• thanks- hope you are ok

  • I’m glad someone’s happy

  • I did some research. His victim was mixed race half black half white so I guess black lives don’t matter.

    Also, the mother of the little thug was interviewed. She apologized but then she started excusing her son’s behavior. She claimed that he was mentally ill and blamed Everyone for why he wasn’t treated. More Baloney than Oscar Meyer. He was evil. Michigan has laws that allow them to lock up and control people with so called mental illness, most of them are really hard working whites and blacks who reject this kind of crap and they’re targeted for political reasons. Usually to steal their money or hurt them because they’re against the system.

    I know three people from the Detroit areas who suffered from that. One a Jew, another a black guy and another an Asian. Michigan has the system. They wont use it on the few mentally ill who are a danger (Not this brat. He’s not mental he’s evil) They will use it on ordinary people just to control them or rob them.

    This woman probably had him out of wedlock and he has no father figure. It was bound to happen.

    Well I guess Michigan is to blame for this partially. They give free money and food to people like this who have illegitimate kids and wont work, they have government workers who encourage this crap, then there’s the school system, they are not educated, most classrooms in Michigan have no teachers or if there are they are drunk, they’re taught if anything that marxism is good, America is bad, the white man is the devil, that only black lives matter and that G-d is dead or that Jesus was a black man who wants to kill all whites asians and mexicans. Like all public schools in America, they don’t graduate from schools they are excreted from schools. Diploma’s mean nothing.

    So yeah, I guess she is right. A broken clock is right twice daily.

  • Simone Biles is a black leprechaun ☘️.

  • Never Forget about how Black Children laughed at Jews being killed in Schindler’s List
    They were laughing

    • Yes. That was in Oakland California. They did that in My school too. The Jewish architect had her head flop back that was what made it funny. That and because we were desensitized to violence and thought it was funny like itchy & scratchy and because many of my classmates were nazis and Catholic trads like Mel and Hutton Gibson.

      Steven Speilberg that idiot came over and had a fit.

      How about if they laughed at slavery? Laughing at Denzel Washington getting whipped in Glory or the movie seven years a slave! One of my clients a white woman did a movie review of the old version and the new version and she and her friend cried in the scenes where the psycho slaver yelled at Solomon AKA Plat and the other slaves and threatened them and used the N-word and verbally abused them and whipped them.

      I got emotional too because my family and my teachers were verbally abusive to me as a child.

      What if people laughed at that? Black or white? What would people say then?

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