Dick Morris: Rubio Vulnerable on Personal Finances

marco-rubioFlorida Sen. Marco Rubio’s personal finances will be used against him in the general election if he wins the GOP presidential nomination, political analyst Dick Morris told Breitbart News in a story published Wednesday.

“In the general election, Hillary [Clinton] will feast on the records of Rubio’s personal finances,” Morris told Breitbart.

“His abuse of his Republican Party credit card, his sweetheart home equity loan from a corrupt banker who went to jail, and his co-ownership of a foreclosed property with a former Congressman who was forced out of office will all be key issues against him,” Morris said.

Morris said in a recent column that the party establishment and Fox News Channel are “trying to shove Marco Rubio down the throats of the Republican electorate,” but that his background will hurt him if he wins the nod.

Morris said Rubio’s financial issues have been mostly ignored during his campaign.

“Republicans must demand the truth from him before they trust him to carry their choice,” he said.

Rubio has consistently brushed criticism of his finances aside as “discredited attacks” by Democrats and his primary opponents, Breitbart notes. The website lists several issues in Rubio’s past that have been reported on.

  • He used a state GOP charge card for personal finances. Rubio says he reimbursed the party for all personal charges.
  • He bought a $550,000 home with a $55,000 down payment in 2008, and one month later got a home equity loan after having it appraised for $735,000. Rubio says the appraisal was legitamate, but critics say it could have been an attempt to curry favor with a politician.
  • A year earlier he sold his first home for $205,000 profit to chiropractor who had been lobbying him over a state insurance issue.
  • He also owned a home with David Rivera, described in Politico as a “scandal-plagued former Congressman under investigation in a federal campaign-finance probe.”
  • He never or rarely showed up for his job as a visiting professor at Florida International University, but did raise money for the school during that time.


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