Are These Anti-Trump Morons Trying To Get Donald Trump Elected?

An anti-Trump protester jumps on top of a police vehicle caving in the roof as protesters fill the streets in front of the Orange County Fair. How in the hell is attacking a police car going to stop Trump?

Baltimore Black Riots

It reminds me of the leftist garbage in Baltimore. Leave it to the “tolerant” Democrats to promote violence.

These leftist idiots are making Trump into some kind of twisted martyr.

I’ve posted before on the propensity of Trump supporters to engage in violence and Trump’s propensity to play the role of the little, loud-mouthed sixth grader on the sidelines inciting others to fight (see here | here, for example). Having said that, as the primary season has continued it has become obvious that the protest movement that sprung up about Trump’s campaign is every bit as unhinged as Trump’s most rabid neo-nazi supporters.

The leading edge of this effect took place in early March when scuffles between Trump protesters and supporters forced the cancellation of a rally in Chicago. The situation has turned uglier, now riots requiring police intervention are nearly a part of the Trump campaign.

On April 28, a peaceful protest against Trump in Costa Mesa metastasized into a street riot that led to clashes between anti-Trump protesters and police.

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