this cannot—and will not—ever disappear.”

    • Furthermore, Regarding
      Anti-Semitism, for the sake of Argument
      If After the Horrors of the Nazi Holocaust , a Jewish State,
      Sovereign Jewish Nation was Established in 1948
      Not in The Holy Land. the Land of Israel, what some call
      But if a Jewish Nation was Established on a Completely Empty Unpopulated Chunk of Land Elsewhere in the World, that Nobody Else wanted , and Countless Jews Moved There , Millions of Jews Moved there , with Not a Single Non-Jew living in the Jewish Nation outside of the Middle East

      • Even if a Jewish Nation was established outside the Middle East in 1948 , the Whole World would be Against it
        The Whole World would Hate it

    • Fred Maroun typed online earlier today
      “100,000 Israelis are still displaced from their homes. Why doesn’t the mainstream media ever talk about that?”

    • Anyone ever wonder why it is so nearly Impossible to
      “Fight Anti-semitism” and Nothing it seems stops people from hating Jews and Israel
      Why is it almost impossible to Change people’s minds on Jews and Israel
      It seems 99.999 percent of the time, once they are an Anti-Semite, Jew-Hater , they Never Change
      Why Goddammit

    • A person typed online today
      Refuting the Genocide Libel against Israel
      “If Palestinians, have the ability to stay alive
      by simply not Killing Israelis, then they are not
      facing a genocide
      If the Israelis have the ability to stay alive only
      because of their tremendous defense systems then they are
      facing a genocide” Israel Needs to have a
      Tremendous Defense Systems and Intelligence Agencies
      24/7 , 365 days a Year , they can’t let their
      Guard down for even a Second

    • From the 2012 episode of
      Family Guy “Tea Peter”
      See the part starting
      around 3:27 in the video
      Sadly it’s very true in Real Life

    • nypost.com has an article headlined
      “Don’t buy Rashida Tlaib & Co.’s lie: ‘From the river to the sea’ has always meant erasing Israel”
      By David Adesnik and Ahmad Sharawi
      Published May 16, 2024

    • nypost.com has an article headlined “Take off the masks, you anti-Israel cowards! Protesters aren’t really scared of COVID — they’re hiding shame of their prejudice”
      Douglas Murray
      Published May 16, 2024

  • aish.com has an article headlined
    “Don’t Be Surprised by Antisemitism”
    by Elliot Mathias
    May 15, 2024

  • A person typed online today
    “Another one: Elizabeth Pipko is on tv lying that Israel was ‘created for Jews to have a ‘state’ free of persecution. On what planet??

    Israel was LIBERATED so that Jews could reclaim sovereignty in the Jewish homeland.

    #sloganZionists are not helping”

  • A person typed online
    “Brigitte Gabriel, a Lebanese Arab, is a blood sister of the Jewish people.

    I’d rather have her of my side than 10,000 maniacal leftist Jews.”

  • Have Brain Scans ever been done of Severe Jew-Haters
    And Anti-Semites , Anti-Israel Bigots
    Cat Scan, MRI , etc. to Study the
    Phenomenon of Anti-Semitism
    A Serious Question , maybe this could help somewhat to Combat Anti-semitism
    Granted Not Every Anti-Semite or
    Jew-Hater is a Full Blown Nazi , a
    Hitler , it’s like on a Scale of
    1-10 type of thing
    Not a clear cut Black and White type of thing, there are shades of grey , Often
    It’s Not a Dichotomy, that some people are or are not Anti-Semites or

  • blogs.timesofisrael.com has an article by
    Sam Lehman-Wilzig headlined
    “Anti-Semitism Backfires” on
    MAY 17, 2024

  • degruyter.com has an article headlined
    “Chapter 11 Epistemic Antisemitism, or “Good People Gone Wild”: How Decent People Can Be Antisemites and Not Even Know It”
    Andrew Pessin

  • Fred Maroun typed online today
    “My dream team:

    Prime Minister: Naftali Bennett
    Minister of Defense: Yoav Gallant
    Minister of Foreign Affairs: Benny Gantz”

  • Anyone like that 2004
    Gwen Stefani song “Rich Girl”

  • Did anyone hear that a Helicopter carrying Iranian President Raisi crashed local media reports

    A helicopter carrying Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi crashed while visiting a northern region and his condition is currently unknown, Iranian state news agency IRNA reported Sunday.
    Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope Raisi died in the Crash

    • A person typed online
      “From the River to the Sea, where the Hell is Raisi? 😂😆”

    • It will mean nothing. They will replace him with another vicious raghead.

    • A person typed online today
      “Maybe God had His full of that hostile Israel hating tyrant of Iran, Raisi. So He killed that Islamic SOB. After all, God love Israel so much that He even views her as His “special treasure.” Psalm 135:4 [N.K.J.V.]”
      & also typed
      “Many Iranians have every right to be glad that this cruel oppressive tyrant, Raisi, is now dead.

      Those thugs in uniform, who are called “the Revolutionary Guards, he was able to infect dreadful terroristic fear on the Iranian people.

      Related to this, Benjamin Franklin had rightly and wisely printed in his periodical POOR RICHARD’S ALMANAC “Those who are feared are also hated.”
      “” All the days of the oppressed are wretched.” Proverbs 15:15. [N.I.V.]”
      “That now dead tyrant. Raisi had, some gall to say that the Iranian people who are striving for freedom against his Islamic tyranny are “waging war on God.” For in reality in the light of both Proverbs and Ecclesiastes that are two Bible books that Islam instructs Muslims to respect, that “Islamic Republic of Iran’ has all the characteristics of an oppressive evil monstrosity and so is its President Ebrahim Raisi

      For that tyrant/dictator Raisi is well described in Proverbs 28:15. Which reads, “Like a roaring lion or a charging bear is a wicked ruler over a helpless people.” [N.I.V.]

      As for that honorific regime that oppresses the people and denied them their natural hum rights, the Bible in Proverbs 15;15 reads “All the days of the oppressed are wretched.”

      Further, in Ecclesiastes 4:1 it is written “I saw the tears of the oppressed – and they have no comforter; power is on the side of the oppressor.”

      In conclusion, Raisi and his Islamic news agency of had falsely accused the Iranian people who are the protester of “waging war on God.”

      It’s now Raisi who is now trapped and languishing in the fires of hell.”
      Good that Raisi was killed

  • John Cusack is a creep
    Also nypost.com has an article headlined
    “Two Jordanian nationals in ICE custody over breach at Quantico Marine base: Possible ‘ISIS dry run’ ”
    By Megan Palin
    Published May 17, 2024

  • A person typed online today
    “Many liberals who think they have come to terms with the unconscious anti-Black racism in the country have no clue about the anti-Jewish racism, which is even more deeply embedded in our culture (and Europe, the Middle East and much of Asia and Africa). They have no clue about how they routinely apply double-standards to Jews and to Israel.”

  • You said
    “vicious raghead” now
    American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committe ADC is going to cry and whine that that remark is
    “Racist” against Arabs

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