DESPICABLE: Oregon Dems FORCE insurance companies to give FREE abortions to anyone for any reason

The Democrats in Oregon have just passed a bill that will force Insurance companies to give free abortions to anyone for any reason. Not only that, but they are going to force taxpayers to bankroll abortions for illegals who don’t qualify for the state’s Medicaid program.

The Democratic governor still has to sign the bill, but I haven’t read anything that suggests she won’t.

Also remember that Oregon is basically a sanctuary state for illegals, so when it says ‘immigrants’ below, I’m pretty sure it means both legal and illegal.

AP – Insurance companies in Oregon would be required to cover abortions and other reproductive services at no cost to the patient regardless of income, citizenship status or gender identity under a measure approved Wednesday by lawmakers.

Oregon already has some of the most liberal abortion laws in the U.S., leaving out otherwise common requirements for waiting periods or spending limits on taxpayer funds.

The measure, which does offer some religious-based exemptions, comes as the federal government and other states are seeking restrictions on abortion services.

President Donald Trump earlier this year signed legislation allowing states to withhold federal family planning funds from Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers. In May, the Texas Legislature approved a sweeping package of new abortion limits.

The Democratic-controlled Oregon Senate approved the measure in a 17-13 vote along party lines. It now heads to Democratic Gov. Kate Brown.

In some states such as New York, abortions are cost-free if they’re deemed medically necessary. The Oregon bill is unique, however, in that patients would have access to the procedure for virtually any reason, at any time, including sex-selective and late-term abortions.

The bill would also allocate almost $500,000 over the next two years to expand cost-free reproductive health coverage, including abortions, to immigrants who are otherwise ineligible under the Oregon Health Plan — the state’s Medicaid program that currently spends nearly $2 million a year to pay for roughly 3,500 abortions statewide.

Insurers would be prohibited from shifting costs of those mandates to enrollees’ deductibles, coinsurance or copayments, although the bill offers some religious-based exemptions as well.

It’s bad enough that insurers are forced to cover abortions, but what’s worse is that these insurers won’t be able to pass the cost of these abortions on to the customer directly, as the last paragraph points out, because the legislation strictly prohibits it.

Rather they will likely have to spread out the expected cost of abortions into their overall premiums, forcing all customers to pay for baby murder in their coverage.

Absolutely despicable and morally reprehensible.

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