Cuba’s Fidel Castro recruited former Nazi SS officers to train troops

Murderous dictator Fidel Castro continues to be a celebrated icon of the left. The brutally repressive despot murdered thousands of innocent Cubans, imprisoned hundreds of thousands more, and destroyed all civil liberties in Cuba. But since this vile tyrant was a communist, leftists have always given him a free pass.

Besides, the left will tell you, at least Fidel wasn’t a Nazi or a Nazi sympathizer.

im Gegenteil, mein lieber…

Via The Telegraph:

Fidel Castro ‘recruited Nazi SS members to train troops during Cuban missile crisis’

Fidel Castro recruited former members of the Nazi Waffen-SS to train his troops at the height of the Cuban missile crisis, declassified German intelligence files show.

The Communist leader also sought to buy weapons from arms dealers connected with Germany’s extreme Right, showing the extent to which he was prepared to collaborate with his ideological enemies to prevent a US invasion on the Caribbean isle.

Papers released this week by the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) – the German foreign intelligence agency – show information gathered by German operatives 50 years ago during the tense days of the Cuban missile crisis.

They reveal that Castro personally approved a plan to hire former Nazi officers to instruct the Cuban revolutionary army, offering them wages that were four times the average salary in Germany at the time and the chance to start a new life in Havana.

They papers, dating from October 1962, show that four former officers from the elite Nazi death squads had been invited to the Cuban capital, although subsequent reports could only confirm that two had arrived.

It also showed how the Castro regime negotiated with two traffickers linked with Germany’s far Right to purchase Belgian made pistols to arm the Cuban forces.

The conclusion drawn by German secret service officials was that the Cuban regime wanted to free itself from total dependence on Soviet backed training and supplies.

“Evidently, the Cuban revolutionary army did not fear contagion from personal links to Nazism, so long as it served its their own objectives,” said Bodo Hechelhammer, historical investigations director at the BND, in an interview with German newspaper Die Welt.


  • I thought they went to IsraHell’s IDF – IsraHell Depopulation Forces in order to root out the native population to make space for Jooish supremacists.

  • Communist Trump also made deals with Communist Cuba while they were under sanctions ..I don’t know that others call it as for me I call it TREASON .

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