‘Bibi will continue as PM even if there is an indictment’

Coalition Chairman calls on Likud ministers to support PM while he is under investigation, says PM will continue to serve even if indicted.

Coalition Chairman David Bitan stood by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as the investigation against the Prime Minister continued Monday, saying that the Likud party has no true partner in defending Netanyahu against the attacks of the opposition.

“There are dynamics which are part of the media and the opposition, that are trying to create an atmosphere against Netanyahu. In this situation there is a war, and we need to do our jobs. Unfortunately I do not see Ministers standing next to Netanyahu. It is not right.” Bitan said.

Bitan continued: “”We are all members of the Likud and everyone needs to do his job. We need to protect the Prime Minister, as he is the chairman of the Likud.”

“This is a tendentious campaign. You see what Channel 2 does. Every four rows they [have something about the investigation]. The Prime Minister could not be interviewed because he is under investigation. There is no senior Likud preparing lawsuits. It doesn’t exist. It is true that Bibi is not going home today. Even if there is an indictment, Bibi will continue.” he declared.

Bitan did criticize Netanyahu for holding the communications portfolio. “Bibi took the communications portfolio, and the media is paranoid and obsessive. I think he should consider giving up the communications portfolio – and I say this without any connection with the investigation.”


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