• The music 🎶 is fine, but the lyrics leave a lot to be desired.

    • You forgot gerbilling 🐹

    • The term “gay” is just one more example of the hijacking of the English language by those who are painting a target on the United States of America UNDER GOD.
      The more accurate term is:
      men who choose to perform lewd and abominable acts of sodomy with one another
      People of faith are not “homophobic”. We are DEO-phobic.
      We fear the God who bans lewd and abominable acts of sodomy between men.

      • Some people have actually compared the 1969
        Stonewall Riots in New York City to the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943

  • thanks for this – they will all rot in hell together and anyone who supports them will be going too

  • Send it to Hannity and tucker carlson.

  • Send it to Anderson Cooper.

  • The new sodomite banner looks like the fakestinian flag.

  • If someone feels he cannot change his homosexuality, he can still live a life without sex. Because it is not the inclination per se, but the homosexual ACT which is a sin.
    I said it to gay guy and he called me homophobic. How can it be homophobic when I tell him how he can live a better life? I did not offend him I did not attack him. They are just sick.

  • Chaim, Your not too bright. I hope they all fucking get aids and die (not the good conservative ones that dont do this)
    but its a very sarcastic video trying to say that we, normal people who are against them, are trrified of them because we think there monsters so in the song, there trying to be funny saying, : there coming to get our children” basically making fun of us

    • Never Forget that Yasser Arafat died of AIDS in 2004
      It was definitely AIDS that killed him . Israel should have turned Arafat’s dead body into
      Dog food

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