• In all fairness, Africans were good at cultivating rice
    Europeans weren’t. Back in colonial days.

    • Chaim , a good person to follow on Twitter is Peter Baum , he tells Honest Pro-Israel Truth , His Twitter description is:

      Foreign Editor of the Bangladeshi registered publication WeeklyBlitz . Challenging the false narrative of the ‘ Palestinian cause ‘ and debunking the myths
      United KingdomBorn May 10 Joined March 2016 “

    • Anyone see the online article by
      Fred Maroun headlined
      “Endless whining about the Nakba is a sign of pathetic immaturity”
      MAY 18, 2023
      Look it up , it’s worth reading

    • A Christian recently typed on Facebook in Support of Israel and the Jewish people that
      “The Hebrew meaning of the word Zion is, the marked one, as in putting a flag on a land to say, it belong to someone.
      In the Bible, Israel, and specially Jerusalem, is called Zion; God says..’Zion, My Holy Hill’.
      Hill in the Bible is a symbol for a kingdom; God’s holy hill, Zion, is the name of His Kingdom to come; it is the marked kingdom with God’s flag.
      All believers, Jew and gentile, will end up in God’s Holy Hill, and therefore, all believers carry the name Zion; we are all Zionists as we are all citizens of God’s Kingdom. And the devil, knowing that, he is attacking this very word Zion, which represents God’s Kingdom.”

  • mycentraljersey.com has an article headlined
    “Did Purim heroine Esther prophesy about the Nazis?” by
    Rabbi Bernhard Rosenberg
    on March 4, 2015

  • unitedwithisrael.org on
    March 13, 2002 has an article headlined
    “Incredible Parallels Between the Purim Story and the Nazi Trials”

  • The Japanese were primitive before they encountered the west.

  • The rice and the resultant constipation resulted in the japs slit eyes.

  • Indiana Jones 5 aka “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” comes out this June 2023 and Yes
    Indiana Jones still Hates and Fights the Nazis , and in real life Hitler and the Nazis were involved with the Occult , kind of like the Indiana Jones film
    “Raiders of the Lost Ark”
    Indiana Jones also fought the Nazis in “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”
    If Indiana Jones were real , he would be Pro-Israel

  • Has desantis been to bohemian grove ?
    How about bilderberg group ?

  • Today is Heinrich Kissinger’s 100th birthday. Any comments?

  • From the New York Post
    nypost.com an article is headlined
    “AOC shouted down during chaotic NYC town hall: ‘You’re a piece of s–t!’ ”
    By Victor Nava and Jon Levine

    May 27, 2023 Let’s Vote AOC
    and all the other “Squad”
    Members Out of Congress and Politics Forever

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