• Ben and Jerrys will suffer for this.

    “I will bless those that bless thee and curse those that curse thee.”

    • More about the BS Hypocrisy of
      Ben & Jerry’s
      elderofziyon.blogspot.com has an article headlined

      “Ben and Jerry’s sells to lots of countries that commit human rights abuses” on Wednesday July 6, 2022
      Let’s be clear, Israel doesn’t commit human rights abuses , it Never did , Human Rights Abuses are what the Fakestinians and other Arabs do to each other and to Non-Arabs

  • They’re based in vermont, Bernie Sanders land and the berkley California of new England and they’re run by self hating Jews.


  • pancakerachelcorrie

    this was one of the best JTF’s

    • Rachel Corrie got exactly what she deserved when she was crushed to death by the Israeli bulldozer , her death was an accident, but she got exactly what she deserved, her death brought Glory to God.

  • Ben & Jerry’s make cockroach flavored ice cream, ‘sarsour’ is roach in arabic.

    • Hebron , many have said
      Sarsour looks just like Gonzo the
      Muppet or the Evil Queen from
      Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

  • Is Haagen-Dazs any better? I’ll bet they have self-hating Jews on their board of directors also

  • Ben & Jerry are useful idiots for the Anti-Semites, Jew-Haters and other Anti-Israel Losers
    Sadly throughout history many Jews have taken the attitude towards the Anti-Semites & Jew-Haters
    “If you can’t beat em , join them”
    Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream sucks

  • The Death of Rachel Corrie was an accident , the driver of the Israeli Bulldozer didn’t see her
    Still Rachel Corrie got Exactly what she deserved, that
    stupid bitch is in Hell, she Supported Terrorism, good that she’s dead , her Death was poetic justice

  • The death of Rachel Corrie was good Karma , Karma in addition to Poetic Justice

  • Rachel Corrie went looking for trouble , she was looking for trouble, and she Got it when she was Crushed to Death by the

  • In the Future if Israel ever encounters piece of trash Foreign Citizens like
    Rachel Corrie who Protect Terrorists , they Need to be Immediately Arrested by the Israeli Government and Thrown in Prison for the Rest of their Natural Life, till they are 90 or 100 . No Parole, Lock them for the rest of their Lives, they can take their
    Precious “Free Speech” and shove it , their “Free Speech” won’t be able to save them from being in Prison for the rest of their Natural Lives.

  • No one should ever shed any tears for Rachel Corrie, the World is Better off without her

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