• The music 🎶 is fine, but the lyrics leave a lot to be desired.

    • You forgot gerbilling 🐹

    • The term “gay” is just one more example of the hijacking of the English language by those who are painting a target on the United States of America UNDER GOD.
      The more accurate term is:
      men who choose to perform lewd and abominable acts of sodomy with one another
      People of faith are not “homophobic”. We are DEO-phobic.
      We fear the God who bans lewd and abominable acts of sodomy between men.

  • thanks for this – they will all rot in hell together and anyone who supports them will be going too

  • Send it to Hannity and tucker carlson.

  • Send it to Anderson Cooper.

  • The new sodomite banner looks like the fakestinian flag.

  • If someone feels he cannot change his homosexuality, he can still live a life without sex. Because it is not the inclination per se, but the homosexual ACT which is a sin.
    I said it to gay guy and he called me homophobic. How can it be homophobic when I tell him how he can live a better life? I did not offend him I did not attack him. They are just sick.

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