• Some Jews have a death wish about them in that they really don’t feel comfortable about living in a hostile country or city and then complain about the anti semitism all around them. Knowing that the Ukrainians hate the Jews and have always hated the Jewish People, why promote life in Ukraine? Why did Chabad open up many centers all over this anti semitic country? The answer to these questions is quite simple. Jewish People act as if they did something wrong and as such seem to like torturing themselves. You see this in the State of Israel as well. Jewish People go out of their way to help the Arabs kill them. They support the Arabs, feed them, and give them medical treatments so that the Arabs can be stronger. This is one reason why I do not support anyone in Israel. Supporting Jews who wish themselves dead is not a good investment.

    • Cody, you are correct, While Ukraine currently has the brave Jewish President Zelensky fighting off the Russian Invasion . Still many Ukrainians remain deeply anti-semitic. Arabs are Simply the Worst people in the World. As the Bible verse Genesis 16:12 predicted. Plus Arabs murder their own people, practice Cannibalism, Animal Cruelty, beheadings, drinking human blood, the list goes on. Arabs are the most Ugly Worthless Miserable people in the World. The thing is Arabs and so-called “Palestinians” see any act of Kindness or Compassion as Weakness, and they only respond with Hate, Violence and Terrorism. Arabs and so-called “Palestinians” deserve nothing and Must be given nothing, not a single penny. Arabs have No Conscience, No Morals, No Empathy, not the slightest shred of Humanity or Decency within them. They are the most Heartless Selfish Stubborn Dishonest people in the World. The Arab Nations need to pay Israel Trillions upon Trillions of Dollars for the 800,000 Jews they expelled from their Nations in 1948. It is the Arab Nazi Terrorist Regimes that owe Israel Trillions upon Trillions of Dollars..
      The “Palestinian people” are a Fake Invented Fictional people, the Worst Invention in Human History, we all wish they were Never Invented, the
      “Palestinians” are the biggest Hoax , the biggest Hoax in Human History .
      Plus after the “Abraham Accords” of 2020 , Demon-crat Arab Muslim
      “Palestinian” congresswoman
      Rashida Tlaib appears in pictures protesting the Accords & “Normalization” with the UAE & Bahrain. Tlaib appears in Pictures with other Ugly hate-filled Arabs, you can see that Rashida Tlaib is literally foaming at the Mouth with Rage, foaming at the Mouth, just like a Rabies Infected Ugly Rabid Mad Dog , she looked just like
      Cujo, just like Cujo the Ugly Rabies infected Rabid Mad Dog from the 1983 Horror Movie of the same name. Just like Cujo .
      Plus many have said that
      Rashida Tlaib in her pictures looks like the Ugly Arab Female version of The Joker from the Batman Movie Franchise, that Rashida Tlaib has an ugly sinister smile and toothy grin just like
      The Joker. Tlaib and the other Ugly Loser Members of
      “The Squad” should be Voted out of Office the Next Time they run for Re-election. Vote them Out ..

      • An online article by
        Wayne Jackson says in part about Genesis 16:12 and the Arabs that
        “Ishmael was characterized as a “wild ass.” What is the significance of that expression? Several ideas have been suggested. Hamilton contends that the habitat of the wild ass is in the waste places (cf. Job 39:5-8), hence, the idea is that of a life of nomadic existence (454).

        Anderson/Freedman thought that the figure hints of a “forlorn and friendless” existence (505; cf. Genesis 21:20). Baur/Harrison suggested that the wild ass was a creature proverbially skilled at escape — only a hunter of “obvious prowess” could capture him (Bromiley, 905).

        All of these descriptives are traits of the bedouin tribes of the Arabian peninsula.

        His Hand Against Every Man
        Of special interest, though, is the foreboding indication that the descendants of Ishmael would be a fierce people — “his hand against every man, every man’s hand against him” (Genesis 16:12).

        Moses wrote that the Ishmaelite “abode over against all his brethren” (Genesis 25:18; cf. 16:12b). Many scholars believe that this language reflects a hostile disposition (cf. NIV).

        William Beck’s, An American Translation, renders the phrase: “They fought with all their relatives.” E.A. Speiser argued that the language depicts the attacks characteristically made upon the Ishmaelites’ various kinsmen (188).

        History has amply illustrated the warlike temperament of the Arabian people. Thomas Newton, who traced the bloody history of the Arabs with precision, said these people

        “live in a state of continual war with the rest of the world … they have been such enemies of mankind, it is no wonder that mankind have been enemies to them again” (23).

        Many nations have fought against these rugged people, but none has been able to subdue them completely.

        Herodotus, the Greek historian, notes that the Persians were never able to conquer the Arabians (III.88). Strabo, the geographer, said that when Alexander the Great overturned the Persian empire, of the surrounding peoples who sued for peace, only the Arabs resisted. Alexander’s preparation to engage them in battle was terminated by his premature death.

        When the Romans swept from the west to the east, they were never able to reduce the Arab peoples to a province. Pompey, the Roman general who vanquished so much of the Mediterranean world, failed to subjugate the fierce Arabs.

        Later, the emperor Trajan attempted to conquer these peoples, and though he was not without isolated victories, his objective ultimately failed. Meanwhile, these bedouin continued their ravages in various Roman provinces.”

      • But seriously the 4 ugly females in “The Squad” look like the younger dumber uglier version of The Golden Girls, those 4 Losers have a total collective IQ of Negative 100 ,
        -100 . They really are that stupid, can’t wait to see them get Voted out next time they run for re-election .

        • Plus around 2 years ago on
          Facebook a man said about AOC that
          “the lady is so dumb she probably has put Diesel fuel in a unleaded vehicle” and said AOC is a Moron

      • In 2019 Israel was right to ban those two characters
        Rashida Tlaib & Ilhan Omar from visiting the country.
        Israel was Right to bar them from going on their stupid little
        playdate visit to Israel to spew
        Lies and Propaganda.
        Can’t wait to see them both get Voted Out next time they run for re-election . They are as stupid as they are Ugly . Also did you hear the rumors that
        Ilhan Omar Married her own brother..? Look it up online..

        • People on the Internet have pointed out that
          Ilhan Omar sounds just like a Serpent when she speaks , just like a Serpent, and that she has problems with her Saliva. Anyone else hear the rumor that she
          Married her Brother ?
          The Question is Why would
          Ilhan Omar marry her brother ..?
          Can’t wait to see the 4 ugly stupid Losers in
          “The Squad” get Voted Out next election day ,

      • Now Israel unjustly gets blamed for the death of
        Fakestinian-American Al Jazeera “Journalist”
        Shireen Abu Akleh , when we all know her death was probably the fault of the other
        Fakestinians ,
        The Media is lying, as always everyone hates the Jews and Israel,

        • In the Bible, Jeremiah said, “saying ‘peace, peace’ when there is no peace” (Jeremiah 6:14; 8:11).
          These verses in
          Jeremiah remind countless people of the Cowardly Traitor Self-Hating Political Leaders & Government, Military in Israel

          • Even more disturbing is how some Loser
            Anti-Semites on the Internet actually said
            “Jews killed the Dinosaurs” and they even gave Insane conspiracy theories why they think “The Jews” killed the Dinosaurs

    • Cody, another horrible Arab person was the late Helen Thomas, of the White House press corps, she thankfully died in 2013 at the age of 92. She was an Ugly as Hell
      Lebanese Arab woman, she had an evil Arab Soul , just as ugly on the inside as on the outside. In fact her Arab looks were so Ugly and grotesque, hideous, that
      Freddy Krueger from The Nightmare on Elm Street film series was Far better looking than her. Helen Thomas looked like an Ugly Arab Wicked Witch, she was born ugly, even in her younger years she was probably Ugly as Hell, must have been all that Arab Incest & Inbreeding which is Very Common in the Arab World.

      • Agreed. I used to think Helen Thomas was a self hating Jew she was so ugly. I was surprised but then again not that surprised.

        • Kyle, Everyone knows that Arabs are the most Ugly Worthless Useless Miserable, primitive, barbaric hate-filled race of people in the World. As many have pointed out their widespread paedophilia and bestiality are very disturbing. There are videos online of Arab parents teaching their
          Ugly Retarded Arab Children to hate and Murder Jews and become Terrorists. Arab Christians are no better. Arab Christians are rotten to the core also.
          The late radio DJ
          Casey Kasem was another Arab Monster who was a vile Jew-Hater.
          When a few, when a very few small number of Arabs tell the truth about how evil, wicked and defective, undesirable Arabs are, that really says alot when a few Arabs admit what Terrible, Horrible, Dysfunctional people Arabs are . For the most part they are a race of serial killers, mass murderers & cowardly cold-blooded killers. Could you imagine any Arab or Muslim person being as brave as the Jewish President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky , people have said Zelensky is a Modern day Maccabee

          • I know I did agree. But I had no idea Casey Kasen was an Arab Nazi. That surprised me!!

            I remember I used to like him when I was a kid. The top 20 countdowns on TV Land, He was shaggy on Scooby Doo, he had a great radio program, I had no idea he was a Lebanese Nazi scumbag. That’s sad.

            I heard from a scholar in Orange california BTW that the Arabs are not really Ishmaelites that the Ishmaelites were Indians or Pakistanis. The Arabs are really Hamites and Canaanites.

          • Plus even Atheist Arabs are just as bad, wicked and evil as the Christian & Muslim Arabs and
            Fakistinian people.
            There is No
            “Cycle of Violence” Everything, literally Everything is the Fault of the Arabs and
            Fakistinians .
            The Arabs & Fakistinians are very sneaky crafty master liars. We Cannot be fooled by their Propaganda and Lies

        • Townhall.com has an article headlined
          “The Radical Evil Of The Palestinian Arab Population”
          by Ben Shapiro on June 20, 2007

      • Plus the website aish.com has an article about the late old Arab hag , about the Arab scarecrow Helen Thomas , the article is headlined
        “Helen Thomas: The Ugly Truth” by .July 31, 2013 | by David Nesenoff
        At least Freddy Krueger wasn’t a Vile Arabian battle-axe like Helen Thomas was

    • jews in hollyweird n new york are far leftist liberals who go out of their way
      to help the enemy instead of helping eachother n those that really need it.
      “liberalism is a mental disorder “………..

    • Cody, did you ever hear of the Horrible Ukrainian Cossack Riots of 1648-1649 that killed an estimated 100,000 Jews
      From Wikipedia it says about the Ukrainian Disturbing Graphic Cruelty in these riots

      “Nathan ben Moses Hannover, whose book ” The Abyss of Despair (Yeven Metzulah) ” is the best-known chronicle of events, described what he heard about the riots in the eastern bank that fell into the hands of the rebels:

      “many communities beyond the Dnieper, and close to the battle field, such as Pereyaslaw, Baryszowka, Piratyn, and Boryspole, Lubin and Lachowce and their neighbors, who were unable to escape, perished for the sanctification of His Name. These persons died cruel and bitter deaths. Some were skinned alive and their flesh was thrown to the dogs; some had their hands and limbs chopped off, and their bodies thrown on the highway only to be trampled by wagons and crushed by horses; some had wounds inflicted upon them, and thrown on the street to die a slow death; they writhed in their blood until they breathed their last; others were buried alive. The enemy slaughtered infants in the laps of their mothers. They were sliced into pieces like fish. They slashed the bellies of pregnant women, removed their infants and tossed them in their faces. Some women had their bellies torn open and live cats placed in them. The bellies were then sewed up with the living cats remaining within. They chopped off the hands of the victims so that they would not be able to remove the cats from the bellies. The infants were hung on the breasts of their mothers. Some children were pierced with spears, roasted on the fire and then brought to their mothers to be eaten. Many times they used the bodies of Jewish children as improvised bridges upon which they later crossed. There was no cruel device of murder in the whole world that was not perpetrated by the enemies.”

      — Nathan ben Moses Hannover, The Abyss of Despair (Yeven Metzulah), chapter IV”

      • Terrible how the Ukrainian Cossack Riots of 1648-1649 , the Ukrainians were almost as Barbaric as Fakestinians and other Arabs, plus Just Watch how after the Jewish President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky Saves Ukraine, after Ukraine ultimately Wins this War against Russia, many Ukrainians will still be Vile Anti-Semites and Jew-Haters almost as bad as the
        Fakestinians and other Arabs

        • Most Americans would agree that all the
          “Free Speech” on American College & University Campuses has gone too Far, It’s more like Hate Speech and Incitement to Violence, Not Protected Speech
          The Anti-Semitism, Jew-Hatred and Anti-Zionist, Anti-Israel Hate is too Extreme
          Why should Jewish and Pro-Israel students have to endure hate crimes and a Hostile Environment, Harassment, And it’s called
          “Free Speech” such BS, When this type of “Free Speech” would Never, Never in a Million Years be Tolerated Against any other group of people, But it’s Tolerated against Jews and Israel. Plus supporters of Palestine and Palestinians are Hypocrites, And Liars they Support Free Speech only for themselves, Not for people they disagree with.
          Why should Jewish students and Staff and other Pro-Israel students have to endure a Hostile, Threatening Environment and be the Victim of Hate Crimes and Violence. The Nazi
          Supporters of Palestine and Palestinians on College and University Campuses are Very Hateful Immature Childish Juvenile, They are basically illiterate, They never act like Adults
          As usual Everyone unjustly hates the Jews and Israel, The only Democracy in the Mideast
          What about the Civil Rights and Safety of
          Jewish Students and Staff on Campus, Of
          Israel Supporters.

    • Cody, it’s Sickening how much
      Humanitarian Aid Israel and Jews give to the Fakestinians , you Never see Fakestinian people giving any humanitarian Aid to Israel or the Jews. The Fakestinians and Arabs deserve Nothing and must be given Nothing, not a single penny.
      The Israeli Government and Military is Incompetent.
      A good person to read online is
      Fred Maroun, he is a
      Lebanese Arab who Exposes
      Arab Chauvinism, Arab Hypocrisy, Evil & Wickedness

  • Thank you! So glad I came to listen to you

    Anon Jew, USA

  • According to the ministry of economics, annual inflation jumped to 12.5% as of March 11 from 10.4% the previous week. plsHelpUkraine03202217

  • Kyle, Another Hate-Filled Ugly Lebanese Arab is Mia Khalifa, how the hell did she ever get to be a Porn Star ? With or Without glasses she is Ugly as Hell , doesn’t a Woman have to be decent looking to get into the Adult Industry
    The thing with Arabs is that for the most part, almost all Arabs are Inherently Evil, Wicked and literally born evil, see the Bible verse
    Genesis 16:12 for more proof of this, yet those Arabs who are born evil, wicked, diabolical & demonic, out of their own Free Will & Volition they deliberately choose to be Even More Evil, Wicked, & Heartless. However God still holds them accountable for wicked deeds that they choose to commit even though they can’t help being born evil , wicked. and having the mentality of ugly evil creeping spiders. Thus when these Evil Arabs ultimately pass away, they are held fully accountable before God for their Evil ways. Even before 9/11 , long before
    September 11, 2001 most Americans had a strong dislike of Arabs . I don’t “hate” Arabs, Hate is what Arabs do. I’m just not a big fan of those people, even though Everything is Their Fault

    • Kyle, a friend of mine pointed out that everytime in the past when he would shop in various ugly dumpy run-down Arab
      Grocery stores that the Arab workers couldn’t control themselves and stop themselves from making Racist & Anti-Semitic comments behind customer’s backs. Which is why he stopped purchasing anything from Arab Grocery stores completely. It got that bad the Arab unprofessionalism and nasty Racist, Anti-Semitic comments that Arabs made.

    • It’s so creepy that today
      Mia Khalifa is trending on Twitter,
      Her ugly Arab Face is Everywhere

  • The Ugly Hadid Sisters, the
    “Models” Gigi & Bella are more Proof of Arab Evil & Wickedness, even though they are Only Half
    Arab “Fakistinian” and half Dutch
    In the latest War started by the Arabs against Israel in May 2021, the Ugly
    No-Talent Hadid sisters spewed anti-semitic Drivel non-stop on their Social Media accounts.
    Their Ugly Arab Half is showing

    • The Ugly Retarded Hadid Sisters Lie and compare Israel’s Self-Defense against Fakestinian Terrorism to Russia’s War Against
      Ukraine , look up articles online
      Bella Hadid had cosmetic surgery on her nose years ago ..
      Arabs are the Worst

  • cansino.com has an article headlined
    “The Uniqueness of Palestinian Terrorism”
    May 30, 2002
    By Prof. Louis Rene Beres, Purdue University
    and Alessandra Delgado, Lima, Peru , A Must Read

  • evelyncgordon.com has a Superb article headlined
    “Why Aren’t Tibetans Knifing Chinese?”
    Published November 11, 2015 by
    Evelyn Gordon
    A must read article that Refutes
    “Fakistinian” Lies

  • G-d is punishing America and the world for supporting nazi Ukraine. Higher and higher gas prices, higher costs, inflation, supply bottlenecks, food shortages, cutbacks, ETC.

    All this to support a bunch of nazis and a president who is a token jew who hates himself and who isn’t really a practicing Jew! Who supports nazis against his own people.

    BTW, Ukraine’s human rights record is worse than Russia’s. WAY WORSE.

    Ukraine and Russia’s war is not our war. Not our problem. Putin should Blitz them to oblivion and then give Zelensky the Nicolae Ceaușescu Job.

    • Many of the Russian people have always hated the Jews also , that’s the sad ugly truth

    • Kyle, Another Sick ugly truth about Arabs is their Insane
      “Camel Beauty Pageants”
      Google it. This along with the Usual Arab Cannibalism, Arabs murdering other Arabs, drinking of human blood, beheadings, human sacrifice , Animal Cruelty, Bestiality, Paedophilia, are all Very Very Disturbing Facts about the Arab World . Probably countless people are glad that they aren’t Arab.

    • Kyle, recently many Arabs have
      Shamelessly Exploited the tragedy of the War on Ukraine , to Spew Lies and hatred against Jews and Israel, to Spew Fakistinian Propaganda

  • The late Rush Limbaugh and other Conservative Political Commentators knew the ugly truth about Arabs & Islam .

  • jews in hollyweird n new york are far leftist liberals who go out of their way
    to help the enemy instead of helping eachother n those that really need it.
    “liberalism is a mental disorder “………..

  • A disturbing fact is how
    Many Arabs & Muslims Spew hate against Jews & Israel. Even certain Ugly Arab & Muslim “celebrities” Spew hate against Jews and Israel. Yet when decent people point out their Lies, and Hypocrisy these Arabs & Muslims love to cry
    “Islamophobia” or “Racism” and then talk about “Free Speech” but they support Free Speech for themselves only, not for people they disagree with
    They can dish out hate , but can’t take it , they can’t handle the truth
    Remember the famous expression
    “Truth is called hate to those who Hate the Truth”

  • Many Europeans are Horrible Terrible people, that’s the sad truth, their Lust and Desire to see
    Jews killed didn’t end with the Nazi Holocaust
    and did you know that During the Yom Kippur war Europe as a whole refused to supply Israel with urgently needed weaponry, while Russia immediately started resupplying the Arab states. Even worse, those same European states refused permission for US Air force planes flying to Israel to land and refuel in Europe, even at US air force bases in Europe. And at the beginning of that war Israel was in dire straits for a while
    In 1973 the Vile Europeans wanted the savage Arabs to finish what Hitler started .

  • It’s also disturbing how some Arab and Non-Arab writers Whine and Cry about Anti-Arab Sentiment in America. Boo hoo ,
    Oh Boo Hoo, while failing to realize that The Arabs themselves are to blame for why Americans don’t like them, the way Arabs are is why many people don’t like them

  • Another article about the
    Fakestinian people is from
    realclearworld.com headlined
    “Yes, Palestinians Are an Invented People”
    By Caroline Glick
    December 13, 2011
    A Must read

    • Another article exposing the Lie of the Fakestinian people is from
      besacenter.org headlined
      “Palestinians: Invented People”
      By Prof. Michael Curtis December 20, 2011

  • meforum.org has a superb article exposing the Lie of the
    Fakestinian people , the article is headlined
    “Founding National Myths
    Fabricating Palestinian History”
    by David Bukay
    Middle East Quarterly
    Summer 2012, pp. 23-30

  • From sidroth.org an article about
    Fakestinians is headlined
    “Where Did the Palestinian People Come From?”
    March 3, 2016

    By Shira Sorko-Ram

  • Also we should read the articles on the website imninalu.net
    It Exposes the Lie of the
    Fakestinian people

  • Some good websites that Expose the sad ugly truth about Islam are
    & the Islam section on

  • After Yasser Arafat died of AIDS in
    2004, countless people wish that
    Israel had turned Arafat’s dead body into dog food

  • Funny Joke,
    What song did the Egyptians play at the funeral of
    Anwar Sadat ?
    Answer: I Love A Parade

  • targetofopportunity.com has a
    Superb article headlined
    “The Truth About the
    Palestinian People”
    About the Lie of the Fakestinian people , the worst Invention in human history

  • A good book to read is titled
    “The Arab Lobby: The Invisible Alliance That Undermines America’s Interests in the Middle East” by Mitchell Bard, we need to reject Toxic Arab, Muslim and Fakestinian Propaganda and Lies , we can never be deceived by
    Arab Poison

  • It’s Sickening the Privilege that
    Fakestinian people have
    jns.org has an article about this headlined

    “On ‘Palestinian Privilege’ ” on May 20, 2021 by Yisrael Medad

  • More about the Sickening Privilege and Special treatment Fakestinian people get
    From the Jerusalem Post,
    jpost.com an article is headlined
    “Calling Israeli actions ‘provocation’ is Palestinian privilege ”
    By YISRAEL MEDAD Published: JUNE 17, 2021
    Plus the website papers.ssrn.com has an article headlined
    “The Privileged Palestinian ‘Refugees’ by Efraim Karsh on
    June 5, 2018 , click on the links provided in the papers.ssrn.com article

  • Plus the website
    eretzyisroel.org has Superb Articles exposing Fakestinian Lies
    One article is headlined
    “Why are Palestinian Refugees treated differently than all other refugees in the world?” Another is headlined
    “Palestinian Refugees, were denied resettlement opportunities” about how the Arab Nations Exploited the Fakestinians and used them as Political Pawns to attack Israel and the Jews . As always in the mideast conflict
    It’s always the Fault of The Arabs and their Terrorist Regimes ,
    Everything is their Fault

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