Supreme Court Rejects Plan for Amona Alternative Homes; Expelled Jews Are Homeless

Gee, thanks for screwing your people, Netanyahu. You are such a “real right winger” who cares more about terrorists and the UN than innocent Jewish lives.

As the orderly and disorderly eviction of the Jewish families of Amona in Samaria, the Supreme Court on Wednesday night has announced that the deal between the government and the Amona residents for an alternative location near the original site is null and void.

The court embraced the arguments of the Arab claimants and the anti-Zionist NGO Yesh Din, saying the promised lands were actually privately owned by local Arabs.

The ruling was made by a two to one majority, with the sole Arab Justice on the court Salim Jubran and Justice Yoram Danziger voting against the Jews of Amona, and American-born Justice Neal Hendel, a religious Jew, supporting the alternative housing plan for the expelled residents.

As things stand right now, on Wednesday night, Feb. 1, 2017, there are no homes available for the evicted population.

One Amona resident told News 0404 that he and his friends feel cheated. “They gave us the Little Red Riding Hood drill,” he said, referring to the part of the Grimm Brothers tale where the main character is told she’s visiting Grandma when, in fact, she’s about to be eaten alive by the wolf.

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