Vulgarity Won’t Hurt Trump’s Campaign, It’s What His Campaign Is Based On

trumpThursday on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” Washington Post columnist George Will criticized Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump for attacking Heidi Cruz, the wife of his opponent Ted Cruz.

Will said, “The wrong question is will his coarseness and vulgarity hurt his candidacy? His coarseness and his vulgarity are his candidacy. This is considered politically brave somehow to do this. This this is a classic distillation of this year’s campaign —first all about Donald Trump and one of his former wives. Second it starts out with him getting the facts entirely wrong as A.B. [Stoddard] says. And then most surreal of all it’s Trump saying this lowered the decorum of the campaign this year. Trump is the keeper of the decorum, you are in trouble. You tried to be delicate a moment ago you said what he did was inappropriate. Using the fish fork with the entree is inappropriate, wearing white after labor day is inappropriate. This is just nasty. We ought to call it that.”

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