• If there’s someone who can figure out how to get rid of Bibi, it’s JTF. Thanks and get well.

  • Scary. I knew something had happened when I didn’t see a new video. God Bless!

  • I heard stories of bad hospital care in the 19 50s and before.

  • I’m so happy to hear Chaim you survived this car crash.
    It shows how in an instance you can be gone.

  • Thanks be to G-d! You’re both safe!

    You never mentioned anything about the driver Chaim, I can’t help but wonder if the driver had it in for you or if he was texting or drunk or distracted or something like that!

    NYC streets are dangerous!! I almost got hit by a car on one or two occasions! Only Boston and Seattle have Crazier drivers! SEATTLE IS THE WORST!!

    And Thank you for bringing that up about Jewish hospitals! A client I worked with in NY told me about it and warned me that I should go to the Catholic hospitals instead! Nope! They’re bad too! Universal healthcare just made it worse!

    But its good to hear you’re safe! Shalom!

  • President Garfield died due to a bad Doctor.

    • Steve, didn’t President Garfield also hate Mondays and
      Love Lasagna

      • Steve , did you know that
        Rabbi Meir Kahane was Killed on a Monday, on a Monday
        It was Monday November 5, 1990 that Meir Kahane was tragically killed in Manhattan, New York City, it Was a Monday, look it up
        November 5, 1990 fell on a
        Monday, it was on a Monday that Meir Kahane was Killed
        Meir Kahane was 58 years young, countless people Hate Mondays

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