CNN’s Chris Cuomo Doubles Down: 12-year-old girls who don’t want to see a penis and “overprotective and intolerant dads” are “the problem”

Last Thursday, the day after co-moderating the DNC chair debate on CNN with Dana Bash, Chris Cuomo took to Twitter to ask if 12-year-old girls who didn’t want to see a man’s penis are “the problem” or if the problem is actually “overprotective and intolerant dads.”

Needless to say, he got excoriated on Twitter, and rightfully so. National Review’s David French was one of the ones who slammed Cuomo reminding him that exposure to a penis in a women’s locker room used to be called indecent exposure. Now, according to CNN’s Chris Cuomo, it’s just tolerance.

Cuomo was missing from his show New Day on Friday, though CNN later said it was a previously scheduled day off. He was back on Monday where both on the air and on Twitter, Chris Cuomo doubled-down on pushing for anatomically correct males to share restrooms and locker rooms with 12-year-old girls. He also stood by his stance that failure to support this makes you intolerant.

Conservative commentator Ben Ferguson appeared on New Day to discuss the case of a high school girl who is under the delusion that she is a boy and is taking testosterone. After being barred from being on the boys’ wrestling team, she decided to join the girls’ wrestling team and was allowed to do so despite being fueled by testosterone which increases her muscles.

Not content with focusing on a testosterone-fueled girl who thinks she’s a boy wrestling girls, Cuomo switched the subject to his previous Twitter war, in which he tweeted over 90 times defending his stance that a 12-year-old girl who doesn’t want to be exposed to men’s genitals is either “the problem” or her father is “overprotective and intolerant.”

In some alternate universe world, Cuomo argued that people who do not accept “transgenderism,” i.e. a person believing they are the opposite gender despite their biology saying otherwise, are the ones inserting “misinformation and mythology.”

And people who share your idea are using misinformation and mythology here. …  because the idea that you’re going to have genitals waved in their face, “My 12-year-old daughter, she’s going to have genitals waved in her face. That’s what you on the left want.” You realize that that’s an absurd notion, right?

In regards to the Twitter rampage he went on last week asking if 12-year-old girls who didn’t want to be exposed to a penis are “the problem” or if their dads are “overprotective and intolerant,” Cuomo brought up trolls on Twitter superimposing his face on a pervert’s face who is exposing himself to a young girl as if that represents everyone who doesn’t think anatomically correct males should be using a girl’s restroom.

Ferguson set him straight that such trolls don’t represent the majority of Republicans and argued that it is very rational, logical and traditional to think that people should use the restroom that corresponds with their actual gender, not the gender they believe they are, want to be, or claim to be at the moment. Heck, at the DNC chair debate, candidates argued that people should use whatever bathroom they feel most comfortable using, even if they are not “transgendered.”

“Hold on, but that’s not the majority of Republicans out there. I’m not making the argument that you’re implying that somehow that they’re saying that people are walking into locker rooms and throwing around their genitals in people’s face. That is not the argument of the majority of those that are conservatives, like myself. I’ve never made that argument. That’s a bad argument to be making here. The argument I’m making, to be very clear is, it is not insane. In fact, it’s very rational, logical and traditional, to imply that you should have boys go to the boys locker room, girls go to the girls locker room —”

To this, Cuomo said, “No way!” He then went on to attack state laws which require individuals to use the bathroom that coincides with their actual gender “intolerance in practice.”

It’s funny that liberals love to push climate change as “settled science,” even though it’s not, but deny what is actually settled science which is that gender is a matter of biology and encoded in your DNA. When it comes to gender, they push the notion that it is fluid and a “societal construct.”

Chris Cuomo did not limit his continued push for girls to be set up for exposure to men’s genitals to his New Day show on CNN. He doubled down on Twitter as well. This time, he continued to attack 12-year-old girls for being “uncomfortable” at the thought of being exposed to male genitals and blamed parents as being “intolerant.”

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