Most taxes should be abolished in America and Israel (David Ben Moshe and Chaim Ben Pesach)


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  • RIP Pastor Charles Stanley , he was a great Pro-Israel Christian , he was 90 years young , from Wikipedia it says
    Charles Frazier Stanley (September 25, 1932 – April 18, 2023) was an American Baptist pastor and writer. He was senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Atlanta for 49 years and took on emeritus status in 2020.[2][3][4] He founded and was president of In Touch Ministries, which widely broadcast his sermons through television and radio. He also served two one-year terms as president of the Southern Baptist Convention, from 1984 to 1986.

  • Again , we already miss
    Charles Stanley , but ultimately in the Future
    Charles Stanley, Meir Kahane and countless other great people in human history will ultimately be returning to Earth , to Live on the New Earth as the Bible Teaches
    What did Charles Stanley &
    Meir Kahane think of each other ?

  • Many people argue that
    Taxation is Theft and that the
    Income Tax is Unconstitutional
    Should the IRS be Abolished ?
    Also why is it that when people post comments to this website , often the comments do Not appear ? Sometimes the comments appear, sometimes they don’t , why the technical problems ?
    Can that be Fixed ?

  • Can the technical problems be Fixed ?
    Some have said that there are 4 Constants in Life
    Death, Taxes, War &

  • Remember the 1994
    Movie “Forrest Gump” with
    Tom Hanks , one scene in the Movie showed
    Forrest Gump meeting a
    Black Panther Group, now Imagine if instead this movie showed
    Forrest meeting
    Rabbi Meir Kahane himself along with other JDL members , with Kahane and the JDL being portrayed in a positive light, that would be so cool !

  • Once Again , Our Goal is to Have the Face of Meir Kahane added to Mount Rushmore by 2030 or
    2035 at the latest

    • C’mon how do you carve a kipa on top of the head of a figure carved on Mt. Rushmore?

      • Well with Technology advancing all the time, I’m sure it can be done for when the Face of Meir Kahane is added to the National Monument

    • No. America is for the Righteous Gentiles not the Jewish people. Leave Rushmore be. Anyway we don’t have any presidents worthy to be added unless maybe if Ted Cruz is elected.


      Jews should get their own mountain to put famous Jews on like Kahane, Chaim Ben Pesach, bentzi Gopstein ETC.

      They’re geniuses, they can do better than we can. I’d love to go visit it if I’m alive when they do.

      • Kyle , let’s try to have an open mind about the Face of
        Meir Kahane being added to Mount Rushmore ,
        It’s really messed up how
        Public High School students in New York City are Not being taught about the Life and Beliefs of Rabbi Meir Kahane
        Plus according to a Star Trek Novel in the late 23rd Century
        Mount Rushmore has a 5th Face on it , that of a
        Black Female President of the United States , only in Real Life
        The Face of Meir Kahane should be the 5th Face added to the Monument

  • Kahuna Kahane Hakuna Matata

    • Why you ask ?
      Because he’s Meir Kahane 😆
      Hakuna Matata Kahuna Kahane
      Am I Right ?

    • Also the characters of Timon & Pumbaa from The Lion King , did you Know that their full names are
      Timon Berkowitz and Pumbaa Smith
      Timon the wisecracking Meerkat &
      Pumbaa the Warthog ,
      so is Timon supposed to be Jewish in a sense

  • Check out “Whiskey Rebellion” on Wikipedia. The whiskey distillers in Western Pennsylvania made an armed rebellion against George Washington for instituting the excise tax on whiskey, asking “why in the world did we fight King George?” He drafted people from each of the 13 colonies and put the rebellion down.

    • Giacobo , how does the
      Whiskey Rebellion relate to other discussions we are having here on
      JTF , do you also want to see the Face of Meir Kahane added to
      Mount Rushmore ?

    • Well whiskey is not a necessity. Its more of a vice. Anyway. There are a lot of arguments but they probably took things a bit far with taxation.

      • Kyle, whiskey is Not a Necessity , Sex is a necessity,
        America needs to Legalize Prostitution , Incels are Suffering Unbearable Misery

        • Kyle , Sex is definitely a Necessity ,
          America Needs to Legalize Prostitution, in Every State
          Countless Incels are Suffering ,

  • has this article headlined
    “Israel arrests Jordanian MP for trying to smuggle 200 guns into West Bank, says Amman”

    23 April 2023 A Must read article, Arab Treachery, Evil and Wickedness has been Exposed once again, Most of the people in
    Jordan are Fakestinian
    Arabs will Never Change, they can Never be Trusted

    • Plus many people have said
      Arabs & Arab Nations Define
      “Peace” with their Enemies as an
      Armed Truce . Jordan & Egypt haven’t Changed , they can Never be Trusted

      • Plus people have pointed out that when Arabs and Fakestinians say
        “End the Occupation” that the Arabs and Fakestinians are referring to All of Israel , not just the lands Israel liberated in

  • The Jerusalem Post has an article headlined
    “Israel’s population almost 10 million, no longer a small country – analysis”
    By SETH J. FRANTZMAN Published: APRIL 25, 2023

  • Harry Belafonte has died at the age of 96 ? Opinions

    • He did!! Aw man!! He survived Covid! I thought he’d at least live to be 100!!

      G-d must be having one swell party up in heaven!

  • Tucker Carlson is leaving
    Fox News

  • Support small business.

  • Has anyone seen

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