• Ron Desantis made Child rape a capitol crime in Florida!! The only state to do so!!

    As a child sex abuse survivor I am very happy! He’s got my vote as far as I’m concerned. Even though He’s a Catholic. He and Larry Elder are the only reasonable vote.

    Its either of those. Likely DeSantis!

    Biden Has announced he’s running again!! LOL!! LOL!! His own party Hates him. EVEN ANTIFA HATES HIM!!

    Our president is either gonna be DeSantis or larry Elder.

  • Chaim, America is a lost cause. There is absolutely no way this country will recover from the Biden years. The world is already shifting away from the US economic order, and there is a wave of anti America sentiment sweeping the world. It is very likely a Republican candidate will never be a president ever again because the democrats have gotten away with red handed voter fraud along with a youth that does not hold traditional American values. There for America is a lost cause and Israel should be distancing itself from the US.

    • It’s Not just America that’s a lost cause , sadly the whole world appears to be a lost cause, the
      Only True Hope is for God to
      Eliminate All Human Suffering In The World Forever , God is Our Only True Hope
      Sadly it seems like America and the World is headling towards a Dystopian Future , People are deeply concerned about AI , Artificial Intelligence and the danger it could pose to All Humanity

  • America is a Vile Sickening Disgusting Nation in many ways , America makes Incels Suffer Even More , the Incel Crisis sadly is getting worse and worse every day
    Also why the Technical Problems on this jtf.org website ?

  • The “Laws” in America are Far too Extreme and the “Freedom” in America is a Joke, Adults in 2023 still cannot even do what they want with their own lives and bodies
    Look up the article by
    Zachary Schwartz
    “The Infernal Inner Lives of Incels” about the Intense Misery of Incels

  • Let’s support Curtis Sliwa for President.

  • I first learned about JTF on an am radio show when a caller mentioned them in 1999. Ever since I have been an advid listener. One person can have a lot of influence. Spread the word about JTF. Radio, internet etc.

  • Would Curtis Sliwa consider becoming Libertarian ? A Libertarian President ?
    See factsandlogic.org

  • Libertarian Freedom Needs to be a Real Issue for the 2024
    Presidential Election
    How does America have
    “Freedom” if Adults cannot even do what they want with Their Own Lives and Own Bodies ,
    How is that “Freedom” How ?
    How is it “Freedom” when America has Cruel, Inhumane, Stupid,
    Retarded Unjust Outdated
    “Laws” that are Far too Extreme and Heartless, Rigid, Inflexible
    America has the Stupid
    “War on Drugs” that no one Supports
    America Forces Adults to go Without Sex , a Basic Human Desire , countless Millions of disabled and healthy people are Incels , wanting Sex yet being unable to get it for Various Reasons , and Stupid Vile , Wicked, Evil America won’t have the Decency and Humanity to Legalize Prostitution in Every State of America at Reasonable Prices
    Every State should Legalize Prostitution , to greatly Reduce Rape and Protect Women
    And also America has Vile , Disgusting Pro-Life BS
    “Suicide Prevention” Forced Living Life till the bitter end Extremism
    When the Vast Majority of Americans Support the Growing
    Right To Die , Death With Dignity Movement for Any And All Suffering People,
    Mentally ill, Terminally ill, and all other suffering people , Voluntary Doctor Assisted Death, that Growing the Right To Die Movement Must Never Discriminate
    Most Americans realize that the late Dr. Jack Kevorkian was a Hero for Helping Suffering people Die with Dignity

    • People are Afraid, Very Afraid of the Future, Never Forget that Pro-Life Suicide Prevention Dictators and so-called “professionals” are a Very Large part of the Reason why America and the World is a Living Hellish Chaotic Uncertain Unpredictable Hellish Nightmare, Countless Problems are created and exacerbated because of
      Pro-Life Suicide Prevention and Forced Living, Life till the bitter End Extremism

  • Chaim the subway chokehold case is becoming a big news item. You should do a special show about it.

  • Chaim and Everyone else , it was truly disgusting how after
    the Dolphinarium discotheque massacre on June 1, 2001
    when a Hamas-affiliated Islamist terrorist blew himself up outside the Dolphinarium discotheque on the beachfront in Tel Aviv, Israel, killing 21 Israelis, 16 of whom were teenagers. The majority of the victims were Israeli teenage girls , it was Sickening how Ariel Sharon and the Self-hating Cowardly Israeli Government and Military did Nothing, Absolutely Nothing in Response , we Must Never Forgive and Never Forget for that Cowardly Self-hating Inaction
    Truly Disgusting

    • Even in 2023 , many people are disgusted at how the
      Israeli Government and Military did
      Absolutely Nothing in response to the June 1, 2001 Dolphinarium discotheque Terrorist Attack in
      Tel Aviv. Truly Disgusting

  • Kyle, sadly Florida has
    Stupid Suicide Prevention Pro-Life BS in the form of the
    Baker Act that countless people Hate with a Passion
    Suicide Prevention and Forced Living is Diabolical Torture of Suffering people. Many people have described Florida as a Fascist State with a horrible
    Jew-Hatred problem
    Countless people also Hate the Diabolical Wicked
    “American Foundation for Suicide Prevention” in New York City
    The point is what is so Terrible about Suicide that it Must be
    “Prevented” by Force at all costs
    Why must Suffering Mentally ill and other Suffering people be Forced to “live” in Misery to Please Others,
    Suicide Prevention is Torture and Abuse of Suffering People
    Suicide Prevention is Terrorism Against Suffering People
    Florida has the Stupid
    Baker Act , while California has the 5150
    Suicide Prevention Fills countless people with FEAR of the Future
    FEAR of the Future
    Which is why Most Americans are Reasonable and Support the Growing Right To Die , Death With Dignity Movement for any and all suffering people , Not just for the Terminally ill, but also the Mentally ill and all other suffering people who want a Quick, Peaceful and Painless Death

  • We must Not Forget the sad ugly truth that for many suffering people things Never Get Better, just worse and worse and worse
    Life is Not a Gift , many people have pointed out that Life was Never a Gift , but a Cruel Unjust
    Many problems in Life are sadly Permanent
    Why can’t Suicide Prevention people Stop Already ?
    Why can’t they Stop ? Why can’t they mind their own business ?

  • Seriously WTF ? Why can’t
    Suicide Prevention people Stop Already , Why Must they Force people to Suffer , Why ?
    Suicide Prevention is Slavery

  • Pro-Life Suicide Prevention people and “professionals” have turned America and the World into a Living Hellish Nighmare , it’s Their Fault

  • nymag.com has an article about the subway chokehold case headlined
    “Jordan Neely Was Already Dead New York reckons with a homeless epidemic and a killing.”
    By Errol Louis on May 6, 2023

  • Huma Abedin’s sister is named Heba. I didn’t know she was Jewish.

    • Never mind Huma & Heba
      Do you agree that
      Suicide Prevention people are basically Relentless Stalkers with their Suicide Prevention Obsession

      • If you want to kill yourself don’t let. Me stop you

        • I want to live , but
          We All Know that the
          Right To Die Movement is Growing, it’s about Choice and the Peace of Mind Choice Brings
          People are Very Afraid of the Future

          • Did you Know that Polls have shown that Most Disabled people actually Support Choice and the Growing
            Right To Die , Death With Dignity Movement

  • Support small businesses. Always be willing to serve on a jury. The pool is full of liberals from Midwest.

    • I will not serve on a jury because there is no o death penalty in NYS.

      • And civil cases?

        • What about Copyright Cases ?

          • The Marine who choked neely the Michael Jackson homeless guy is the victim of a woke mob. Doesn’t he deserve a Fair trial at least? For that the jury pool must include sensible people. Not crazy brainwashed libs.

        • Look at this b.s. that they did to Trump. I despise him but these bitches are running this country. I would like to grab E. Jean Carroll by her pussy. Also she married schwartze reporter John Johnson. And she’s complained about sexual abuse. Chas v’shalom.

      • Jews get attacked once in a while you hear on the news. If they defended themselves they could end up on trial.

  • Anyone remember the terrible July 30, 1997 Mahane Yehuda Market attacks in Jerusalem, According to the Wikipedia article for this attack it says
    “Two consecutive suicide bombings were carried out by Hamas militants on 30 July 1997 at the Mahane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem, the city’s main open-air fruit and vegetable market. Sixteen people were killed in the attack and 178 were injured.” The Israeli Government and Military did Nothing in Response, Nothing in Response to this horrible
    Mahane Yehuda Market attack

    • It’s was also Wrong of Israel Not to Retaliate against Iraq and
      Saddam Hussein when they fired
      42 Scud Missiles at Israeli Cities from
      17 January to 23 February 1991

  • A person typed online on
    May 7, 2023
    “Once Title 42 ends, in just a few days, 100% of our border patrol’s resources and energies will be spent on administrative duties- leaving the border to be completely controlled by the drug cartels.

    What we’re seeing in Texas is just the tip of the iceberg.”

  • Three Islamic Jihad “Commanders” were killed in Gaza

  • politico.com has an article headlined
    “Ten Deadly Lies about Israel”
    By RON DERMER October 20, 2015

  • Anyone hear about the
    Americans caught smuggling over 650 pounds of Fruit Roll-Ups into Israel

  • The death of Jordan Neely was deeply tragic
    Many people have stated that the term EDP is deeply offensive , degrading, dehumanizing and stigmatizes people suffering from Mental illness ,
    thecity.nyc has an article about this headlined
    “No More EDPs: NYPD’s Emergency Plan to Deal with Mentally Ill New Yorkers”
    Greg B. Smith
    October 21, 2019

  • Also the New York Post website in 2019 mentioned how the term
    EDP is not supposed to be used anymore , that term unjustly labels and stigmatizes people suffering from Mental illness
    Abolishing the horrible term
    EDP is Not about being
    “Woke” or “Politically Correct” but a Matter of Human Decency

  • Countless people hate the Term

  • I think the Vast Majority of Americans would agree that the Term EDP is Deeply Offensive

  • nbcnewyork.com has an article headlined
    “No More EDPs: NYPD’S Emergency Plan to Deal With Mentally Ill New Yorkers”
    Published October 23, 2019
    About how the term EDP was supposed to be Abolished

  • The term EDP is very derogatory

  • Some have also said that the Term
    EDP is Pejorative as well

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