• If there’s someone who can figure out how to get rid of Bibi, it’s JTF. Thanks and get well.

  • Scary. I knew something had happened when I didn’t see a new video. God Bless!

  • I heard stories of bad hospital care in the 19 50s and before.

  • I’m so happy to hear Chaim you survived this car crash.
    It shows how in an instance you can be gone.

  • Thanks be to G-d! You’re both safe!

    You never mentioned anything about the driver Chaim, I can’t help but wonder if the driver had it in for you or if he was texting or drunk or distracted or something like that!

    NYC streets are dangerous!! I almost got hit by a car on one or two occasions! Only Boston and Seattle have Crazier drivers! SEATTLE IS THE WORST!!

    And Thank you for bringing that up about Jewish hospitals! A client I worked with in NY told me about it and warned me that I should go to the Catholic hospitals instead! Nope! They’re bad too! Universal healthcare just made it worse!

    But its good to hear you’re safe! Shalom!

    • Kyle, I was thinking the same thing , that it may have been an assassination attempt on
      Chaim , just like jtf.org in the past reported on how many car
      “accidents” in Israel that kill or seriously injure Jewish Israelis have Arab drivers. That these car
      “accidents” are extremely suspicious, more than coincidental. We hear the claim that more Israelis are killed every year in car “accidents” than in Terrorist Attacks, which shows how severe the Arab problem in Israel is

      • In these car “accidents” in
        Israel with Arab drivers and
        Jewish Victims, are the
        Arabs ever Arrested or charged with manslaughter, JTF in the past pointed out how these
        “accidents” are Very Suspicious

  • President Garfield died due to a bad Doctor.

    • Steve, didn’t President Garfield also hate Mondays and
      Love Lasagna

      • Steve , did you know that
        Rabbi Meir Kahane was Killed on a Monday, on a Monday
        It was Monday November 5, 1990 that Meir Kahane was tragically killed in Manhattan, New York City, it Was a Monday, look it up
        November 5, 1990 fell on a
        Monday, it was on a Monday that Meir Kahane was Killed
        Meir Kahane was 58 years young, countless people Hate Mondays

      • Also do we think that the
        Character of Al J. Swindler aka
        Al G. Swindler voiced by the late Jewish actor Carl Ballantine is an Anti-Semitic Stereotype , https://garfield.fandom.com/wiki/Al_Swindler

        • Yes , but what about
          Al Swindler ?

          • Hello ? Anyone
            What about the character of
            Al Swindler from the cartoon show
            “Garfield and Friends” is that supposed to be an
            Anti-Semitic Stereotype ? I don’t think Garfield creator cartoonist
            Jim Davis is an
            Anti-Semite or a Hater .

        • Many people think that the fictional character of
          Garfield the cat is a
          Persian Tabby . Anyone else hope that isn’t true, that Garfield is a different breed of Orange Tabby Cat
          Many Garfield Fans hope that Garfield is Not a Persian Tabby, because Persia became Iran. The World Knows that Iran is the #1 Terrorist Regime in the World

        • See the entry for
          Al Swindler on
          Do we agree ?

      • About Garfield the cat ,
        Garfield the cat always says
        “I Hate Mondays” in the Garfield comic strip and Franchise, and while
        Garfield is a Fictional cartoon character, but if
        Garfield the cat was real he would really hate the
        Monday that was
        Monday November 5, 1990 the day that Meir Kahane was Killed in Manhattan,
        Garfield would be Very sad hearing about the death of
        Kahane . Who Knows maybe
        Meir Kahane was a Secret Fan of Garfield the cat , the Garfield comic strip came out in
        June 1978 . Kahane was a big Baseball Fan

  • The Garfield Comic strip for the day of infamy
    Monday November 5, 1990 when
    Meir Kahane was assassinated in Manhattan, New York City

    • More about Mondays
      hellogiggles.com has an article headlined
      “’80s comic strips that hate Mondays the MOST: A definitive ranking”


      NOVEMBER 10, 2014
      Anyyone see the article , it lists other comic strip characters that Hate Mondays

    • The Garfield strip for
      July 24, 1984 when Israel learned that Rabbi Meir Kahane had been elected to the Knesset , Parliament

  • About the breed that
    Garfield the cat is
    On the Google search engine
    If you type in the words
    “Garfield the cat” then do the search , information on
    Garfield pops up , Scroll Down to where it says
    “Things to know” and it says about Garfield
    “Kind: orange tabby cat of an unspecified breed – a-z-animals.com ” Among other things about Garfield , so perhaps Garfield isn’t a Persian Tabby after all
    In the Garfield comic strip and Franchise, Garfield is definitely a Orange Tabby , but hopefully Not a Persian Tabby as some claim
    Garfield in the comic strip and Franchise doesn’t look like a Persian Tabby , am I right , Garfield Loves Lasagna and other Italian Food and was born in an
    Italian Restaurant according to the Franchise
    Any Garfield fans here at JTF ?

  • Garfield the cat Hates Mondays
    Over the years Garfield fans have had many different theories about why Garfield hates Mondays, various different in-universe explanations as to why Garfield hates Mondays
    Garfield the cat is a Fictional Cartoon Character, but make no mistake, if Garfield were Real, if
    Garfield were Real, he would really hate the Monday, that was
    Monday November 5, 1990 the day of Infamy when
    Rabbi Meir Kahane was Assassinated in Manhattan, New York City at the age of 58
    If Garfield the cat was real he would Really Hate THAT Monday
    We all Know that if
    Garfield was Real, he would be Devastated hearing about the Death of Rabbi Kahane ,
    Heck , Not just Garfield, but also
    Jon Arbuckle, Odie the dumb, lovable friendly dog and the whole
    Garfield gang would be deeply saddened by the death of
    Meir Kahane

  • The Garfield strip for
    Sunday November 5, 2023
    33 years after the Assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane

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