Chelsea Clinton Attends “I am Muslim Too” Protest in NYC

This is the stupid garbage you get from fake “victims”. The real victims are being mass-murdered by Muslims. Where are any so-called “moderate” Muslims standing against violent jihad?

Chelsea Clinton took to the streets of New York on Sunday to stand in solidarity with the Muslim community and protest Muslim discrimination.

Clinton brought along her young daughter Charlotte.

Linda Sarsour, a Muslim activist who is known for her vocal condemnation of Israel, gave a speech in which she discussed President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s signing of executive order 9066, which put Japanese Americans in internment camps. Sarsour implied that President Trump would do the same with Muslims.

[Look at that picture. Do you see any Muslims? I just see a lot of idiot liberal white people holding up signs who know nothing about Islam. Typical. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.]

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