Cruz & Kasich Make a Deal; So Why is Trump Mad?

Cruz KasichMy first reaction to the detente between Ted Cruz and John Kasich is a question. What the heck took them so long?

Predictably, Donald Trump had a temper tantrum accusing Cruz and Kasich of engaging in collusion.

No, Cruz and Kasich did not engage in collusion much less do anything illegal. They made a deal. Hasn’t Trump been telling us he’s great at making deals? Apparently not so much.

Can Trump honestly tell us his people weren’t trying to make a deal with Kasich? If they were, Trump isn’t neither much of a negotiator nor does he hire great people.

Of course, the Cruz-Kasich detente will motivate Trump’s supporters. But will it expand Trump’s base? I doubt it.

If this deal sticks does this mean Kasich becomes Cruz’s running mate?

We live in interesting times. Perhaps too interesting.

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