• סדי אלקיים

    כול הכבוד לך חיים בן פסח חבל שאין עוד 3 מליון יהודים כמוך היום המצב שלנו בעולם היה מצויין היינו מעצמת על

  • Kanye West says he likes
    Jewish people again after seeing
    Jonah Hill in the 2012 Film
    “21 Jump Street” is
    Kanye aka Ye being honest ?
    Is he

    • Is he ?
      Did you know that
      “actor” Danny Glover is a
      Bigoted Loser Hypocrite
      Another Example of How Most Blacks Backstabbed Jews for Helping them during the Civil Rights Movement
      Very Sad

  • Anyone have Meir Kahane related dreams when they sleep at times, or dreams where they think
    Kahane appears to them ?
    Years ago I had this dream I was watching a Movie about real life Italian American
    Mob Boss Joe Colombo
    and an Actor , I forgot who played the part of Rabbi Meir Kahane in the Movie !!
    While the Movie was about
    Joe Colombo, Meir Kahane had a large part in the Movie. We Know that in Real Life Joe Colombo &
    Meir Kahane joined Forces in 1971

  • Who thinks that the Tennessee shooter was a tranny had. Anything to do with it

  • Shlemas haartez

    Good on you Chaim, you’ve said it like it is.
    Let’s hope logic and common sense will prevail.

  • In the Family Guy episode
    “No Chris Left Behind” from 2007
    Lois and Brian find out that Chris’ textbook is severely outdated: the TV version has Chris’ textbook from 1948 with such chapters as “Big Band Music Causes Youth Rebellion” and “Israel: The Hot New Country Everyone’s Gonna Love” Anyone Remember that scene, that “Joke” about Israel

  • Leftists lost the elections & now they run crazy for nothing.

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