All Day Long: Trump Turns His Angst Back To The Moore-Strange Vote

Apparently, today wasn’t disastrous enough for anyone to rush that cushy golf club where Trump is spending his weekend and confiscate his phone, because after hitting Puerto Rico, he doubled back to the NFL and then to his loss in Alabama on Tuesday.

Yes, he backed a losing horse in [phony RINO] Luther Strange, who was bested easily by Judge Roy Moore [who fought for the Ten Commandments].

Don’t focus on that, however. Focus on how great Strange did after Trump endorsed him.

Actually, the media did cover the numbers, including the slight narrowing towards the end. Moore was almost 20 points ahead of Strange, at one point, but in the last days, the gap was somewhere around 8 to 11 points, depending on what poll you were looking at.

So was Trump responsible, or was that all Strange?

Despite Trump’s claim, a poll released Monday – a day before the runoff election – showed that the president’s endorsement had little effect on the race between Strange and Moore.

Maybe it did. Maybe it didn’t. The facts are, however, Strange lost, and as the saying goes, close only counts in Horse Shoes.

Somehow, Trump’s fragile ego needs to be nursed by believing he made a difference.

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