• There is no candidate worse than Hillary. None. She is a career criminal currently under fib investigation who will keep all of obamas failed policies. Hopefully, trump will make Cruz vp n Cruz will run America as Cheney did for bush. Unfortunately, that is our only hope. Unless there’s a miracle for Cruz.

    • After Cruz becomes President, he will not hire Trump as his Vice President. Miracles do happen, keep believing.

  • Yaakov ben Yehuda

    It’s the same, Trump is an undercover agent of the left Hitlery to make sure an establishment candidate gets elected.

    • Donald Trump does not live a Christian Life, he does not support Israel or Christians. Important to support Ted Cruz, because he has been living the same life for some time and does not waiver to the will of others who want him to change. He follows the One and Only true God, the maker of both Heaven and Earth. Cruz will not bow down to the will of a man, only the will of God. Trump is a great salesman, an actor. Trump is doing now, what he does best. Cannot ask Trump to be sincere, it’s all about the Glory for himself and the money. Trump has not developed a true relationship with the One and Only True God. He’s not capable of seeing the error of his ways, his love for money and power exceeds his love for the One and Only true God.

  • Cruz can win the establishment to become the President of the Untied States and further the protection of Israel and Christians around the World. Be courageous and inform others of matters they do not know or understand, do not turn your head to the right or the left and remember all the words and commandments our God has said. Not enough to live an intelligible life, we must defend integrity. Must be willing to defend all that we have been entrusted with and influence others peaceably.

  • This is a poorly pieced together attempt to smear President Trump with excerpts from interviews going back 20+ years. It’s pretty laughable actually. Maybe some do not know that the President was formerly a Democrat. However, he has been very open regarding that information. In fact, using it to his advantage since he has knowledge of how the other party works. It is also well known he moved in the same social circles as the Clintons. Being that he was a member of the Democratic party, it is only logical that he would have made financial donations to for its support.

    As for his deferrals from the military, Donald Trump was not a “draft dodger”. He did receive legitimate medical deferrals from a medical doctor for bone spurs on his feet. This only served to push his draft registry number further to the back of the draw. The draft ended before his number was pulled.

    I’m not certain who you are to question President Trump’s faith in God or the fact that he is a Christian as he has stated. I assume you people don’t know the man personally. He’s 70 years old and has seen enough “glory” in his days. He is not taking the salary of the Presidential office. Look at all the obstacles this man has been through, all the mud that has been slung at him…I suppose that is the “glory” you are speaking of? President Trump ran for office because he truly wants to see Americans be prosperous, and live safely in their free pursuit of happiness. By the way, President Trump is a proud supporter and ally to Isreal.

    • And you know what? one year later, Trump is a disaster for America. Yeah Hillary was bad but now your eating your words.

      Believe me, people in my family voted Trump, they are now regretting it. Trump is a big fat liar and a cheat! He;s still a leftist. He is giving illegals amnesty, selling out to China and Russia, he’s ruining the country.

      When the godly are in authority, the people rejoice. But when the wicked are in power, they groan.
      Proverbs 29:2

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