Amnesty International: Iran World’s Leading Executioner of Children

iran_executionerYet the civilized world is bending over backwards for the terrorist state while they develop nuclear weapons.

The so-called “civilized world” is literally bending over backwards to accommodate Iran. Meanwhile, a new Amnesty International report released Monday reveals that the Islamic Republic is the world’s leading executioner of children:

In a new report, Amnesty International said that it had documented the execution of at least 73 juveniles in Iran from 2005 to 2015 and that 160 juvenile offenders are languishing on the country’s death row.

The report said that Iranian regime had made changes to the law including new discretion by judges to impose alternative punishments on juveniles convicted of capital crimes, however, in reality, the report said, these changes are attempts by the authorities to “whitewash their continuing violations of children’s rights and deflect criticism of their appalling record as one of the world’s last executioners of juvenile offenders.”

According to the Amnesty International, the report was based on information received from death-penalty opponents and human rights defenders in Iran, as well as from lawyers and relatives of juveniles convicted of capital crimes in Iran.
Now that Iran is emerging from an era of international sanctions and is seeking broader acceptance, Ms. Auerbach said, rights groups are hoping that the Iranian authorities “realize they have to act in accordance with international human rights standards.”

Good luck with that. According to the report, Iran has carried out at least 2,000 executions in the last two years under the stewardship of Hassan Rouhani — more than at any other period in the past 25 years.

Last year Rouhani called the executions G-d’s “commandments.”

Meanwhile, Iran will now reap the financial, political and societal benefits of loosened sanctions and acceptance into the international community. At this moment Rouhani is enjoying a European excursion where European officials have essentially rolled out the red carpet to make the despot feel warm and welcome.

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