• After the October 7, 2023 Attacks a person typed online
    “In 2018, Dr Michael Ben-Ari , a student of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane when speaking about the Gazans said that their dream was to cross the border and slaughter the Jews in the nearby villages.
    He was right.
    100% right.

    He was so right in fact, that on the grounds of “racism”, HE WAS BANNED FOR RUNNING FOR THE KNESSET.”

    • jns.org on October 26, 2023 has an article headlined
      “Palestinians demand sympathy while spreading hate” by
      Jonathan S. Tobin
      Has anyone read it ?

    • A person typed online several days after the Attacks of
      October 7, 2023 that
      “What American’s Should Know About the Palestinians

      The leftist Democrats are wrong, they state “the majority of the Palestinians are not Hamas.” They fail to tell Americans that the Palestinian Authorities Charter offers a “bounty” to the families
      whose family members have killed Israelis and this is a lifelong
      pension. They fail to tell Americans that a majority of Palestinians elected Hamas as their government in Gaza. They fail to tell Americans that a majority of the people of Gaza were outside celebrating the barbaric Hamas terror attack on Israel. They fail to tell Americans that the residents of Gaza and the West Bank were celebrating the 911 terror attack in New York. They fail to tell Americans that Hamas has spent $90 million on terror network tunnels in order to attack Israel, a great deal of that money was given by the U.S. in aid but stolen by Hamas. There is no defense, the Palestinians actively support terrorism, whether it be Hamas, Hezbollah or Islamic Jihad. They cheer, encourage their males to fight Israel so that they make get their bounty pension. The Leftist Democrats and their media outlets (ABC News, CBS News, NBC New, MSDNC, CNN, BBC) are dead wrong in favoring the Palestinians in their “Yellow Journalism” coverage. Trump had it right, no aid to Palestine since the U.S. could not be certain that it wouldn’t be used to support terrorism.”

      • The whole World still cries for the Precious “Palestinians” the
        “innocent civilians” in Gaza
        What about the Countless
        Israeli Civilians living in Deadly Fear of Terrorist Attacks, the Countless Israeli Civilians Displaced after October 7, 2023

    • Chaim,
      Jerusalem Center For Public Affairs

      jcpa.org  has a PDF article headlined

      “Jewish Lives Matter: Human Rights and Anti-Semitism”

      by F Nirenstei

    • Mitch McConnell said on
      October 22 , 2023 that
      Russia, Iran, China & North Korea are a New Axis of Evil

    • acoherentobservation.org has an article headlined
      Posted on October 27, 2023 by Islestradition
      Meir Kahane is Mentioned in it

    • A famous quote by Meir Kahane
      “There is no greater anti-Semite that the Jewish one, and none hates the Jewish people more than the Jewish traitor and apostate.”

    • A person typed online after
      October 7, 2023 regarding
      Anti-Semites that
      “It took me many years to understand; they love Jews as long as they’re dead. Most everyone decries the Holocaust and the death camps and rightfully so. Yet, many of these same people hate Jews in general & Israel in particular. There’s a disconnect in rational thinking.
      Jew hatred truly is spiritual”

    • vvdailypress.com has an article on October 11, 2023 headlined
      “Israel is here to stay, Scripture promises peace for their people” by Pastor
      Michael F. Chandler

    • Many people have wondered if
      Palestinians are lying or exaggerating about mass casualties , are they inflating their number of casualties

    • Is Chuck Hagel an
      Anti-Semite or somewhat anti-semitic ? Like on a scale of
      1 to 10 with 10 being the most
      What about the late
      Colin Powell
      Former United States Secretary of State , or Warren Christopher

    • blogs.timesofisrael.com has an article headlined
      “Terrorism Denial – Why Hamas Attempts to Deny”
      OCT 16, 2023, by Lev Tapor

    • blogs.timesofisrael.com
      has an article headlined
      “Dear world: I don’t care” on
      OCT 30, 2023 by Avi Lewis

    • jewishpress.com has an article headlined
      “Is Everyone REALLY Kahane Today?”
      By Shmuel Sackett October 30, 2023
      Very Good Points are made in this article

    • jewishpress.com has an article headlined
      “Israel Has Changed Forever, Have You?”
      By Rabbi Efrem Goldberg on
      October 29, 2023

    • frontpagemag.com
      has an article headlined
      “Israel is Here to Stay”
      July 6, 2023 by Hugh Fitzgerald

    • From the Jerusalem Post
      jpost.com an article is headlined
      “Fox spotted along walls of Temple Mount sparks talk of prophecy”
      By TZVI JOFFRE JULY 27, 2023
      Did anyone see it ?

    • Bolivia cut diplomatic ties with Israel , it’s their loss


  • Is the Israeli Government, Military and Politicians paying attention to this video by Chaim

  • static1.squarespace.com has a PDF article headlined
    “A Map of Internalized Anti-Semitism for White Ashkenazi Jews in the U.S.
    Terror: Fear of the unpredictable”

  • Did anyone see the satire website
    themideastbeast.com Some of the articles mention Kahane

  • Let’s give Kahanism a try.
    what do we have to lose???

    • I heard that Meir Kahane would have gotten Far More Votes from the Israeli People if he focused Solely on the Arab Problem , that while they agreed with Kahane on the Arab Problem, many didn’t Vote for him because he wanted Israel to be a Religious Jewish State , what about the Secular

  • Derek Chauvin has a legal defense fund you can donate to.

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